Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Free VPN in 2024

Everybody loves free stuff. There are lots of tools and services available online nowadays that we can use to our benefit without having to put our hands in our wallets. Platforms like Facebook allow us to go on social media without having to spend a penny. Google, the world’s most powerful search engine, relies on advertisers for revenue so we can search for free.

This is not always the case. There are lots of services online free online however have many hidden costs, annoying popup advertisements and sometimes they can cause problems with the device we use to connect to the web.

If you are considering running a VPN service, perhaps trying a trial version before your purchase the full product might be beneficial.

What are the Advantages of a Free VPN


Well, obviously being free is the best part of downloading a free VPN service. Here are some of the other advantages of getting a free VPN:

  • A VPN allows users to bypass Geo-Restrictions: Have you ever wanted to access Netflix in another country? Have you ever wanted to gamble online when the website is blocked in the country where you are connected to the internet? Have you ever wanted to download a movie or a new game that hasn’t been released in your location yet? Well, a VPN could be the perfect service for you! Quality VPN services give you the option of lots of different locations where they have servers based.
  • Boost your security when using a free VPN: The initial reason why a VPN was developed was so large businesses could send and receive data and resources securely through a network. Nowadays they are available to everybody. A VPN will hide your device’s genuine IP address, so it allows you to log onto the internet anonymously. It seems every week we read stories about some person who has become a victim of hackers online, losing private and confidential data, including credit card details and passwords. Most folks wouldn’t leave their homes without locking the door, so why should they leave our computers or smartphones open for intruders?
  • A VPN will offer you extra security while connected to public WiFi: Restaurants, hotels, airports, schools, are just a few examples of where you can find a free WiFi network. Unfortunately, other users on these open networks can easily hack into the device.

If you find a free VPN service that does all of the above smoothly you are a very lucky person. There are a lot of downsides to downloading a free VPN, so many people decide to purchase the full software package or application to help them connect to the internet without fear of a cyberattack.

Disadvantages of Using a Free VPN

Running a VPN service is an expensive business. With most VPN services you’ll come across you’ll notice there tends to be a catch. VPN services are a huge business today and according to reports, the number of people getting VPNs is increasing each year. In 2024 it was estimated that there was approximately 40 million VPN downloaded. Here are some of the things you might experience when using a free VPN:

  • Slow Speed: Due to free VPNs allowing lots of people onto the same server, there is a high chance it will run slowly.
  • The VPN might be full of advertisements. Popups and other forms of online ads can be very frustrating when you use a free VPN. These adverts might be another reason that your device may be running slow.
  • In comparison to paid VPN services, expect to have a lot less choice of where the servers are based. A paid VPN often offers users a long list of countries and cities where their servers are located. You seldom have this luxury when using a free VPN.
  • Don’t assume the security level will be high. There have been countless reports of people claiming their free
  • VPN was at fault for their device being attacked.

Luckily, there are lots of VPN services online to choose from. There are many reviews online about the best free VPNs available on the market to help guide you to finding the right one.

How to choose a VPN provider


Figure what you need

Are you looking for a VPN that allows you to switch browsing locations with ease or are you looking for a static browsing location? All VPNs are not created the same and you must thus know what you are looking for. You must determine the number of devices you want to connect to this VPN before you purchase one. Ensure that the VPN that you get is compatible with all the devices in your home.


You are not supposed to buy any VPN that comes your way. The ideal VPN should have high ratings on the social space. Ensure that you only get products that have been tested and proven that they are fit for use. Some of the areas to check include features, user interface, and support. Remember to check both customer and expert reviews if you want to land at the best product.

Security protocols provided

You may have heard about VPN services that leak information about web users. You must ensure that the provider utilizes some of the best security protocols if you want to be secure while online. The provider also needs to guarantee you that all the private data you log into the system will not land in the wrong hands. The privacy policy should also be clear to follow and make it easy for you to determine what you are getting into.


Paid VPN services are not too expensive. For a few dollars a month you could save yourself a lot of stress. Losing all your sensitive data to a cybercriminal can be terrifying, costly, and it could take a decade before you replace all your lost information. Downloading a free VPN to see how it works is a good idea, however, for the long run, a paid reputable VPN is highly recommended.

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