How To Fight Anxiety in 2024

Modern day life is filled with anxiety with more and more people revealing that they are fighting with anxiety on a daily basis.

Our modern day lives have many stressors that can be the reason for the onset of anxiety and other mental health issues. Trying to manage it all and doing so with a smile has become the expectation. You have to balance work, bills, family and trying to stay healthy all at the same time. These pressures can lead to just about anybody feeling anxious and worried. It could also be the case that maybe you were anxious as a child who then grew into being an anxious adult or you may have simply developed anxiety at a later part of life. Whatever and whenever the onset of symptoms may have been, it is quite possible that your mind is working overtime and it may need a break.

It is also important to note that you are not the only one feeling this way. Many studies have concluded that anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental health disorders in the world. There are literally millions of people in the world who are also dealing with these problems. You may have sought comfort in medication, which is not at all that uncommon. Although medication may definitely help, there is a price to pay in the form of undesired side effects. These side effects include problems with sleep, decreased sex drive, irritability and increased hunger. These are just the most common ones, you can experience other symptoms as well.

The bit of good news that we have is that medication is not the only way to fight your anxiety. In the following paragraphs we will talk about measures you can take to fight your anxiety that isn’t just popping pills.

Let It Out


Having a trusted confidante with whom you can share and talk about your feelings is a very good way to deal with anxiety. However, one thing that is even more effective than talking is shouting, at the top of your lungs. You may have been taught as a young child that it is not ok to scream and that you ought to use your inner voice. Well the good news is that now that you are an adult, you can very much make your own rules. If you have a lot of built up angst and thoughts in your head, it may be a very good idea to shout it out.

This does not however mean that you can just shout at the person closest to you. What we are talking about here is to release emotions healthily in an environment that is controlled. Realize that the more you try to fight anxiety, the more it will become all encompassing. The smart thing to do here would be to acknowledge it and then to let it go simply. Take your anger and frustration out completely but maybe punching a pillow or maybe just scream at your highest capacity. This can all help. Just get the angst out.

Get Moving


When your mind is in overdrive mode, exercise may be the last thing that you may want to do but it is still an excellent way to get rid of anxiety. You may be worried about how sore you will be after a strenuous workout or you may be worried about not being able to walk properly for the next few days. If your anxiety is particularly acting up, you may even fear the worst which is over-exerting yourself and then having a heart attack. In practical and logical terms though, the likelihood of those situations actually happening are very slim and exercise remains as one the best methods for relieving stress and anxiety.

When we exert ourselves physically the endorphin and serotonin levels of the body go up and make us feel much better emotionally. And when the inside is feeling good, the entire outlook of a person on life can change for the better. Another way that exercise helps is also very logical. When you are in the midst of an extreme workout, your brain will not have the time to fixate on the anxious thoughts as the brain cannot concentrate on two things at once. So it will definitely take your mind off of your problems. It will also come as good news to you, that you do not always have to go for very extreme workouts to notice benefits. Any type of exercise and movement is good for health.

Light Therapy


Light therapy, which is also known by the names bright light therapy and phototherapy, is a kind of therapy that involves exposing the patient to artificial daylight. This is accomplished by using a device that has been specially designed to deliver tailor made light to the patient. While medication is still the most widely used treatment method for anxiety and other mental health disorders, light therapy can be a beneficial and cheap supplemental therapy for your psychiatric problems. There exists a whole host of studies that have shown the effectiveness of light therapy for mental health issues. Find out more here.

Cut Down Your Caffeine Intake


While caffeine can feel good, it can also cause your anxiety to worsen if this is your drug of choice. The way caffeine works is by giving the nervous system a jolt which then boosts up the energy levels. But if the person taking the caffeine is under a lot of stress, this nervous energy can build up to an anxiety attack. We are not asking you to completely give up your favored caffeinated beverage but rather asking you to be more responsible with them and to take in moderation.

Anxiety can be an extremely debilitating state of mind to be in. If you are feeling anxious you will also not be performing at your optimal level. This can seriously affect many areas of your life and lead to undesired outcomes and hence learning about your anxiety and managing it properly is key to a healthy life.

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