5 Best Football Movies to Stream in the UK

Football is unquestionably the sport that most people love watching in the UK, and there is undeniable growth among football enthusiasts every year. It is becoming common in the UK to stream a football movie or watch a live football match. In the competitive streaming market today, sports programming is necessary if a service aims to stand out among all others.

Various documentaries and films themed on football are now produced and offered on streaming platforms, thanks to the growing inclination towards football. You may surf through the site howtowatchinuk.co.uk and discover exclusive sports streaming services which offer live sports coverage, sports films and documentaries.

Nevertheless, in this blog, we have compiled a list of the top 5 renowned football movies you can stream on nearly every streaming platform. So, let’s dive in!

5 top football films to watch

1. The WaterBoy

Bobby Boucher, a 31-year-old from the Louisiana wetlands who struggle with communication skills, is home-schooled and pampered by his overly possessive mom. His only interaction with others is via his profession as a water boy for a college football team, in which the players frequently make a mockery out of him, but his trainer discourages him from defending himself.

All these changes once Bobby changes trainers and thus is encouraged to fight for himself.

After years of holding it within, Bobby eventually lets all that out and becomes the squad’s most powerful defender. Bobby now must try playing football, attend college, and handle his relationship with Vicki Vallencourt, a murderer, everything with his mother’s support.

2. The Game Plan

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson portrays a tough champion quarterback Joe Kingman in the plot of “The Game Plan,” his Boston-based club is striving for a title. Kingman, a “serial bachelor,” is the essence of living a dream: he’s wealthy, famous, and the party’s main attraction.

However, when he discovers he has a 7-year-old child (newcomer Madison Pettis), the result of his last fling before breaking up with his teenage wife years ago, his dream is crushed for only a blow.

Now, at the most key moment in his professional life, he must know how to balance his rehearsals, parties, and engagements with the recently found dancing classes, along with dolls and storybooks that accompany his daughter.

Notwithstanding the often-funny misfortunes which come with becoming a young dad, Joe realizes that providing for a very special little child is the only thing that counts in life. He learns wealth, endorsements, and millions of loving fans aren’t everything.

3. Varsity Blue

Bud Kilmer (Jon Voight), the West Canaan Coyotes’ 35-year-old new coach, is trying to lead his squad to a 23rd regional champions league. So long as the group is dominating, Kilmer, who’s relentless and powerful, is adored in the small Texas village.

Nevertheless, the Coyotes are compelled to reunite when its star quarterback Lance Harbor (Paul Walker) suffers a season-ending illness, so Jonathan Moxon, a backup quarterback, assumes such a controversial leadership position (James Van Der Beek). His humorous personality and wild football tactics contradict the coach’s strict game plan.

In a modest Texas town, high school football rules supreme, with 17-year-old players bearing the dreams of an entire society onto the stadium on Friday evening. The high school football squad out of a small Texas village is trailed by 5 students in “Varsity Blues” as they approach the completion of an almost perfect year.

Their challenges are indeed funny and tragic. The young athletes’ determination and drive are challenged. At the same time, they attempt to finish the year as a champion, despite growing pressure from their stubborn trainer and family, who view life via the boys’ achievements.

The movie “Varsity Blues” tackles our passion for athletics and how student players manage the intense pressures imposed on them. It’s a pleasant comedy that tackles teenage turmoil & parents’ absence of perspective just as much as football in high school.

4. The Express

The film “The Express,” which is based on a real tale, follows the extraordinary life of collegiate football star Ernie Davis (Rob Brown), the very first African American who earned a Heisman Trophy. His quest for respect and equality transformed American sports eternally, and his adoration continues to act as an encouragement to newer generations.

Davis faced economic and social difficulties when growing older in the mining operations district of Pennsylvania to emerge as one of the finest defensive players in college football’s history. He grew into a superstar who topped Jim Brown’s performances under the guidance of legendary Syracuse teacher Ben Schwartzwalder (Dennis Quaid), breaking records that still stand today.

Senior Schwartzwalder was a Southerner with a primary desire to win the national championship and disillusioned belief systems. He offered the player all he knew about football, just like Davis had shown him the true meaning of winning, regardless of the intense rivalry.

Throughout the 1960s, as the civil rights struggle expanded across the country, Davis arose as a racial-free symbol of excellence. He achieved all of his goals while standing firm against the prejudices of everyone else, but afterwards, he faced a challenge that would force most men to give up.

He entered the lists of black heroes by teaching compassion in an era and sparking a campaign that removed restrictions on both and off of the pitch.

5. The Blind Side

Adapted from Michael Lewis’ novel The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game. “The Blind Side ” recounts the remarkable real story of Michael Oher, an African American youngster who was left by his parents and adopted by the wealthy white clan of the Tuohys, who encouraged him to reach his potential.

The Touhy’s also acquire many insightful revelations regarding themselves due to Oher’s involvement in their household. The teenager has a completely new set of challenges to cope with as he adjusts to an unfamiliar setting.

Oher puts in a great deal of energy as a learner and football player, and with the backing of his adopted parents & mentors, he succeeds as an All-American defensive left tackle.


It isn’t revelation football enthusiasts have increased in number in the UK lately. And so, if you are a football fan, we are hopeful all of the above-mentioned football films will add flavour to your football fascination.

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