Which Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Best in World

We know which one is the biggest crypto exchange in the world, and that’s Binance, which is still ranked as one of the most popular platforms in the world when it comes to different types of activities on this market.

The interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow, new ones appear, which are just as attractive as the others, and trading is constantly part of the most interesting developments in this market. But it also happens that those who already have certain ownership in one cryptocurrency, want to reinvest it in another. All this is possible with the help of well-known trading platforms and exchanges, but the most important thing is to use them through their official website and to be careful when registering and choosing the service.

Crypto exchanges are exactly those platforms where users can trade their cryptocurrencies, digital money, and fiat currencies, in order to exchange them at the most favorable moment, i.e. when they think that the current value is high enough for the investment to bring a profitable profit.

There are too many similar services and of course, we need to be careful in order to avoid possible fraud. However, the best advice we can give you is to stick to well-known platforms that have a reputation and dignity among users. Therefore, in the continuation of this article, we have singled out a few, from which you could start:

1. Coinbase

Source: krwg.org

Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are basically the same platforms, but with a different structure, especially when it comes to additional transaction costs. This exchange platform makes trading cryptocurrencies so easy that even the inexperienced can adapt. Costs do not exceed 0.50% of the total amount to be transferred. Also, the interface is quite simple and intuitive, and they have a large offer of altcoins. We are talking about a really liquid platform and you will always know what you are on.

2. Binance

Source: coingape.com

This platform on a daily basis realizes a huge volume of cryptocurrency trading. It is a relatively new exchange, from 2017, which was first established in China, but due to certain legal regulations, had to be moved. You will read about Binance very often if you are interested in any crypto activity. They also offer flat exchanges in cryptocurrencies, including even euros and British pounds. From cryptocurrencies, you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Litecoin, and many other popular stablecoins. Although there have been many controversies and accusations, the quality of the service they offer cannot be disputed.

3. Stocks Profit

This is a newer platform that adapts to the market, and with the help of special tools available to users through their official website, they will be able to easily plan how they will trade next. Whatever the new platform, the people behind it are experienced in both technology and commerce. It is up to you to register and use all the benefits that this service offers you. Stock Profit is great for both beginners and experienced traders of financial assets. Thanks to the intuitive concept of the platform, you will be able to make sensible decisions, to follow daily changes, but still, you should be with realistic expectations, because they will not do the job for you. Finally, you get a detailed analysis of your activities, so you can build an improved strategy based on that.

4. eToro

Source: ultcoin365.com

This is an Israeli exchange and trading platform that offers many financial options, including forex and cryptocurrencies. This large company also has offices in Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. In addition to trading platforms, they have cryptocurrencies available for Android and iOS, and their cryptocurrency portfolio is one of the richest in the world. Thanks to the services they offer, they have the opportunity to advertise commercially at major events, and their partners are the British Premier League, as well as Rugby Australia. Of course, their work and profit depend on the instability in this market, but they are still one of the most famous and still.

5. Cash App

Source: time.com

Another exchange includes a wallet and allows direct transactions. The only thing that can be negative is that it only works with Bitcoin and does not support any other cryptocurrency. It can be used for direct payments, and the money transfer takes place immediately. That is the advantage of this application, although it also has trading tools. However, many users think that they should have control over private keys, i.e. be able to generate them themselves, instead of being done automatically.

6. Webull

Source: businessinsider.com

This platform offers advanced tools for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies, and all transactions are performed with low additional costs. But it has a drawback because it is ideal only for those who are already experienced and have advanced knowledge in trading because there are no instructions, nor additional educational materials that would teach beginners the basic concepts.

7. Bisq

Source: bisq.network

Here you have 18 cryptocurrencies and an additional few fiat money, and the maximum additional cost you could have is about 0.70% of the total amount. It is a decentralized application, with about 15 different payment methods. It is also available for mobile phones and is ideal for those who occasionally want to enter this market and trade for smaller amounts of money.


There are currently thousands of platforms in the market for trading cryptocurrencies, digital money, and fiat currencies. It is up to you to choose the one with the options, features, and tools that best suits what you are looking for. Whether you own one or more cryptocurrencies, it is crucial that you use legitimate services where there is no risk of fraud.

Find what you need and keep in mind that this market is quite risky and volatile and you cannot expect a platform to work wonders and make you rich overnight. Be smart and plan your steps in time, so that you have the opportunity to correct if something changes. Consider the platforms we have listed as a priority, as they have integrity and long experience in this field.

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