Why Is DnD Popular Again

There are games that are multiplayer. But, most of these are competitive. So even if you are in the mood to play, you want it to be healthy with your imagination. And that’s where Dungeons & Dragons take place. It is a cooperative tabletop game that does not make you compete with the other players. It is a role-playing game. You either become the Dungeon Master or the heroes. And take note, the goal is to win the game by cherishing every moment as you develop a story.

DnD is the best game that will create a real bonding. The adventure may not be in the real world, but your imagination creates a different one. The most exciting experience is to let the co-players feel like they are in your own fantasy and vice versa.

The Verge of the Pandemic

Source: wargamer.com

When the world was covered with fear due to the pandemic, a lot of fellowships, gatherings, and travelling took a big hit, some of which even collapsed. The pandemic brought about a lot of mental stress in people all across the world. People were only staying at home and could not even explain how they really felt as the days went by during the pandemic. We can all say that it was the heaviest dip we ever had. However, some people found solace in the world of gaming. There was an increase seen in the popularity of the DnD (Dungeons & Dragons) game.

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Even for those who had access to the game, there loomed a sense of fear which might have hindered them from enjoying the game to the fullest. But, as the massive vaccination drive came to rescue our fears, we began to mingle with our families, relatives, and friends and eased up on the health concerns. This meant an opportunity for players across the world to explore newer ways to fulfil their gaming needs. Some people would play DnD via Zoom. Or participate in a podcast.

Apparently, there are few limiting effects caused by COVID-19. Let us take a look at how DnD exists despite the crisis.

  • For people who do not know how to play this game, there are many ways that you can learn how to master it. It can be from within the comforts of your home. Or, you can take the help of video tutorials uploaded on YouTube.
  • Another one is that a new medium of playing is on the rise. Some virtual gatherings include DnD as their ice breaker during meetings.
  • Podcasts were released featuring the tales of Dungeons and Dragons in order to take the listeners to an imaginary yet fascinating adventure.
  • 2020 is still the year that challenged DnD. But as per available data, its popularity once again climbed the statistics starting March 2024. And how much more that people are now allowed to bond with their friends.
  • The marketing of this brand may have been a little bit silent, but that we could not wait any longer, for they have already made future content that players will definitely appreciate.

Why Should You Play?

Dungeons and Dragons have their own objectives. You can watch videos about reviews and how-tos of this game. But as you look closely at how the players are arranged and craft their decisions, you will definitely get a deeper message. Read through and know some elements of why you should start playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Creating a Hero

Source: nerdist.com

The game has a handbook for creating a hero. Well, just like some other online games, this tabletop game will also want you to define and picture out how your character will look like. Based on the handbook, you can choose a particular race and skill. You can be a dwarf or a human warlock. Or even a fire warrior.

Character Action

By rolling the dice, it will determine the success of the skill you chose. Or how your decided actions will portray throughout the story. Attacks, skills, and abilities are measured by the dice, adding some modifiers, or placing a target number. Also, there is a tracker sheet for you to monitor your strengths and weaknesses.

The Art of Storytelling

Source: usatoday.com

This is not about marketing. But the storytelling part is the most anticipated since the players are challenged to share their solutions to the problems. As you go on with the story, the aim is to successfully accomplish it and not end the story like a tragedy.

Roll the Dice

There are games associated with dice. Usually, it is used when climbing a ladder—or being part of a bonus game for landing the highest reward by following a path. But, with DnD, you use the dice and roll at 20 in order for your actions to become effective. The higher the number, the stronger.

It’s Going to Be Fun!

Yes, indeed. Dungeons and Dragons are coming to town to make a difference in everyone’s lives. Not only that, DnD is now becoming known to be one of the best games to play with your family, friends, and of course with your office mates. It’s never too late to learn this, but you should give it a try.

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