Pros And Cons Of Post And Beam Construction – 2024 Guide

A house, home, haven, whatever you want to call it, is one of the most prominent things in our life. And to be more specific, we’re talking about a home and not a house due to the depth of feelings that one has is what we’re stressing on it.

Starting with a first walk, the sadness, happiness, successes and failures is something that a home sees throughout its longevity. Apart from the things that we’ve stated, that is the qualitative aspects of the house, we did not only include a human aspect to it, but also in specific the base of the house. What makes a house so memorable and happy to live in?

A safe and sturdy house is the first subconscious thing that should come to our head. The way you build something and the effort that goes into it is what makes it a home. In the same likeness, the steps you take to your house matters a lot.

Visit Hamill Creek Timber Homes in order to learn more about post and beam construction. We’ll discuss and talk about what post and beam construction is, the various pros and cons and how long they usually endure. All being said and done, without any further ado, let’s start with a bit of haste!

Post And Beam Construction. What Is It?

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Most often than not, people use the term post frame and post beam together. It is usually stated as a synonym but that is largely not the case. We’ve thoroughly researched it and have a few useful and informational insights into the topic.

We’ll go into the explanation between two different constructs and how they differ from each other. Starting off, there are purists who put the two terms in two certain and distinguished ways. We’ll tell you one thing though, that this article won’t be discussing frame vs beam construction but we’ll talk about post and beams and how they’re glued together, and how steel structures largely hold them together.

The primary point of interest that we want to get into is how the foundation for how the various constructs are put into the ground. Essentially, we want to talk about the foundational aspects of it.

Post frame constructs usually are usually lowered into the ground around 4 ft deep and it largely varies about which part of the country that you stay in. After they’re lowered into the ground, they’re usually filled with solids for construction or any other sealing catalysts.

Most of these methodologies currently use plastic coverings and other methods to isolate each post from the ground and prevent erosion of the post.

Construction Of Each Construct

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Some of the post-frame designs that are standard issue are usually constructed using concrete fillers made by piers and then placing rebar brackets inside of them or by using another technique or object called masonry walls.

This can either bolt down or can rebar the posts into liquid concrete in an attempt to properly seal and seat the post frame construct. When it comes to post beam construction, it is largely similar to the previous methods of doing it, either through concrete sealing using piers and fillers, or placing them on slabs that have footers and reinforcing them more.

This is the closest and most common part that post frame and beam constructs have to one another. Once the things are placed, the next thing to consider is how the surroundings of the construction are made.

Post frame uses dimensional hydraulics to squeeze the building from one wall and post to another post. Beam construction conglomerates the post with beams which usually traverse between them with the other hand being those types of beams which are then glued together with steel brackets.

Post frame construction does not indicate framing in the final product if it’s finished on the interiors. Post and beam construction utilizes a better grade of material and the beams in the posts essentially become an important part of the inside and are utilised to indicate and isolate the building itself.

The Upsides And Downsides Of Post And Beam Construction

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When it comes to the advantages and disadvantages, each has its own share of it. To start off with, the downside to the post-frame construct is that in previous years were known to have a bad life expectancy. This meant that houses built using post frames were vulnerable and could deteriorate faster.

The most that they had was around five decades, although with today’s modern techniques and usage of sleeves and concrete piers to lay the frame, the expectation of the life of the building has increased considerably. Pseudo beam construction is also pretty sturdy and long-lasting depending on the type of design they’re made with.

They can be easily estimated to endure for years together and the differences in the longevity of the two structures has largely been negated or become negligible in the few years since they were first designed.

The main upside to the post beam is the natural aesthetic to it. It is known to be a very visually pleasing structure or a construct when it has been finally finished and ready to go.

You can’t really compare it to post frame constructs, but post beam is how you should go if you want more of a pleasant look. The main downside of using a beam construction is the pricing. It usually comes at a high standard cost in comparison to the post frame construction. Post frames usually have the upside that it is easy to put up and largely cheap to do so. Apart from the upsides and downsides, post frame and post beam are very good investments to put in for a house.

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