3 Activities You Can Do With Your Children To Help Them Create Organization Habits in 2024

Organization is a skill which is taught and, therefore it can be learnt. So whoever said they are “just not that organized or tidy” is trying to excuse themselves for not working hard enough in what is a healthy habit.

As something that can be learnt, the best moment to teach these kinds of habits is during childhood. Kids are more flexible to incorporate new habits and it is simpler than what many parents think. It is just a matter of finding the right approach to it.

Teaching the children by example

Parents are an important role model for children and teaching them how to be organized and tidy is no exception. Responsible parents can help their children learn to be organized by setting an example. A good first step is to ensure that the house is in order. This means that all toys, books, clothes and other items should be kept in their designated places. Parents should also encourage their children to pick up after themselves and put things away after they are done playing with them.

It is a good idea to assign tasks to their children that will help them learn how to stay organized. This could include making their beds each morning, putting their toys away after playing, and helping to keep the living room tidy. Parents should also take the time to help their children to develop organizational skills. This could include teaching them how to make lists and use a calendar to keep track of their activities.

By teaching with example, responsible parents can help their children learn to be organized and tidy. Doing so will help children develop good habits that will be beneficial to them in the long run.

Most families just ask their kids to do things they simply don’t know how to do. One option is to ask them and let them explore and find their way through the task. The second option is to ask them to join you around the different chores so they can follow instructions and see you actually doing what you expect them to do later. Considering you choose this option, here are some activities that can help in the process.

1. Cooking / following a recipe

Source: gffoodservice.com.au

As our kids grow up, it is important that we encourage their independence. This doesn’t mean they should have to do everything by themselves, but it is important to show them how to solve everyday problems and sort obstacles. If we provide them with the answers even before they ask the questions, they will never develop that sense of inquiry that makes us move and find a solution.

How does this connect with food? Food is our main source of energy. Kids see from a very early point in life that food is what keeps them going. It is a source of comfort, pleasure and life itself. It is as important to show them how helpful it is for them to know how to cook for themselves.

Next time you’re following a, for example, stuffed eggplant recipe (you can visit it here minuterice.com/recipes/rice-stuffed-eggplant-parmesan/) ask your children to join and ask them to carry out different tasks like pouring some oil or washing the vegetables, stirring, etc.

 Some important tips about safety in the kitchen

When inviting children to help in the kitchen, parents should always take certain precautions to ensure their safety.

  1. Make sure children are always under supervision. It is important to be aware that the kitchen is a hazardous environment and children should always be monitored to avoid accidents.
  2. The kitchen must be organized and clutter-free. This will minimize the risks of falls and other hazards.
  3. Have all the items needed ready before starting to cook, in order to avoid distractions and keep children focused on the task at hand.
  4. Teach children the basics of food safety and hygiene. This will help to ensure that food is safe to eat and that kids understand the importance of keeping their hands and utensils clean.

2. Doing the laundry / folding clothes

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Personal hygiene is also having clean clothes to wear everyday. In most households, kids just open their wardrobes to find nicely washed and folded clothes. Some don’t even know when the laundry happens or who does it.

It is important that they have a designated space for them to take their dirty clothes, but it is equally important that they learn how to use the washing machine. If your kid is not old enough to manage the washing machine, ask them to join you while you set up the machine. Teach them about the products used to do the laundry.

In addition, you can ask them to help you fold the clothes to dry or before taking everything back to the drawers. There are simple techniques children can learn to fold their clothes and they can even help themselves with a homemade folding board.

3. Doing their beds / organizing their toys

Source: organizedmom.net

Sometimes, working on their own space is enough for them to grow aware of how useful it is to keep a space tidy. Going to bed on messy sheets is not advisable and they should be the ones in charge of doing their own beds before leaving the room. A simple morning routine where they choose their clothes, fold their pajamas and make the bed will help them set the day off in a tidier set of mind.

In addition, while playing kids shouldn’t be told to restrict their activities. During that time, they should be able to explore and use the space as much as they want. But it is important to set boundaries as to when the moment is over. Once the kid is done playing, or before finishing the day and going to bed, they should have a designated time to organize their toys in the right containers.


Building habits during childhood is all about setting a start and finish point. Making explicit a moment, a space, a way. Parents shouldn’t provide them with all the answers, of course. However, they should be able to assist them in understanding the time-space relationship in some basic habits like keeping a space clean or carrying out different house chores.

And of course, it is far easier said than done but the hard work of teaching them will definitely pay off when they are independent, responsible young adults.

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