Scopello Sicily and the Tonnara, the Perfect Trip for a Refreshing Experience

Scopello is a small town in the province of Trapani with a population of less than 900, situated on the coast of northeast Sicily in Italy. The hamlet has a long history, having been established by the Greeks in 300 BC. It is an old town with a beautiful shell-shaped bay and one of Sicily’s most characteristic fishing villages. It’s also known for its beauty and charm, with people praising its views and relaxed atmosphere.

Scopello is also famous for its cliffs which were carved out by the sea over time. The ridges are a popular destination for tourists because they offer incredible views of the Bay of Scopello and Sicily’s coastline.

Today is one of the most famous places for beach lovers. It is well-known for the ‘Tonnara’, a fishing village that has become a tourist attraction because of its unique view. The fishermen’s houses are arranged around the Tonnara, or fish trap, built to store and protect the local anchovy fishing stocks.

The Faraglioni


Located in front of the Tonnara, the ‘Faraglioni’ (tower rocks) is a set of three stacks of rock surrounded by deep water and jagged cliffs. If you are in the area of Sicily, you should visit this natural beauty. It is a popular tourist destination, and people often go to Scopello to see the Faraglioni.

The Faraglioni are a group of stacks about 25 meters high, located about half a kilometre offshore from Scopello. The rock formations were created by wave erosions and shaped by wind and water, forming a natural breakwater. The waves crash against these giant rocks and make unique sounds.

Lo zingaro nature reserve


The park is almost 1600 hectares Which is full of natural beauty and joins the seaside. Those freaks of nature and love enjoying the sea view are more likely to visit and live there. Not only this, but there are at least 800 plants and nesting bird species. The civilian of Italy more often see there as a place for hunting.

There are many farmhouses for visiting the site and for trip stays. This land has its charm with olive trees, palm trees, and carob. The reason to stay there is because of the reserve and its natural beauty.

Castellammare del Golfo


Going scopello through Palermo, you have to stop at Castellammare town. It has the right to set in the corner of the gulf. You can stay there for dinner and visit the small shops to refreshen up your trip. There restaurants and cafes are worth visiting and give it a chance. The history leads to Arab in BC century. First, it was called by AL madarig. Its also known for its commercial importance and a mic of fishing.

Cala capreira


It is the most popular beach in Italy. The Cala capreria is known for its weak weather. Mostly it’s sunny, which is suitable for the beach. The people loved to visit and enlighten the day with shine. The water temperature is high and has high tides. It’s a hidden gem. At the weekends, it’s much more to visit. The entrance price is fair enough, and unlike the other beaches, it has stunning resorts.

The hotels in scopello are furnished, and it has the best view of the sea. Yet their swimming pools affect the tourist to stay. Talking about the hotels and restaurants is not enough, but the village side has villas. You have to be sure about which place is suitable for you to stay. Are you not excited to visit? Well, you loved to because it gives you internal peace.

The Best Time of Year for Visiting Scopello and the TonnaraScopello

The best time to visit Scopello and TonnaraScopello is during the summer. While summers are hot, they’re also dry, which means that you don’t have to worry about being wet or sweaty all the time.

Summertime is a great time to visit Scopello and TonnaraScopello because it’s often dry. If you want to experience this beauty for yourself, it is also recommended to visit during September because there are fewer tourists, and the weather is more pleasant. There are fewer mosquitoes, fewer rainy days, and enough sunshine for you to enjoy all day.

As you know, the weather counts a lot when you decide to go on a trip. You don’t want to regret your trip just because of the climate. If you visit in the winter season, it’s challenging for you to cope with the winter. There is a lot of rain in this season. The summer gives you a refreshing feeling and boosts your energy.

Where to Stay in Scopello Sicily and the Tonnara


There are many places to stay in Scopello because of its location and amenities. We’re talking about villas. Villas in Scopello offer guests all the comforts they need, including private pools and incredible sea views. They are also the best solutions to avoid contact with people you don’t know, as you can book a suite or property for yourself and your family and friends you are travelling to. To know more about the Villas in Scopello and the accommodation, please visit this link of the travel agency SelectSicily.

Make a Trip to Scopello in Sicily Now!

Scopello is a famous tourist destination. It is an area that is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. This location has historically been used as a getaway for locals and travellers alike and a famous backdrop in many commercials, films, and television series, including scenes from Ocean’s Twelve, the Inspector Montalbano series, and the Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue ad. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and escape from everyday demands.

As you visit this natural wonder, you can enjoy several different activities, including diving, sailing, strolling and more. Make your trip to Scopello today because it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience! We recommend that anyone visit this site now, as Summer is the best time to enjoy the location.

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