7 Ways Technology is Shaping the Future of Online Casino Industry

In the mid-90s when the first online casinos emerged on the scene they were mostly focused on simple slots with basic layouts and little to no security concerns. Two decades later the leaders in the industry took online gambling to a much higher level, introducing modern slot machines, imaginative graphics and layouts, live dealers, prizes, bonuses, and airtight security for both players and the casinos. Gambling websites are now keeping track of the latest developments in technology and putting them in use as soon as possible. All of this improved the relationship between the players and the casinos, building trust on both sides. Here are some of the changes that casinos implemented that improved the experience and tighten the protection of personal data.

Advanced graphics

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The first thing online casinos did is to improve the graphics and layouts of the games. The more realistic look added to the experience of the players and they started visiting websites in large numbers. Today’s graphics are almost on the level of the PC games, with the original music and characters. 3D games added another layer of playing and the public rushed to check out the new and convenient way to gamble right from their living room sofa.

Live dealers

This was a game-changer for many players that never considered to gamble online. The ever-standing argument that the games are rigged didn’t go away even with introducing an RNG, Random Number Generator. Online casinos found a way to give players more real-life experience by presenting real live people as dealers. This made a huge splash in the online gambling community causing a frenzy among gamblers to play online with the actual live dealer. Check out qq39bet.me for some great live games.

Mobile gambling

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Online casino leaders recognize the need of their customers to play on-the-go. Many desktop websites are optimized for playing on mobile phones, while some made apps that make playing even more accessible. This goes for all games that are available on the PC version not only slots, including poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. Now players can place bets, check their bonuses, balances, and collect prizes on their mobile devices. This improved the experience and convenience for the players, and online casinos proved that they are a serious competition to any land-based casino. Check out qq39bet.me for some great live games.


Blockchain technology changed the world as a whole, and the online casinos are not falling behind on these latest developments. Paying with credit or debit card, or with other payment methods like PayPal is still available and used by many players. However, by introducing an option of gambling with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other well-established coins online casinos attracted even more players who were concerned with the potential security risks in the past. Now they can put bets and collect winnings absolutely anonymously without worrying about hacker’s attacks. A quick and safe way to do transactions between casinos and the players helped big time to build trust and add even more convenience of playing online.

Augmented reality

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Augmented reality technology came as a kick in the gut to the traditional casinos. Up until now, their major argument for coming into the brick-and-mortar casinos instead of playing online was that the experience of playing with other people face-to-face and seeing the dealer, as well as the other tables, games, and the overall environment around you is an irreplaceable experience that can not be mimicked or transferred to the screen. Online casinos had an answer to this – augmented reality. This added many different dimensions in online playing, with people actually looking online at each other while playing, checking out other games and tables, switching between them, and chatting with the dealer who is also a live person. All of that from your living room. It doesn’t get much better than that. With this fantastic new development, the land-based casinos have nothing left to brag about, and it seems like online playing is winning the game. Oh, and the graphics are stunning giving the players a real-life feeling.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality started changing online gambling in many ways. It was only recently introduced, but it has piqued the interest of game developers and casino management immediately. To be able to imitate the reality of the traditional casinos with so many details presents the limitless potential for online casinos. Virtual reality was welcomed with open arms by online gambling leaders and even though it’s not in full swing yet, it represents a great threat to completely overtake gambling in the future. With this technology, players can roam around the casino, see the facial expressions of other players and dealers, explore the environment, hear the sounds, and see the sights. Basically, everything that they would do if visiting one of the casinos in real life. The excitement among casino management and the gamblers is on the rise and it’s just a matter of time when this latest technology will be introduced as the standard.

Security issues

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The latest developments allowed online casinos to implement high-tech security measures. Gambling websites, in time, became virtually impenetrable by hackers and brought down the security risks to the margin of error. Players feel safer while gambling and leaving their personal data like credit card numbers, and bank accounts on the website. The casinos have had a few incidents in the past with the breach of security, and they sure learned their lesson. Now, safety measures are paramount for every legit gambling site, and they continue to improve every day.

Recently it was announced on many gambling sites that they are looking into implementing fingerprint validation and face recognition in order to up the security. All of this, virtual reality, augmented reality and high-tech security will change the world of gambling forever. Chances are that traditional casinos will become a thing of the past as many players are switching to online playing on their desktops or on their mobile phones. In either way, online casinos refuted the naysayers that predicted a complete failure and raised questions about the safety measures, game rigging, and the overall experience.

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