12 Best RAM for Fortnite 2024 – Best Computer Builds

A lot of people are looking for the Best RAM for Fortnite, and many companies are trying to take advantage of this by selling low-quality products.

When it comes to gaming, fast RAM is essential. However, making the decision of whether or not to buy RAM for your PC can be a daunting task.

This blog post will help you find the Best RAM for Fortnite that is right for your needs.

We will go over how to determine what type of Best RAM is appropriate, as well as some important factors to consider before making a purchase.

The best RAM for Fortnite is essential to any computer, and if you are having issues with RAM then it might be time to replace your RAM.

The Best RAM for Fortnite needs at least 16 GB of memory space in order to run smoothly on the system.

If you want a Best Turbo or Best Overclocking feature on this new PC game, make sure that the Best CPU has these options available too!

The more specialized features the Best Processor can do, the higher quality it will be overall.

With all of this being said, let’s take a look at some great processors that have these specific qualities: – Some examples of good Best Processors are the i6500K-Best Intel processor- FX 8350 Black Edition Best Best Processor for Gaming- Best Intel Core I-Series.

The best RAM for Gaming is important to have, but you need a Best Processor that will be able to handle the Best RAM without being too slow.

The Best Memory for Fortnite can help your computer run more efficiently and keep you from having any issues while playing on the system!

Be sure that when looking for Best Motherboard or other parts of Best Computer Builds, make sure you are getting exactly what it says in the product name like “Best Video Card” instead of an inferior part with similar specifications.

This way, when building your new computer, everything works together perfectly! The last thing anyone wants is their Best Graphics card not working properly because they chose the wrong components in another category.

All in all, make sure when Best Gaming PC you are getting the Best Memory for Fortnite or the Best Graphics Card, look at the Best Processor and make sure it is compatible with those features before making a purchase.

If you want to be able to do some Best Overclocking on your new computer, then we suggest that you get the Best Motherboard that can handle overclocking well. This will help keep your system running smoothly and not having any issues when trying out different things on the Best Computer Builds.

The best type of PC RAM for playing games like Epic Games’ Fortnite is DDR-SDRAM (Double Data Rate SDRAM). It’s also known as DDR 400, which means its data rate speed per second is four times faster than standard SD, RAM, which means it has faster performance.

Best DDR-SDRAM is the Best Memory for Fortnite and will make sure your system runs smoothly without any lags or issues when playing on this hardware! The Best Graphics card should be able to handle the Best Overclocking too.

Best Pick Products

1. Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO – Best RGB RAM for Fortnite

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO memory is designed for high-end gaming PCs and delivers greater performance and striking aesthetics.

A must-have for the ultimate PC enthusiast, this eye-catching DDR4 Ram is available in capacities of 16GB to 64GB, and in kits of two or four modules, it is the Best RGB RAM for Fortnite.

With CORSAIR iCUE software you can control the look and feel with a wide range of lighting effects, from subtle to vibrant.

You can even coordinate effects across multiple CORSAIR products like fans, keyboards, mice, and more for an entirely custom experience.

The Best RAM for Fortnite will help you find the Best Ram for your needs. We go over how to determine what type of Best Ram is right for you as well as some important factors to consider before making a purchase.

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO memory is designed specifically for high-end gaming PCs and delivers greater performance with striking aesthetics that any PC enthusiast would love.

With CORSAIR iCUE software you can control the look and feel with a wide range of lighting effects, from subtle to vibrant. Best Ram for Fortnite will help you find the Best Ram available today!

Always be sure to check compatibility before making your purchase so that the Best RAM is right for your needs.

Best DDR-SDRAM is the Best Memory for Fortnite and will make sure your system runs smoothly without any lags or issues when playing on this hardware!

  • lifetime warranty
  • technical support
  • Kingston reliability.
  • Poor performance


2. Kingston FURY Impact – Staff Pick

Kingston FURY Impact

Kingston’s FURY Impact series has been designed with gamers in mind and is optimized for the latest Intel XMP 2.0 profiles for both AMD and Intel platforms.

