How Online Gambling Industry Uses Technology in 2024

The development of technology and the Internet has not bypassed the betting industry either. Since 1995, and the launching of the first online casino, the popularity of online gaming rapidly grew, so did the number of bookmakers and casinos that focused their offerings on online platforms.

The development of mobile devices has created the need for bookmakers to adapt to these technologies as well. As a result, every reputable bookmaker has a version compatible with smartphones, tablets, and similar portable devices. That way, players can enjoy betting without being physically present in the casinos.

The advent of the Internet and smart devices, primarily mobile phones, has changed the way many industries operate, and it is the same for the online gaming and gambling industry. Mobile gaming rose sharply worldwide by as much as 75% in 2012, and between 2013 and 2015, it increased by an additional 84%. When it comes to betting via mobile phones, in 2014, it was more than doubled compared to the year before.


By some estimation, the amount of deposits placed on mobile devices reaches 100 billion dollars a year, with about 200 million people worldwide who use their phones for these purposes, visiting online bookmakers. During 2018, the mobile betting industry occupied about 40% of the total online gambling market.

Sports bookmakers, following the digital trends, are almost obliged to make and publish a mobile application that offers a fully digital betting experience, with various offers and games. These online bookmakers offer the possibility of quick and easy ticket play, and in addition, there is a “live” option (live betting on matches/matches that are already in progress).


Software and online casino developers are working to meet the demand by rolling out new casino games optimized for phones. The European market is not lagging behind at all, and at all licensed online casinos in Europe, you can find casino games optimized precisely for them.

Additional benefits of this type of gambling include that people can use a wide range of deposit and payment options via their mobile phones in this way and bet without any problems. The expectations are that the expansion of 5G technology, whose application began in 2019, will further encourage online gambling and bring them to new heights. Due to the better software, every transaction and withdrawing winning money is much faster. When online gambling started, everything was much more primitive compared to today’s standards, but now, they worked a lot to make it better, and everything works like a charm. It is clear that modern times bring with them new and more advanced possibilities, and more and more segments are available with just one click. The technology adapts to the needs of people as much as possible, so it should come as no surprise that such a hobby, such as gambling, has found a way to reach a larger number of users who do not have time to go to land-based casinos.


Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate in all sectors, as well as in the gambling industry. What interests everyone from this industry is the future of online gambling and what innovations are coming. This industry is expected to take advantage of all technological improvements, computing innovations, and processor power improvements. Namely, a big step has already been made in the casino industry with the possibility of introducing casinos into virtual reality. When it comes to online casinos, the offer of games, bonuses, free spins, and various promotions is much higher than in the traditional ones, and their popularity should not come as a surprise.

Another novelty that awaits the future of online gambling is VR Gambling. Virtual reality has already entered the film, gaming, and incentive training industry, and online casinos are looking for a way to bring this revolutionary technology into their network. VR and augmented reality technology are one of the most exciting innovations to emerge from hardware development in the last decade. These devices can take you to the world’s most famous casinos while sitting comfortably in your home. The industry is aware of the potential of VR and is working to ensure that the future of online gambling and virtual reality are inextricably linked.


There are several ways that this industry uses modern technology, and most of them are regarding user experience, which with everything new today, is at a new high. Live dealers, VR technology, and more advanced graphics represent the core of their current and future course of development. Better communication with the user (players) is also something where progress is shown, and the customer service by almost everyone is now much better than just a year ago. The user-friendly interface, customer support available 24/7, and much more, have improved, and today, everything is much more straightforward. And regarding the experience when playing at any of the verified online casinos, well, saying that one has everything they can think of is not an exaggeration.

One of the much-expected novelties in the online gambling industry is betting with cryptocurrency. Even when Satoshi Nakamoto published a BTC white paper, we could all conclude that a new type of technology was coming. Their use is pretty widespread, especially in Asia, where they started taking bitcoin deposits, but in Western countries, progress in this field is weak. In Western countries, there is a problem of unregulated laws and regulations, while the relatively unregulated East is experiencing a rapid expansion of cryptocurrency betting.


Security of our private data is something that we all care about and also where technological achievements made progress, making it all much more secured. Advanced software and various safety procedures have a big role in making better and stronger security of everyone’s data, which is needed when registering at any online casino platform.

Virtual reality technology, much better communication with platforms, and integration with independent applications have improved the possibility of future online gambling platforms. Internet gambling is a mighty industry, with the possibility of continuous improvement.

There is no secret that everything depends on how and what will be the next technological breakthrough, and the gambling industry has pretty greatly adopted all these changes, which is great for both them and the players. The experience has never been closer to playing at their land-based versions, and with more games, promotions, and bonuses than in traditional ones, we can all see where the future of gambling is. The only thing that can be difficult is choosing the best online casino, and that is why knowing where and what to look for is important. Here is when websites like step in, which already have reviews of the best international casinos for with all the info one might need.

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