Therapies in fight against addiction

Drugs are easy to start but difficult to stop. The chemicals that make up drugs are highly addictive and change the mental functioning of the individual. These chemicals change the functioning in such a way that it develops cravings and the individual craves the smoke of the drug. Due to various circumstances, people indulge in drugs. The use of multiple drugs is equal to experimenting with your life. One of the most common reasons for the use of drugs is bad mental health. People suffer from different phases in life that lead them to stress. When this stress is not handled on time, it takes a new shape and as a consequence, people start believing that drugs can aid in getting relief from stress. There is a need for awareness that whenever one feels stressed, go and seek help from therapists. Take appointments with counselors and share your issues with them. Drugs can’t be a preferable choice in any case. When the treatment of drugs starts, therapies are one of the main steps through which the addict goes through. Having a conversation with someone who understands you lightens the heart. The counselor develops a comfortable bond with the addict so that he shares what it feels. When an addict starts the treatment, right after the detoxification process, therapies are designed with other necessary steps of the treatment. They are considered as a compulsion for further treatment. Some of the therapies that have been proved beneficial for drug addiction are:

  • Group Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Cognition Behavior Therapy

Group Therapy


Group therapies involve a group of addicts along with a counselor or therapist. Group therapies allow open and broad-minded discussions and communication. It allows the addicts to share their honest opinions and issues. Counselors welcome the discussion of every sort of problem. These therapies are conducted in a relaxing environment where every addict shares his experiences. The environment created is non-judgmental so the addict feels comfortable while sharing his feelings and views. It is the best way to build socialization and develop confidence in an addict. The addicts are asked to live in a sober environment and interact about the issues they are facing. Group therapies are a popular way of treatment around the world. It offers a way of life that is healthy and puts the person back on track. It improves the skills of a person and upgrades the lifestyle towards a healthy one. In some cases, even after the treatment completion, therapies are continued. Therapies are the best way to prevent addicts from relapse. Group therapies promote communication with other individuals. In this way, people come to know that many other people are also going through the same situation. They are not alone who are facing such issues. Sometimes, the discussions facilitate the addicts with helpful solutions. You can find more info here.

Trauma Therapy


All of us are dealing with various situations and problems in our life. The studies show that most of the people who get addicted to drugs are the ones who are going through or once went through any traumatic situation like going through a hard break, facing financial issues, the death of a loved one, or any other reason. In such stressful situations, people try to find an escape. They stop believing in themselves. They are demotivated and become pessimists. They start thinking that nothing good can happen to them. This situation needs to be addressed and resolved. Staying and suffering in silence will kill you silently. It can damage your mental and physical health. And further, the use of drugs in such a condition can cause big harm. This is a critical time where therapies are highly required as they know the techniques of handling a person going through trauma. They know how to fully recover such a person. These therapies can bring positive and obvious differences in the addict’s life.

Individual Therapy


Some individuals are hesitant and they don’t share much in group therapies. While on treatment, both individualized and group therapies are compulsory. The reason behind this is the therapist tries to do a heart-to-heart conversation in individual sessions. They boost the confidence of the addict and they become able to perform and involve confidently in the group ones. When individuals are treated in an individualized way, they feel a bond with the therapist and share a connection of sharing everything without fear of being judged. At the start, some addicts take some time, but later on, they honestly cooperate with the therapist for the sake of their good. Individual therapies let the addict identify which issues are causing problems. When the condition of the addict is not satisfactory through individual therapy, they are moved towards more advanced therapies.

Cognition Behavior Therapy


Cognition Behavior Therapy targets two elements. The first is cognition that is a person’s ability to think and understand things. The other thing this therapy targets is the behavior of the addict. Drug addicts have behavioral issues due to the uncontrolled effect of drugs. This behavior is not in the hands of addicts when they are high or drunk but once they are on the treatment; they are given proper treatment on how they can control their behavior. This therapy deals with the negative emotions and behaviors of the addict. These therapies make the addicts understand the importance of positive behavior and mindset. These therapies aim to teach the addicts how they should deal with problems and don’t run after perfection. It also guides the addict on how they have to deal with outside people and stigmas that are related to drugs. They have been taught that people will gossip, but all they have to do is focus on their recovery by imagining and enjoying the bright side of their life. Therapists tell the addicts that this is the perfect moment to get recovered and change their lives.

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