Axie Infinity NFT: How to Make Money

Axie Infinity is known as a play-to-earn NFT game, and before answering the question “what is Axie Infinity ” it’s first important to understand what are NFT games? NFT games are video games that have steadily risen in popularity of late, because they allow their players to earn actual real world money while playing; an ability up until this point only available to professional gamers. Axie Infinity is an NFT game wherein players use NFTs as the characters they use to play in turn-based battle modes against other users. Each Axie is weak or strong to other classes of Axie, as well, so players should strive to acquire a well rounded team. It’s like Pokemon if Pokemon were NFTs.


However, in order to start playing, players first need to initially purchase three Axie NFT cards. The starting Axie Infinity price for players to start will depend on how much the individual player is willing to spend on their first team of three Axie NFT’s, which is the required amount to form a team and play. Given that the average price is around $30.00 per card, players usually will spend around $120 for a team of three. Once this team is acquired, however, players can then use these Axies to start raking in some money. Before players purchase three Axies, they should bear in mind that there are 9 different classes that have weaknesses and strengths to other classes.

  • Aquatic
  • Bird
  • Beast
  • Bug
  • Dawn
  • Dusk
  • Mech
  • Plant
  • Reptile

Axie Infinity users have a chance to earn money in a variety of different ways. The foremost means players make real world money is through the PvP battle mode, earning SLP through winning. SLP are currently worth $0.01766 USD, so the more a player earns the more money they can make. The amount of SLP a player can earn per multiplayer match depends on their Matchmaking Rating (MMR):

  • MMR 0-999: 1 SLP
  • 1000-1099: 3 SLP
  • 1100-1299: 5 SLP
  • 1300-1499: 6 SLP
  • 1500-1799: 8 SLP
  • 1800-1999: 10 SLP
  • 2000-2499: 12 SLP
  • 2500+: 14

In addition to SLP accumulation there are also Axie Infinity Coins, called AXS, which are the Ethereum based in game currency that is tradeable on blockchain trading websites as well. It is currently priced at $53.27 USD per AXS. Axie coins are the primary coin behind Axie Infinity stock and the price changes according to the market, allowing players to earn coin based financial gains while they can earn a steady rate of income through SLPs.

Players may also stake their Axie NFTs in order to make NFT passive income. Each Axie is unique and rare in its own right but naturally, there are more rare and higher priced Axies than others; the average price being $30 but some selling as high as $200k. Players may purchase Axies or breed them, in order to get more. Breeding is when players can take two of their Axies and “breed” them together to effectively create a new Axie based off of the two “parent” Axies genes. Axies may only be bred 7 times and each breeding will cost some SLP and AXS, rising in cost per breeding. The Axie NFT rankings will depend on the specific body parts, class, and abilities that raise or decrease its value, so careful consideration of all aspects of the Axies should be taken when breeding two of them. The Axie market is a constantly changing economy as well with some NFTs finding more value depending on the current team metas and popularity of classes.

Axie Infinity News

The Marketplace Axie Infinity has created through its AXS coins, SLP, and NFTs give players a wide variety of ways players can earn money while playing. It pays for players to follow the Axie Marketplace news so they can track the everchanging Axie World economy more thoroughly and thus make more money.

It is extremely stimulating to keep tabs on this game. For one, this game is the first big and successful Pay To Earn game that incorporates NFTs into its gameplay and generates a healthy economy within its ecosystem. So, if you’re looking into the medium of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, you ought to learn more about Axie Infinity. Besides learning about its past, one might find a lot of insight by looking into the game’s plans for the future. Its developers have no intention of stopping or at least slowing the pace. Their goal is to turn this game into a self-sufficient and profitable metaverse that is both decentralized and has its community at the helm.

You simply don’t see similar projects both in scope and the degree of success. It’s true that more and more pay-to-earn projects appear but most of them struggle to exist and maintain its infrastructure. But most importantly, they seem to have problems keeping their communities. SkyMavis have created something that persists and keeps its players in the loop, invested. At the same time, they offer more projects in the same universe that should expand the gameplay and offer new ways of earning crypto. So, staying up to date with this game and its developers is super essential to anyone who has an open mind about ways people can make money.

Current or potential players may find News, Axie Infinity Guides, tips and tricks on Lfcarry and Axie Tech. Lfcarry also offers scholarship assistance where players unable to afford the initial starting price of three Axies are matched with seasoned players, who then loan them a team so they can start earning money as well. The two players then share the revenue gained while playing, usually in a 60/40 split but this will depend on the initial agreement between the two parties. Scholarships are a great way for players who don’t have time to play to make passive income off of Axie Infinity. If you are someone who wants to start making some real money while they play video games, Axie Infinity is the game for you.

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