6 Decor Ideas For a Refreshing Home – 2024 Guide

Is your home starting to feel stuffy and you want to spend less time inside as time goes by? Then it is time to make a change and you can start with the old and dreary decor. You want a house that feels like spring, after all, which dusty and ancient house items don’t help with. To that end, let’s talk about a few ideas that can make your home more refreshing.

Now, the goal here is to inject freshness to your home in the form of new and lively additions. This is not about renovating your home with some major overhauls that are likely to be overly expensive. These will be minor changes that will be relatively easy to do and will not cost a lot of money. This will ensure that you can implement these changes in a quick and efficient manner.

1. Spring Colors All-Around

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What else can bring out the wonders of the Spring season than the colors that represent it? These are your usual warm colors, which include pastel, coral, orange, and more. You can incorporate these in the form of new sheets, new glassware, new carpets, and more. You can even repaint some furniture or certain sections of walls to do this.

The important thing is to focus on how the colors make you feel and if they match your taste. There is no need to force yourself to like colors that are too pale or too deep. Don’t be afraid to browse extensively, as well as to mix and match as you please. If the colors are unable to make you feel wonderful and refreshed inside, then this would defeat the purpose.

2. All The Pretty Things

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This is the part where you unleash your inner child where you focus on all things shiny, pretty, and unique. You can collect things like figurines, exquisitely designed candle jars (check here), vases, and so much more. You could also go for lamps, wind chimes, garden gnomes, and so on. The point is to collect things that make you feel happy and refreshed when you look at them.

On that note, you should try and make sure to not go overboard with this. It can be very easy to start hoarding, which would then make you feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Getting one or two of the typical things that you want to collect should be enough. You have to remember that this is most likely a seasonal phase and you’ll need to change again later.

3. New Wallpaper

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Few things are as gratifying as being surrounded by walls that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. After all, a lot of people are familiar with how depressing peeling wallpaper or paint can be. This goes even more for bedrooms since you will be spending a lot of your time there. As such, it would be nice to at least have a refreshing new wallpaper to stare at.

Color is going to play a pivotal role here and going for light green or baby blue would be recommended. If they are accompanied by natural patterns like leaves, branches, or trees, the effects would be amplified. Marine features like sea life, shells, or waves would also have the same effect.

4. Lighter, More Breathable Curtains

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Hanging heavy drapes that block the sunlight and prevent the breeze from coming in would be quite dreary. This is why you will want to replace them with lighter fabric that is more transparent. There is something about fluttering curtains dancing in the wind that lifts the spirit. Allowing air to circulate would also be a bonus.

You don’t need to get rid of the drapes entirely since it would be a hassle to put them back. However, you don’t need to keep pulling them closed either and just leave the curtains to provide some shade. You can do this for windows, french doors, and other areas where they are warranted.

5. Make More Space

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A stuffy house that is full of clutter and packed with stuff is the opposite of refreshing. As such, you will want to do a little sprucing up by getting rid of excess items. These include boxes, gadgets, furniture, or even clothes that you’re not using. Seeing more space instead of having every corner being covered with clutter is a lot more refreshing.

This doesn’t mean reducing your home to spartan conditions where every surface is bare. You can have some stuff as long as you don’t pack every inch of space to the breaking point. This is a lot healthier for your mind, as well since cluttered spaces result in cluttered thoughts. You will also be able to relax easier when you have plenty of breathing room.

6. Quick Fixes

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If there are minor issues around your house that need to be fixed or replaced, you should do so. Having to put up with broken faucets, cracked doors, or holes in the walls or ceiling can be depressing. So if it is something that you can deal with yourself that won’t take a lot of time, do it. At the very least, it would put your mind at ease.

Having to come home to a working porch light, for example, can do wonders for your mood. The same goes for door knobs that will unlock and turn as they are supposed to. Cabinet doors that are not hanging off their hinges would be great, as well. Even with the smallest changes, you can still see huge results.


Living in a refreshing home can do wonders for the mind and body, which is why it’s worth pursuing. You don’t want to stay in a place that makes you depressed for years on end, do you? Well, lucky for you, a few simple changes to the decor such as those discussed above, can do wonders to your home.

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