What to Look for in a VPN – 2024 Guide

Virtual Private Networks, commonly known as VPNs, provides online privacy and anonymity. VPNs mask your IP address, making your online searches and data untraceable. VPNs are important, especially since cybersecurity is compromised. There are various VPNs online that offer the same plans at different prices. A higher price does not equate to a better VPN. Here are some of the things you need to look for in a VPN.

Speed and Performance

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The speed and performance of the VPN are the top qualities you need to look for. First off, the performance is based on how many server locations your VPN has. Also, there should be multiple Anonymous DNS servers. Your VPN depends on how well it encrypts your data. Another feature to consider is the speed of your VPN. If there is a high-speed internet connection, there is no reason for the VPN to be slow.

Logging Policy

Some VPNs out there offer a “no log” policy. There are VPNs that record session logs but erase them after. In that case, when choosing your VPN, read the VPN provider’s privacy policy to further understand the type of policy they have. There are VPN services that actually save browsing activities that surrender it to authorities if presented with a warrant.


For journalists living in countries with extreme censorship or travelers going to places with limited service, it is essential to have a VPN with geographical locations nearby.

User-friendly Interface

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When choosing a VPN, look for one that is compatible with most devices. Most VPNs are compatible with Windows System, as well as Linux and IOS. However, users should also note a mobile-friendly interface. A VPN’s real value lies in its mobile support. If it can ensure your phone’s security, and it is easy to manipulate, then that is a good VPN.

Reliable Customer Service

When looking for a VPN service, also consider the mishaps you may face. You will need supportive and reliable customer service. Opt for 24/7 live chat service instead of emails. Chat services are prompt and you can resolve the problem as you talk. However, with emails, the problem will be resolved after days.

Pricing and Payment

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There are three things to consider with the pricing and payment. First, there’s the payment plan, paying annually is the cheapest option but there are quarterly and monthly payment plans. Second, there are payment options. Find ones with flexible payment options. Examples of payment options are credit or debit cards, Samsung or Apple Pay, and PayPal. The last important aspect to consider is the money-back guarantee. The money-back-guarantee is more of a preventative measure. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the VPNs performance within 30 days, then you can revoke the service and have a refund.

The best value VPN depends on its qualities and the company’s service. Not all VPNs function the same or offer the same service. Find out which features you need in a VPN plan to avoid overpaying. You can find more information here.

Benefits of Using VPN

You now know what exactly you should look for when choosing a VPN. However, something you maybe do not know is the benefits of using a VPN. There are many reasons why doing that will make your work more comfortable and safe. Because of that, we decided on highlighting the most relevant ones. Let’s find them out together.

  • Chance to Get Region-Blocked Services

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We can use Netflix as an example. Certain regions of the world do not have permission to access that website. Fortunately, the problem of that type is solvable. The only thing you need to do is to change your IP address. Fortunately, you won’t have to invest a lot of effort to do that if you decide on using a VPN. It will show to a content provider that you are browsing from a region where visiting that website is not blocked.

Still, there is one thing that we need to highlight here. Keep in mind that you will have to pay penalties for using a VPN in some countries. Because of that, we recommend you check the law before deciding on that move.

  • Good for the Travelers

Traveling from one place to another is great for many reasons. You will manage to relax, meet new cultures and mentalities, etc. However, you may need to deal with a certain type of censorship when traveling abroad. As we said, in some countries, you won’t manage to access certain websites or even social media platforms. However, if they are not forbidden in your country, then using a VPN is the best option you have. That can especially be important if you plan to use this tool for business purposes. Yet, we once again invite you to check if a VPN is legal or not in the country where you resist.

  • Cost-Saving Option for Businesses

Let’s imagine that you started a business three years ago. In the meantime, you started achieving many goals, and you managed to improve your business. Logically, when the business organization grows, building up a private network can be an expensive move. However, VPNs can help you save a lot of money. You will manage to tap into network lines that are already available to you. In that way, you will easily reach international locations and ensure high quality of services. The good thing is that you can do that with small investments.

  • Great for Sports Fans

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Are you a big fan of sports? It may happen that you won’t manage to access all television networks. For instance, NBC is a good example of that. People that live in certain areas of the world won’t manage to view sports events on that television. Because of that, the VPN is the only option you have to make the viewing available.

  • Not Having Problem with Escape Data-Throttling

Finally, we need to highlight data throttling as one of the common problems for businesses. That type of issue happens when the Internet service provider slows down the services because you use a bigger amount of data. Thanks to this tool, all the data you use won’t become subject to a data cap. Thanks to ISPs, you will manage to maximize Internet speed. Isn’t that the opportunity that all people would gladly use?

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