How Sex Doll Vendors Have Been ‘Essential’ During the Pandemic in 2024

When the first case of coronavirus was announced in the US, most people were unalarmed. The government assured the citizens that the situation was under control and that ‘everything’ was in order. However, it didn’t take long before the virus halted every aspect of the economy. Schools were closed, businesses shut down, sporting events were put on hold, and people separated.

During the first few weeks, a veil of uncertainty clouded the whole world. People lined up in stores in what was one of the most bizarre panic-buying episodes. From sanitizers to toilet rolls, and dietary supplements, the shelves were suddenly empty. Campaigns on sanitary hygiene flooded the media, with the government advising people to wash and sanitize their hands regularly. Soon, state borders were locked, and people were advised to stay at home.

Proving Essential


During the stay at the home campaign, only essential service providers were given a free pass. To many, essential services include healthcare, electricity, water, law enforcement, and the food industry. And while the list is correct, very few thought the sex doll industry would prove essential during a crisis.

The sex doll business has been more active than any other during the pandemic. According to industry giants like SexyRealSexDolls, there was a spike in sales as soon as the first case was reported in the US. “People weren’t only worried about the toilet rolls and vitamin supplements running out. We started seeing a significant increase in the number of inquiries per day. More people wanted to understand how the industry works, seeking reassurance before purchasing a sex doll. There was an increased demand for the dolls as first-time users were finally jumping ship.”

Overworking throughout the Pandemic


SexyRealSexDolls describes the situation as a once in a lifetime experience. “At first, we didn’t know how to react. It was the first time that we’d experienced it, and at-work regulations even made it harder. Shipping was and is still taking longer because of the social distancing regulations in the warehouses. Eventually, we had to seek reinforcement, especially in departments that were heavily involved.”

The vendor goes on to single out the customer support and clearing agents as the two departments that have been overworking throughout the pandemic. “We had to bring in new faces in both areas, while still ensuring that they go through the right training. Additionally, we had to follow the social distancing regulations, which made it a bit challenging but worthwhile.

The vendor’s commitment to delivering affordable and realistic sex dolls during the pandemic has made a life for singles and couples all over the world more bearable. Single people living with a sex doll can enjoy the warm company and successfully combat loneliness. On the other hand, couples can use the sex doll to induce excitement and adventure in the bedroom.

Main Reasons Why People Are Interested in Sex Dolls

With the development of technology, modern models of sex dolls have a realistic design. Some luxurious models could provide you with the same level of pleasure as a real person. While the pandemic resulted in many people to become interested in these toys because they were not able to go out and meet new people, the main reason why so many of them would buy it, no matter if there is a quarantine or not, is that it can help people with lower confidence to learn how to be more relaxed, when they are with a real person. For example, if someone is lonely, a sex toy can help him to boost his mood, get more relaxed, and more.

On the other hand, a lot of them would choose to buy this toy to practice and gain more experience and creativity in the bedroom. People with a lack of experience might find it beneficial before they sleep with their partner for the first time. Moreover, sex workers are illegal in most countries, and buying a sex toy is the only way to have some fun.

Nevertheless, in case you have some sexual fantasies that you are too embarrassed to ask a partner for, buying a sex toy is the best solution. There is a wide selection of these toys available on the market, and according to the amount of money you are willing to spend, the more realistic toy you will get. For less than a$1,000, you can get a torso that can provide you with a great experience. However, you will need to invest at least $2,000 or $3,000 to get one that resembles a woman by every meaning.

Development of the Industry


With the new and more advanced technology, manufactures are capable of producing high-quality materials, such as silicone and PVC. The silicone provides a more realistic feeling, while dolls made of PVC are easier for cleaning and last for a much longer time. Also, companies are trying to implement AI technology, which represents another step in the production of sex toys, where they can speak, express feelings, and more. On the other side, a lot of people think that there are many issues with this technology and that it could affect marriage as an institution. As we can see by now, the popularity of sex toys is constantly rising, especially during the lockdown.

Last Words

The pandemic of coronavirus and lockdown had a huge effect on the popularity and distribution of sex dolls. We can see a lot of improvements in this industry, and the most recent products that effectively resemble a real person. Also, we expect further progress in this field, especially about new materials and technology that will further improve and make toys with even more realistic features. According to some studies, 1 in 10 people is interested in trying out this sort of entertainment, while one in 20 already had some experience with dolls. Also, it is interesting that many people have changed their opinion during the pandemic and started thinking of how getting one of these dolls is not a bad idea.

Would you like to learn more about sex dolls? Maybe how to order, own, or take care of one? Contact The vendor’s customer support agents are ready to make your first-time sex doll use experience exceptional.

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