Why Are People Still Playing RuneScape in 2024?

RuneScape is an online multimedia game that is known for its role-playing feature. This online role-playing saga was developed and later published by the company Jagex. Sometime back in January 2001, it came into being, and since then, people have been hooked to it. It seems like people are waiting for the internet to go out so that they can finally stop playing it. Yes, people are that much hooked!

Who does not like playing fantasy world role-playing games? RuneScape is one of the best role-playing games out there in the market. But, that’s not the sole reason as to why people are still playing it. In this article, we explore the reasons why people are still playing RuneScape in 2024. You can get to know more about this game and the importance of osrs gold points at winrsgold.com.

Multiplayer Game

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The best part is the way players can interact with each other in it. The interaction is not limited to online players only but also the non-playing characters of it. By non-playing characters, we, of course, mean the characters which are controlled by the game itself. The players are, however, able to manage a lot of aspects of it.

A sense of Nostalgia

The gaming industry was the next best thing back in 2001 when the computers were taking over everything. With high-school students being the maximum computer users, the knack to play video games was just growing to lay its seeds. Perhaps the RuneScape became the beginning of everything amazing that we see today in the online multiplayer gaming industry.

RuneScape was never meant to be a high graphics game, so everyone was able to play without having to upgrade their computers to play it. It became a major hit with high-school going students and adults alike. It was easy to win osrs gold points and keep going through the game that everyone just fell victim to the incredibly addictive gameplay.

No Direction

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It was not story-based, so there was no defined set of conquests that can end after playing through the game. If you catch the drift, there is no ending of the game.

All you have to do is to keep playing the game by selecting the number of skills you want to learn and keep going till you make it to level 99 of every skill. You are free to choose whichever skills and goals you want and then keep moving in that direction.

This time there is a direction, but it’s against you. The challenge is to make your character the master of all the skills. But as we know, making skills to 99 levels must not have been easy. You can involve yourself doing a lot of stuff within the game.

Range of Skills

We keep talking about these skills, including smiting, fletching, carpentry, fire making, cooking, construction, crafting, and herblore. These skill-sets will help you along the way in the game. Now the fun fact about the business strategy involved in it was that out of 28 skills, the online players who were playing it for free could only master 17. The rest of the skills were subject to a small fee, which is what made the “osrs gold points” for it (if you catch my drift!).

Now, the fun part is it is extremely difficult to explain this to anybody who has never played it about its addiction. The joke around the town is that you can never really quit it. All you can do is take a break. Some people could manage to take a 2 to 3-hour break, though. While for others, the break was more than ten years. But once you return, you can’t get out of it either.

There are many games that involve role-playing, but they invite you to take part in their story and not the other way around. Even if a game has a lot of different possible endings and includes hundreds of hours of gaming, you will ultimately finish exploring all of it. Games like The Witcher, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey are all games with brilliant gameplay and side quests.

However, its a different ball game altogether for RuneScape. For those who have been playing RuneScape, it is almost impossible to be 99 in all skill sets. Even if you max out, you cannot possibly have 200 million XP, RuneScape does not end there.

Never- Ending Game

No matter how many years you play it, there is possibly no end to it. It seems to be the giant black hole, which is hard to escape because of the endless loops. No matter how much XP and skills you acquire over the years, you can always set another goal and just keep going about it.

And by the way, if you have not been dreaming about getting that perfect 99 in most of the skills in your goal list, give it some time. The dreaming will be happening soon. The hundreds of hours you will be playing it will haunt you at night. It might be the case that you win some points when you are asleep or lose something precious while dreaming about the game.

It’s horrific to wake up like that. And then you see you were only dreaming and there are a lot of levels left to reach your dream destination.

Grinding Feature

Now some people love grinding, and possibly that is the sole reason why people are still stuck playing it. People can play via various types of accounts in it. Someone made an iron man account in the hardcore mode. That character died, and he is now logged out of the game. That’s it.

Now about grinding, there are stupid animations of it that will keep you hooked into the game. There is a chance that you will be thinking about it while being in a class. You will keep imagining everything about RuneScape. If this has not started to happen to you, give it some time. It will happen to you too!


It is just a video game, so don’t forget to have fun. Don’t be afraid of losing some XP. Start playing roles in a room filled with players and do something weird. Choose to be purer if you haven’t played in that way and vice versa. Don’ t forget that its a video game, and the best way to experience all of that is to explore more possibilities with different characters.

There are players around the world who have managed to play it as a single-player instead of the multiplayer way. You can always draw inspiration from others and start gaming RuneScape from where you left.

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