Pokemon Platinum ROM: Bringing Back The Nostalgic Feel of Classic Game

Pokemon was a popular TV series from the late ’90s. The Pokemon garner popularity among the children and youngsters with its franchise spanning over two decades now. The TV show became so popular that it’s still running. Pokemon-themed products like cards, video games, apparel, stationery items, and many more. Today we are talking about Pokemon Platinum ROM, which is related to the Pokemon Platinum version video game.

Before we talk about Pokemon Platinum ROM, let’s talk about the game first. At the time of the show’s popularity, the Pokemon video game series was released by Nintendo for its Nintendo DS handheld gaming console. It’s a role-playing video game series.

Pokemon Platinum is a sequel to Diamond and Pearl. The game is a fourth installment of the series.

The game was released on 13 September 2008. By the end of the year, it began to garner the attention of gamers and Pokemon fans.

There was a time when PC gaming was not a widespread phenomenon; video game consoles used to dominate the market. Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox are the bigwigs of the gaming console industry.

How to Bring Back The Good Nostalgic Feel?

The game was released at the time when 90’s kids were still in school or getting ready for college, and now it’s been over a decade. All those kids are now grown up. The gaming industry and Pokemon TV show itself have undergone an evolution. However, nostalgia is something that we hold close to heart.

A new trend has emerged among people to dig out the old video games(yes, that means good old’ Pacman too!) and play them on our latest gadgets like Android smartphones, iPhone or computer. Playing those games means refreshing our childhood memories.

But how can you do that? The answer is Pokemon Platinum ROM.

What is a Video Game ROM and an Emulator?

Video game ROM: Since we are talking about Pokemon Platinum ROM, what is a ROM anyway? It means ‘Read-Only Memory,’ a ROM file is a digital file that contains data that’s copied from a ROM chip. These ROM chips could be anything: a PC firmware or a gaming cartridge.

Emulator: A video game emulator is a program that lets the user access a game on the computer, as the computer is emulating the video game console’s hardware and software. With the emulation, you can play the game on an emulating platform easily.

Final Words

Now that we know both essential components, how to play the game on a PC? Well, first, you need to install the latest version of an appropriate emulator on the PC. Then find a Pokemon Platinum ROM on the internet, download it.

Read the essential instructions provided to run the ROM on the emulator. Once the ROM is successfully uploaded on the emulator, you are set to play the game.

It’s an easy task to install an emulator and a Pokemon Platinum ROM. With the game running on an emulator, it gives you a classic feel of nostalgia. That nostalgic feeling is priceless! However, you must know that it’s illegal to download/exchange copyrighted ROMs.

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