5 Tips for Understanding the Rules to the Royal Rumble Match

WWE is a highly popular entertainment company. The industry flourished under the guidance of Vince McMahon. Throughout the years it managed to remain modern and constant innovation has kept it on the top of the wrestling industry. This was not an easy task, yet people close to the WWE managed to do so for decades. One of the reasons for their constant success is not their innovative nature, it’s also sticking to the roots. Their stars come and go, and yet the company is still there. It’s all for a reason.

The primary reason is that they know how to create, organize and bring to a closure massive wrestling events. One of those that was always the pinnacle of what they do is without a doubt, Royal Rumble. For WWE, this is their trademark move. The same way The Rock has Rock Bottom, John Cena has Attitude Adjustment, and Randy Orton has The RKO, the World Wrestling Entertainment has Royal Rumble. Everyone loves this event, and the only people who dislike it are the ones not understanding it. This is about to change as we’re about to enlighten you. Let’s talk about the x5tips for understanding the rules to the royal rumble match. Once you read this article, RR will be closer to your heart for sure.

Know The Number of Contestants

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This is quite important. To fully grasp what Royal Rumble is really about, you need to know how many people enter the ring. After all, it’s all about picking your favorite and cheering him on. It might be hard to select only one as 30 people are entering the ring. This number might change from year to year, but the consensus is that there’ll be 30, with a possibility of late changes. Among the people who enter the ring, the winner is the one who remains as the last one. It’s never easy to exit out on top unless you’re Tom Brady, but luckily he’s not into wrestling. His, long-time partner Rob Gronkowski is, tough. When you see the Royal Rumble for the first time, you’ll enjoy the number of alliances and betrayals. It will be like watching Game of Thrones where all actors are big, greasy, muscle men.

It’s All About The Prize

Like in any other sport, in wrestling, the contestants fight for titles and accolades. The winner of the RR is a cherished title, and those who managed it, continue to brag about it until the next similar event. The title matters, but there’s also a prize involved. Many fighters would die to attain it. Luckily, no one ever dies in the WWE, only their personas disappear. The prize for the one who manages to beat the other 29 fighters is a chance to fight in a world championship match held at Wrestlemania. This is why the Royal Rumble event is always held in the weeks and sometimes months before WM which is usually scheduled for March or early April. The best part is that the winner of the RR can choose his opponent as there are champions available for a duel from NXT, RAW, and Smackdown.

The Entry Sequence

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When it comes to the Royal Rumble, one thing is important to know. Not all contestants are going to be in the ring at the same tie. No, and that’s the fun part. Thirty people inside one ring would be a mess, and there’s no fun in that. Instead, there is a pretty rule set in place to make things more interesting. Each fighter will receive a number from one to thirty. When their numbers are set they’ll be entering the ring based on their number. This is where it becomes fun. There’s a ninety-second interval between the fighters entering the ring. The order in which the fighters enter the ring is predetermined earlier in the year through a set of fights so that the number one is the wrestler that least deserves to win it. Before the rules that determine the scheduling various other means of selecting were used, but all of the resembled lottery a bit too much for our taste. As the winner of the inaugural Royal Rumble, hacksaw Jim Duggan, said in an interview with Betway, “The less time you’re in contact with people, the longer you’re in the ring.”

The Top Rope To Rule Them All.

We hope you love a good Lord of The Rings Metaphor. All ropes matter in a WWE ring, but when it comes to the Royal Rumble, only the top rope is vital. The reason is simple – you need to throw your opponent over the top rope to have him eliminated. What this means is that there are no submissions or pinfalls. Also, even if you manage to throw him over, there’s still a catch. Both of his legs need to touch the ground. Pretty fun if you ask us. This is what makes this match so interesting. If both conditions are matched, the referee signals that it is an end of the competition for the named fighter. To avoid any misunderstanding there are plenty of referees around the ring to make the whole thing play out by the rules.

It’s One Big Surprise

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While there are rules and regulations tied to the RR match, there’s plenty to surprise the viewers, but also the contestants. One of the best parts of this event is not the number of fighters, it’s who they are. When the number counts thirty, you ought to know there’ll be some surprise inclusions. Not all entrants are known before the match, and this is what makes it so amazing. The best part is that some people that enter the rings are not WWE fighters. You can see many celebrities, former athletes, and former WWE legends. In this department, the company wants to swipe fans off their feet. If you viewed this event in the past you can tell how many ex-wrestlers returned just for this occasion. Only a few years back we had Edge being the contestant number one, only to face Randy Orton right of the door. This is what the Royal Rumble is all about.

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