How Can a Man Have Children Through Surrogacy – 2024 Guide

Many people dream about having a child, but they can’t give birth due to certain circumstances. Sometimes it occurs because of certain health problems, and sometimes it’s just impossible ( if we talk about same-sex couples). But people still love each other and want to have joint children. One of the most obvious solutions for this problem is to take a baby from an orphanage; however, not all people are ready to do it. They want their children to have their blood.

Fortunately, reproductive medicine doesn’t stand still, and all these people can feel how it is to be a parent. And surrogacy is the best possible way to realize the most precious desire to have kids. Surrogacy isn’t new — thousands of couples worldwide resort to it when they have some fertility issues. Many people consider it wrong and strongly oppose surrogacy, but the fact that they constitute a minority is pleasing.

Getting acquainted with this process takes time because it’s rather complex. That’s why those who decide to trust it go to a professional surrogacy agency – World Center of Baby. It’s a team of concerned people based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are a multidisciplinary clinic, so we provide support for intended parents, egg donors, and surrogate mothers. No one international forum in surrogacy can take place without our participation.

Why Is the World Center of Baby One of the Best Surrogacy Solutions?


No matter who you are: a heterosexual or gay/lesbian couple, if you want to have children through surrogacy, you must be prepared for challenges. World Center of Baby is one of the most famous companies providing surrogacy services not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Besides Ukraine, we provide our services in Columbia and Mexico. You shouldn’t worry about the legitimacy: the process is conducted taking into account the surrogacy law of a certain country. Laws may vary from country to country. But you can be sure that our specialists are aware of all the distinctive features and peculiarities. We will follow the law and regulations of the country where you are from. This means that nothing will prevent you from enjoying the happiness of childbirth. Leave all the paperwork with us.

Many people dream about having a child through surrogacy but consider its cost too high. However, you must know that the price consists of various fees, support for surrogate mothers, guarantees, etc. Our surrogacy agency deals with gestational surrogacy, the surrogacy method where the mother isn’t biologically related to the child. Moreover, according to the contract, a surrogate mother can’t refuse to give your baby to you. You should understand that the cost of all the work we do is rather fair. There are no hidden fees.


When you decide to work with the World Center of Baby, you may be sure that you work with the best surrogate agency. We inform you about all changes in our cooperation process and are ready to answer all your questions.

Many intended parents are afraid because they know nothing about surrogate mothers. We may give you all information about surrogate mothers you may need: their background, marital status, state of health, the presence of children, etc. Our mothers come not only from Ukraine and from Ireland, UK, Columbia, Mexico, etc.

The World Center of Baby takes a responsible attitude to this work and does its best to ensure that the interests of both sides will be respected, and it’s a perfect approach. When you work with us, you must be sure that this process will be stress-free both for you and a surrogate mother.

5 Main Reasons behind Creating New Life with Our Help

Having a baby with the help of surrogacy is a very serious decision. We understand your doubts and worries. Our team of professionals will be happy to make your dream come true avoiding any problems. Hundreds of people who want to become parents have come to us and we’ve helped them to create a new life. We are here to provide you with all the possible benefits and guarantees. Check what they are and you won’t doubt a minute longer.

  • Professional team. Here are only the best-qualified specialists with years of experience. We hire professionals with medical certificates who know everything about surrogacy and improve their knowledge regularly by taking part in seminars.
  • Guaranteed safety. Our agency guarantees that you won’t face any unwanted problems after childbirth. Our lawyer regulates all the cases regarding the situations that may appear between a surrogate mother and the intended parents.
  • Flawless reputation. We are a leading company that has made hundreds of couples the happiest people in the world. We love what we do and know how to do this best. Our team uses only advanced surrogacy technology to provide you with the best surrogacy experience. We have a large base of surrogate mothers and donors, each of which is 100% healthy. We conduct tests to make sure that the woman will be able to create a new life for intended parents without any problems.
  • Convenient payment methods. We understand that it may be hard to pay the whole sum immediately. That’s why we offer couples who want to become parents to pay in installments. We guarantee that you will pay the initially agreed price without any extra fees. Besides, we have different programs at different costs. You can choose the one that will fit your budget.
  • Individual approach to each couple. Each situation is specific. That’s why we guarantee a responsible approach to your individual case and the most effective solution that will fit you. Be sure that we will find the perfect match you’ll be satisfied with. Care and support during the whole surrogate process are guaranteed to every client.

Do you still have some doubts? It’s a very important decision in your life. That’s why we recommend you to call us and we’ll answer all your questions. The consultation is free of charge. Take the 1st step now and change your life for the better by creating a full-fledged family with a baby!

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