8 Hygiene Practices to Continue Even After the Pandemic – 2024 Guide

This pandemic has forced us to rethink how we live our lives. It has also made us realize that health is more important than anything else. We started to emphasize good hygiene to stay safe and avoid contracting the virus. The good news is that the end is near. With the vaccines proven to be effective during trials, the distribution might commence soon. Despite that, we should remain focused on staying clean and healthy. There are hygienic practices that shouldn’t end just because the pandemic is over. At jt spas, you can get many options for technologically advanced yet hygienic shower and sanitary setups.

Pandemic or no pandemic, here are a few things you should practice for the sake of hygiene.

1. Hand washing

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We highlighted the value of washing hands to avoid getting the virus. It’s essential since viruses can survive on surfaces for several hours. Touching surfaces and bringing your hands close to your face could lead to an infection. The coronavirus isn’t the only pathogen that can survive on surfaces. Therefore, you have to make it a habit to wash your hands so that you can stay safe from the virus. The common practice to kill all the pathogens on the hands is to clean with plain water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds and then air dry.

2. Mask wearing

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The idea of wearing a mask is becoming a politician when it shouldn’t be. It keeps us safe from the virus. Studies prove that it’s useful in preventing the spread of the virus. When you have it, mask-wearing will stop you from infecting others. The good thing about masks is that they’re not only useful in preventing the viral spread. It can also protect you from air pollution. N95 masks can stop small particles from entering your respiratory system. You have to continue wearing them if you live in a bustling city with lots of cars and factories. You can protect yourself from a potential respiratory problem by wearing a mask. And especially for those who have asthma or old age people, wearing a mask is a must to protect the lungs against air-borne pathogens and allergens.

3. Handling of packages

While it’s not too high, there were cases of coronavirus infections attributed to how people handle packages. Again, viruses can live on surfaces for days. Failure to handle packages correctly could lead to the contraction of the virus. Since other pathogens can survive on packages too, the same practice of handling them should continue. Leave the packages outside your house or any other designated area for a few hours before bringing them inside. You can also disinfect them before opening. When touching the package, you can use gloves and wash your hands after getting the content.

4. Regular bathing

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Due to this pandemic, most people take a shower before and after leaving their houses. It makes them feel clean and free from the virus. You can continue doing it even when the pandemic is over. It helps you stay clean and fresh. You can even install steam showers if it improves your bathing experience. Besides, bathing isn’t only about staying clean. It’s also about making you feel relaxed. When you face stressful situations throughout the day, it feels good to have a hot bath.

5. Cleaning high touch surfaces

While many of you think that after this whole pandemic is over, there will be no need for cleaning and disinfecting anymore. You might start rethinking because it will be like nine months of nothing good learned. Every home is different, yet the common high touch surfaces include light switches, doorknobs, keyboards, remote controls, toys, tables, chairs, kitchen surfaces, mobile phone, mobile chargers, computers and game controllers. Make sure you develop the habit of disinfecting these surfaces once in a while to kill germs and bacteria that might be harboring on these surfaces just to protect yourself and your family from other deadly micro-organisms that might be on the verge of starting a pandemic or epidemic.

6. Cleaning clothes

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Another practice one should consider even after the coronavirus pandemic is over is washing clothes regularly. Taking off the shoes and socks just on the door of the house and then changing clothes before you meet with your family must be considered as a part of the regular hygiene routine. The pieces of clothing must be disinfected with Dettol or other disinfectants every once in a while. Consider washing your hands and face for another 20 seconds after you take off the clothes. This hygiene routine will keep you and your family save from all the deadly pathogens out there and will keep you healthy. In addition to this, towels and bedsheets must be changed and washed every 3 or 4 days, and everyone should own a separate towel for the face and the body.

7. Cleaning around the house, shops and public places

Almost every public place, including the shops, book places, restaurants and libraries is disinfected in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. Yet another hygiene practice that must be continued even after the pandemic is over because it protects humans against other water-borne and air-borne diseases. Your house must be disinfected twice every week to keep your family happy and healthy. Make sure to wear a mask while your home is being disinfected.

8. Eat Clean food

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Eating food that is healthy and clean must be part of our everyday routine. Eating at dirty places and eating without washing hands must be avoided to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

These hygienic practices should never get compromised. You have to do them even when the pandemic is over. You can’t be complacent because things are back to normal. You can still get sick for other reasons, and another pandemic might be on the horizon if we don’t take care of our health. It would be like no lesson learned from wasting nine months of our lives if we stopped the hygiene practices after the development of the vaccine.

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