Why Is Cricket Considered To Be One Of The Most Popular Sports?

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. You can find people playing it in the streets of many countries. Even the UK has cricket grounds. Hundreds of thousands of players are crazy about the game.

But why is cricket considered to be a popular game?

Well, we have given a few reasons why it is so popular. They are not all that obvious, but they are exciting and worthwhile to consider.

History of the game

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The answer lies in the game’s history. According to Nielsen Sports, cricket is the fourth most popular sport, behind soccer and basketball. It has a huge fan base – at least two to three billion people worldwide play or watch the game.

It’s also played in many former British colonies and the UK. The game is between two teams whose players take turns batting to score runs. The other team fields while the opponent takes its turn batting.

There are three main formats of the game. One of which is the long rectangular pitch at the center of the cricket field. And it consists of a round mound in baseball at the center of a diamond.

Reasons behind the popularity of cricket

Now let’s review the reasons behind the popularity of cricket one by one.

  • An easy game to play

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The main reason why cricket is so popular is that it’s easy to play. It has been an excellent sport for kids, and it’s even more popular with women. Cricket has a great fan base and many endorsement deals come from various brands.

Most of these deals are from bat-making companies. Unlike other sports, cricket enjoys an astounding number of global recognitions. However, the game risks falling behind other sports because there are a few countries that favor other sports.

  • Influence of world cup

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The World Cup has grown popular over the years, with its emergence in South Africa in 1975 and India in 2015. In addition to these nations, cricket is also very popular in Bangladesh, the eighth-largest country globally.

It is now the second most popular sport after football, and the sport has spread across the globe. It has become the most common game for people of all ages and backgrounds. Around 2.5 billion people watched the India-Pakistan match during the World Cup. The competition has also seen significant growth for the sport outside the Indian subcontinent.

Moreover, the popularity of Cricket has increased dramatically in Australia as a result of the World Cup. This event has increased social buzz among Australians.

Even though the World Cup is still in its early stages, the sport has already surpassed its previous viewership records and shattered television viewing documents. According to Star India, the India-Pakistan match had more than 166 million viewers, making it the most-watched game in the tournament.

  • People can bet on matches

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Betting is a trendy part of cricket. Many books cover this subject and have a large following in several countries.

It’s even popular in the United States, specifically popular amongst teenagers. Today, it is estimated that the betting market is worth more than $100 billion per year. While cricket is prevalent in many parts of the world, Indians are primarily devoted to the sport.

The popularity of cricket betting is not limited to the game itself. Many people bet on every play, including the World Cup and the Olympics. However, many people find it easier to bet on sports games on the internet.

It’s not uncommon to find large stakes in a cricket game, so choosing your bets wisely is a good idea. Various online betting sites will give you the chance to bet on your favorite IPL teams. To check out the full list of IPL 2024 teams, click here.

There have been several controversies surrounding the sport’s betting culture. Players have been paid to influence matches and even throw them in the past.

The ICC has taken steps to ensure that betting is not an issue. Since the sport has always been a popular game to bet on, likely, the popularity of betting won’t decrease.

However, it’s crucial to remember that cricket’s popularity will only continue to grow in the future. Since many people are inclined towards betting, that is the reason why Parimatch is also a magnificent platform where you can place bets on your favorite team. This will not only enthrall you but will also lighten up your mood with your best friends.

  • Easy to understand rules

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The rules of cricket are straightforward to follow compared to other games. The game is played between two teams, each with eleven players.

In every inning, each team will bat, and the other team will bowl. The fielding team will throw the ball to the batsman during this phase. This is called an over. The other team will then bowl out the batsmen, and the fielding team will bowl the other team.

  • Academies are also promoting cricket

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Cricket is a popular sport, and multiple cricket academies aim to make it popular among youth. It has many benefits for young people interested in the game, including a lucrative career path and a stable income.

This sport is played with various types of equipment, ranging from plastic balls for children under seven years of age to tennis-ball-sized tape balls for children over twelve.

The game promotes respect, leadership, resilience, and teamwork. It also has many other benefits beyond the physical aspect, including social, cultural, and intellectual benefits.

There are various cricket academies around the world, each of which aims to teach cricket to children. Some academies have stringent guidelines, such as ensuring that each of their instructors has a background in the game.


Now that you have understood why cricket is a popular game compared to others, we personally believe that you will also have some fun. There are places that offers a wide variety of sports on which you can place bets and win a lot with the promotional offers! So head on over and explore the games!

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