Tips for Sharing the Roads with Semi-Trucks

Open the newspaper or any news app, you’ll find plenty of news about regrettable road accidents. While hearing about these sorrowful accidents, people usually conclude that big semi-truck are the culprits behind these terrible accidents.

Are you thinking the same? If yes, let me tell you, they are not. Reckless car drivers are the reason behind most of the accidents. It’s easy to blame semi-trucks because of their hefty size and to ignore car drivers’ mistakes. But this is where we are committing a grave mistake. You may find it hard to believe, but yes! These tragic accidents happen because of the carelessness of car drivers!

Are you worried about driving around semi-trucks now? Life is precious, and you need to care for it! With the right attention while driving, you can fulfil the divine duty of saving countless lives. In case you meet with an accident, contact a lawyer from for an accident with a truck, and the lawsuit could end in better compensation for your loss.

Here’s how you can get away safely with semi-trailer trucks.

1. Stay away from your phone while driving:


Folks may be multi-talented, but that doesn’t mean that you can risk your life and others’ by showing off your skills. It’s a foolish thing to text or have a telephonic conversation with someone while driving. Avoid them, especially when semi-trucks are around. You may think it’s a 2-second thing to text someone while driving, but these 2 seconds can prove to be the two deathly seconds of your life. Get rid of this unsafe habit before it costs lives!

2. Never drive in blind spots:

Refrain from driving in the blind spots of the truck. According to research, one-third of accidents between cars and semi-trucks occur in the blind spots. It’s a well-known logic that a driver driving a humongous semi-truck can’t see in some spots around it. These are called blind spots. They are:
The area exactly in the front of the vehicle (20 feet)

3. The rear of the truck (30 feet)


The area on the right and left side of the truck. (The right side is the biggest blind spot of the truck.)

If you can’t catch a glimpse of a semi-truck’s mirror, then the driver of the truck can’t see you either. Be cautious while driving around semi-trucks and never forget about blind spots!

4. Don’t hang around them:

Avoid loitering around heavy vehicles. Always remember to keep a safe distance from them. Instead of lingering around, pass quickly from the left side by sticking to the safety guidelines.

The left side is recommended because it is clearer and more visible to the truck driver than the right side. There are a handful of awful reasons why you should avoid lingering around them. Tire bursts and high tides of wind are some of them.

5. Skip the idea of tailgating:


Pulling in front of the truck or trailing exactly behind it is more deadly than you can ever imagine! Trucks weigh around forty tons, and are comparatively 20 times more massive and heavier than your car.

So, take a moment and think! Will it be easy for a truck to pull brakes instantly? No! Even if you believe in your speed and pull ahead in front of the truck, there is a chance of a deadly accident. So, never cut off trucks, or pull ahead or follow exactly behind the truck, even if it’s an emergency.

6. Give ample space

You can get an idea of how massive semi-trucks are just by taking a look at them. Whenever you share roads with them, be patient and give them enough room to maneuver or take turns. Keep in mind that semi-trucks move away from the curb while taking a right down. Also, they might change lanes. So, keep a safe distance from them to enjoy a risk-free ride.

7. Turn down the brights:


If you are driving at night, bright headlights are necessary for a clear focus and safe journey. But, in the off chance you find a semi-truck, then lower your bright headlights because the brights reflecting on semi-trucks’ mirrors can cause a moment of blindness. It is ideal to dim the lights when you are one block away! Also, use signals to avoid disastrous collisions.

8. Beware of wide turns

It is natural that you want to move ahead of large semi-trucks as soon as you get some space because they move slowly. However, remember, that you cannot do in the same way as you can with a regular car. Tractors and trailers have a wide turning radius as compared to the cars. It is quite risky if you try to keep pace with pace or drive besides them. It is because large trucks have the least visibility and they might not be able to see you as they bend making right-hand turns. They need extra space and time to take a turn.

9. Follow the road rules


A high rate of driving speed increases the risk of accident. The faster you drive on roads, the more difficult it becomes to avoid fate on the road. It is good if you follow the road rules carefully especially while driving with semi-trucks. Always pay attention to street signs like signs that indicate direction and speed limit. Do not forget that ignoring road rules makes your behavior unpredictable that increase the probability of a truck driver hitting you.

10. Slow in bad weather

Bad weather can prevent you from safely driving on the roads. Semi -trucks face more risk on wet roads. In that case, if the vehicle goes out of driver’ control, it becomes difficult for the driver to get back under control. Moreover, wet roads increase the risk of tires slipping in which it can slip to other lanes. Slowing down the speed can reduce the risk of accidents for truck drivers and other vehicles.

Final Words:

No matter how much of an expert you are at driving, stick to these guidelines to ensure a peaceful journey along with these 18 wheelers! In case you bump into a semi-truck, stay calm. Get immediate medical care for your injuries and report to the police immediately. Leave a comment for any queries and come back for more such guides.

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