6 Ways Technology Can Improve The Efficiency Of Your Recruitment Process

Technology is advancing at a fast rate, and the rate of adoption of the same for businesses and their processes is immense. So much so that 98% of the fortune 500 companies use technically equipped recruitment software to get the right workforce on board. Also, the manual hiring process is long, which does not go with the speedy material changes in the world today.

There is a need for a quick strategy that digital technology can help commendably with. Running a business with different departments and the tale for recruitment is nothing different. So, if you plan to implement technology for better efficiency of the recruitment processes, brace yourself for the upcoming benefits.

6 Ways Technology Can Improve The Recruitment Process Efficiency

Here’s how technology brings an efficient transformation to your recruitment process.

1. Creating Opportunities And Updating Vacancies

Source: humanresourcesonline.net

As typical as any recruitment process can get, the first step includes creating an opportunity based on the vacancies. Then, using technology for the same helps set the base of the process, like bifurcating based on the required knowledge, skill, and experience required to apply for the job.

Descriptions are a must for welcoming applications. However, instead of doing it manually, recruitment marketing with the right dose of technology helps create creative descriptions and invite applications. Also, better advancements allow for filtering the applications based on the minimal requirements there and then.

2. Compliance Development And Maintenance

The human resource department has a major role in all stages of the recruitment process. Hence, there is a need for a good degree of technology in the form of software with reporting features that enable recruiters to generate the basic standards for the process. Also, it helps generate custom reports that help the recruits stay compliant at every step of the process.

It helps identify the potential spots that are likely to occur during the process and hence, determines steps that can help improve the process and workflow. As a recruiter, you can use the equipped software to help the shortlisted clients with the company’s code like salaries, wages, medical leave, promotion, benefits, safety, and other standards. It is a time-saving method.

3. Process Optimization

Source: exceleris.com

The recruitment process is nothing less than a jigsaw puzzle to solve for both the job givers and the job seekers. Advanced analytics and a series of technical solutions at both ends help eliminate the process. It keeps the process concise, and the final interviews are held without delay for the candidates who manage to reach that stage.

Technological solutions help prepare the initial interview stages, like questionnaires and render a fair idea of the company’s requirements from the posts. In addition, technology enhances efficiency by updating the company’s site regarding the customized recruitment process for various departments to get the best and most professional experts.

4. Hiring Analytics

Source: medium.com

78% of employers feel that software and recruitment portal technology helps them find talent. And online websites are the first place job lookers are the online search engines and portals. In addition, technology helps display the hiring analytics for both groups to have an idea about the requirement. Did you know that Google was the first company to move forward with this process which other companies later adopted in 2000?

The role of background screening technology plays a major role in the hiring process. In addition, the pandemic has helped people realize the boon of the internet, because of which the corporate culture explored the idea of working from home. So, internet technology has a major role in holding virtual interviews, remote working, and virtual work.

5. Referral Management

Suppose you are a part of the recruitment group of a company and have plans to streamline the hiring strategy. In that case, you need to understand the online platforms that will help you get efficient people into the company. First, the presence of job board syndication is an added benefit to the recruiting professionals, followed by the use of ATSs, an applicant tracking system for enhancing the degree of efficiency of the referral programs.

The mobile-friendly recruitment application process is another benefit to the overall recruitment process. Surveys suggest that approximately 78% of people looking for a job are open to applying through mobile-friendly platforms. All this is only posible if the adoption rate of technology is high. Also, the mobile recruitment drive offers a seamless experience to the users and allows them to switch in case of emergency.

6. Background, Experience, And Application Queue

Source: metro-check.com

The technology ensures a thorough background check of the applicant and verifies the documents followed by the information stated in the same. Also, it caters to the experience possessed by the candidate by checking for its authenticity. Therefore, technology is important in adding to the degree of productivity in the process as it simplifies the screening method and delivers effective solutions and responses in the least time.

The use of tracking software is one of the biggest advantages that recruiters see by switching to the indispensable use of technology. The decisions will be precise and well in time. Also, recruiters have a better visitation with their candidate pool. They can draw readings between the applicants and take decisions to move further. Also, there are reasonable goals that are not gard to achieve.

Reasons To Include Technology In The Recruitment Drive

The recruitment drive is not an easy process. It takes time, effort, and energy. But, technology simplifies and enhances the process, so you get to introduce the best blood in the organization.

  • It optimizes and streamlines the processes.
  • It helps in the quicker screening of candidates.
  • It uses trending technology like artificial intelligence to add quality to the process without making it tedious.
  • The tools help access people based on the set criteria and enhance people’s decision-making ability.


The use of technology is a relative function in the recruitment process. Connectivity is all set to expand with technology, and streamlining it with the business functions like recruitment is the best input of the 21st century.

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