How to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused at Work

Ring! Here’s a new notification on your mobile phone. As soon as a notification pops up, you are sure to open it out of curiosity. If you don’t, your mind will wander with questions like who is it or is there something urgent. When you are up on an important task the probability of getting distracted is equally high. You may sit around with people to chat or want to grab a cup of coffee with friends, and the list of distractions goes on endlessly. However, you can confine your distractions into a short time zone and dedicate the rest of it to being productive. Distractions can be kept at bay by bringing much-needed self-control that will help you in every field you go.

Tips To Avoid Distraction And Focus At Work

With problems come keys, and here are some of the solutions listed for you. The tips will help you knock off your distraction and become a focused person at work.

1. Create A To-Do-List


It is truly said, when you write down a problem, you have half-solved it. The To-do list does the same for you. When you have an idea of what your productive day looks like, you can stay much focused on your goals. The golden rule is to create an effective to-do list. Try to differentiate between the essential and non-essential tasks. Put your most important job at the top of your list, followed by the least important tasks. This will help you get ideas on how you can start your day and manage all the tasks by the end of the day.

2. One Thing At A Time

Sharing is caring doesn’t work here. When you share your time while multiple tasking, you shorten your productivity. You cannot call yourself productive by performing multitasking. If you think by engaging in two tasks at the same time you will finish both on time. In reality, you will end up losing more time on that tasks. It is better to confine your focus on one job at a time and schedule the other task after it. When you multitask, you increase your vulnerability to distractions. Many articles talk about regulating brain waves, as brain waves contribute to leveraging your creativity, productivity, and learning. If you don’t want to regulate your brain waves and shorten the span of distractions, stop multitasking.

3. POMODORO Technique


The Pomodoro technique is a famous method to increase your focus span and cut short distractions. This technique has room for both attention and distraction. Start this way while you sit for work:

  • You can pick a time for yourself to stay focused, 25 or 30 minutes. It should not be anything less than 20 minutes.
  • Try to work during that period without distraction.
  • If you feel an urge or call of distraction, assure yourself that you are coming closer to the time of the break.
  • Upon successful compilation of 25-30 minutes, take a 5-minute break.
  • Keep on repeating the same thing until you finish four POMODOROs. After this, you can take a long break and do whatever you like.
  • This technique doesn’t work for everyone; you have to use the trial and error method to see what works for you.

4. Put Your Phone Down


Your phone can be the biggest enemy of your focus. If you are to give 30 minutes on a task, upon using your phone, you will end up spending only 10 minutes on productivity. Your distraction notification can come from any social platform like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook. When you keep your phone beside you, your brain tries even harder to stop getting distracted, thus this divides your focus.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Turn all the notifications off coming from social apps.
  • Set a time limit on apps you use more frequently.
  • Put your phone out of sight. It’s better to put it in another room.
  • Block distracting websites and apps via blockers.
  • Track your mobile activities, the time you spend by digital tracker on your phone.

5. Keep A Track Of Your Day

Track the activities that you have dedicated your day to. Write down and run analysis upon your time. Is it going the right way; if not work on it? If you want to have a fair idea of what your productive day should be like, try tracking it. You don’t have to perform it every day, but do it until you have learned to manage your time and be productive. There will be a time in a day when you will be more productive than the other time of the day. Keep your important tasks for that time of the day; when you are more focused and productive. As you start running low on energy, your focus will also be drained, dedicate that time to the least important tasks or things that energize you.

6. Set A Deadline


Deadlines are the best tools to keep you at work. This helps you remember your goals and motivates you to achieve them. Always set a shorter deadline for the most important task you have on your list, this will kill procrastination and put you back to work. Remember the consequences of not accomplishing the tasks in that period. Clear your goals and set a deadline, followed by rewards that you deserve upon successful completion of the work. This technique works even if you feel less motivated towards your work.

The Bottom Line

Distractions are there for you always, just like a devil that occupies our minds. Self-control can be the best tool to focus and cut distractions. Practicing self-control and physical activities can be of great help. Besides ?the tips shared above, you can add meditation to your daily routine to track your thoughts and distractions coming from within. Meditation, yoga, exercise, and a balanced diet will all direct you to achieve these results. Your brain can stay young if you live a quality lifestyle. has stressed having a diet with nutrients that helps clear out harmful toxins and deliver micronutrients. This will help you improve your attention span and keep your brain healthy. You don’t have to fight constantly to focus but these tips will show results over time and then will stick by your side in the form of good habits.

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