6 Best Activities You Can Do With Your Smartphone

The interactive qualities of smartphones make some of the most mundane activities a fun experience. It has even made some of them evolve.

The giant leap that the cell phone industry has taken in the last decade has made cell phones a fundamental device in modern life. Moreover, the speed with which a smartphone performs various tasks is impressive, sometimes surpassing computers.

Usually, most people limit the functions of their cell phones to taking pictures and sharing posts on social networks and chatting, and making calls from time to time. Still, having a phone known as a smartphone can also cost even more than a computer. So, these devices can offer many more advantages than we usually know. It never hurts to take a look at those options that most people overlook, which could make our lives much easier.

This technological gadget not only made things easier for us, but it also added a dash of joy to our days. Therefore, we present you with the top activities that would not have the same level of fun without the help of the smartphone.

1. Taking and editing photos

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Are you traveling and feel the need to capture the best moments of your adventure? By now, you don’t need a camera costing thousands of euros, because today’s smartphones shoot photographers who could consider themselves almost professional thanks to their high-quality cameras.

Also, while it’s true that the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop is much more complex than the mobile version, that doesn’t mean it’s not an excellent option when it comes to retouching those photos you want to upload to one of your social networks. If you’re looking for a simpler alternative for editing photos, Pixlr is suitable for you. It’s fast, easy to use, and guarantees you the best image for your captures.

2. Job search with your cell phone

Among other things that smartphones offer, we can count on applications to make our lives much easier. Although in this digital era, it is no longer necessary to have access to a desktop computer. It is enough to have a cell phone and a couple of applications such as job search; there are several excellent ones that we should have installed on our cell phone, even if you work as a freelancer.

3. Learn languages to keep your mind active

Source: unsplash.com

Your mobile phone applications will also help you to activate your mind and be in constant learning. Learning a new language, for example, is very convenient through the cell phone. You can learn new words and phrases as if it were just another game, in a fun and entertaining way using apps like Babbel or USpeak.

4. Digitizing documents

Having some text on a piece of paper and needing to convert it to digital format would be a real hassle due to the time required to retype and format it, or else we would need to use a scanner that is not very common to find everywhere. But with a smartphone that is a thing of the past, now we have applications designed for this. The most recognized are Genius Scan, CamScanner, and Office Lens, with which you can transfer any document to a digital format in a matter of seconds.

5. Use your phone as a video game console

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Some Smartphones have a precious option that will make video game fans very happy: the possibility of connecting a controller. There are Smartphone controllers that will make your gaming experience much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Through a smartphone, you get to enjoy your free time by downloading games of your choice and playing them. In addition, you get to access video games and casino games from platforms like vegasslotsonline.com, where you can find the fastest growing providers of pragmatic play slots machine games, which offer a collection of HTML5 games capable of exciting any player.

Playing games comes with several positive effects on us. When you play a game and figure out that you can solve challenging puzzles, you are more likely to be in a perfect mood.
Gaming also boosts your brainpower as you are required to think deep when solving specific problems from games.

Smartphone games are social and bring people together through gaming which supports social interactions between people.

For example, when you are coming from a busy day or need a break from work, a few minutes of playing a game on your smartphone can be all you need to feel recharged and energetic.

For smartphones, you can also choose the games your kids can access and play: this helps you keep track of the kind of games they access, but it also helps them because games from smartphones help improve kids’ concentration and teach them new things.

6. Vital parameters under control

Smartphones, usually with the support of other devices such as wearable activity trackers, show a complete picture of your vitals. They record your heart rate, hours of sleep, steps taken and even calories burned during physical activity. The impromptu results can be saved and compared, so you can always keep an eye on your health and fitness in the best possible way.


In conclusion, you can do a lot of benefits using your smartphone; it also decreases distances: if you have your family or friends in another country, you can see them and talk to them from the screen almost as if they were right next to you.

Don’t forget that some of the activities you can do with your smartphone are life-changing. You can have everything that goes on in your life on your smartphone. What is better than that?

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