It features a sleek black heat spreader reliability.

The Best RAM for Fortnite is perfect for any PC enthusiast! The Best Gaming RAM for Fortnite available today will help you find one that fits your needs.

Kingston FURY Impact series has been designed with gamers in mind and optimized for Intel XMP profiles on both AMD and Intel platforms to deliver great performance at an affordable price point. Best Ram for Fortnite is perfect for any PC enthusiast!

Always be sure to check compatibility before making your purchase so that Best RAM available today fits your needs.

Features: Kingston FURY Impact – Reliability and Compatibility Optimized – Designed specifically with gamers in mind, the impact line has been optimized across multiple platforms to ensure performance design, and supports Intel XMP 2.0 for automatic overclocking to its highest published frequency (up to 2933MHz).

The lower 1.2V power consumption helps you get more performance out of your system while staying cooler and quieter, too.

And it’s backed by a lifetime warranty, free technical support, and legendary Kingston reliability.

The Best RAM for Fortnite is right around the corner! Best Ram available today will help you find the Best Ram that fits your needs.

Kingston’s high-performance ‘overclocked and tested’ memory modules are designed to increase productivity, helping you get more out of your system. Best Ram for Fortnite is right around the corner!

  • Reliability and Compatibility Optimized
  • Designed specifically with gamers in mind
  • Automatic overclocking
  • Costly


3. Corsair Vengeance LPX – Budget Pick

Corsair Vengeance LPX

The Corsair Vengeance LPX is one of the Best Budget RAM for Fortnite, as it was designed with high-end overclocking performance in mind. Its screened ICs and quality PCB enhance stability to deliver unrivaled gaming stability that won’t be limited by your computer’s case size!

A Kit from a trusted brand like corsair means you’ll have an ideal balance between affordability and top-notch reliability when playing this popular game mode on PC – so don’t hesitate any longer

The XMP 2.0 support automatically adjusts the overclocking speed to provide optimum gaming performance and Corsair Vengeance LPX is extensively tested for compatibility with most motherboards out on the market today, as well!

The DDR4 boost allows this RAM kit to offer better bandwidth, higher frequencies rates (and reduced game latency), all while matching your system’s color palette perfectly–no need to search endlessly through an endless selection of colors when there are preprogrammed ones at hand waiting just in case you want them too.

The 16 GB Kit of Corsair Vengeance LPX can be bought for around $72-$79 which is quite cheap. It’s actually one of the Best Budget RAM options that offer many features at this price range and people have complained about not clock speeds being too high, but if you’re looking to play Fortnite smoothly without any lag or frame drops then it should work well with your system as long as its capable enough!

  • Budget-friendly Ram
  • Energy-Efficient processor
  • Clocking in at just over 3066MHz


4. TeamGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z – Best Overall RAM for Fortnite

TeamGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z

The TeamGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z is the Best Overall RAM for Fortnite.

Made from military-grade hardware, it can withstand high temperatures and run at full speed without slowing down or overheating as other memory kits do in hot environments – which makes this kit great for playing games on cool days when you’re dealing with long stretches between heatsinks!

Plus its simple yet elegant design will look amazing installed into any building style whether sleek or muscular; there’s something here that’ll fit every taste imaginable.

And don’t forget about compatibility: not only does this configuration work well across both Intel & AMD processors but also applies equally to all motherboard brands too so players won’t need to worry.

If you want the Best RAM for Fortnite, then this is an excellent choice! It has the high frequency that you need to play at higher settings, and it also has low latency.

Best of all is the warranty – with a lifetime warranty you know your computer will remain fast for years to come, so you’ll have plenty of time to save up for the next Best RAM upgrade.

  • It has an amazing warranty that will give you peace of mind
  • If this Best RAM for Fortnite fails, TeamGROUP will replace it!
  • It’s a bit pricey and can’t be overclocked to enhance performance further


5. TEAMGROUP T-Create  Classics – Best DDR4 RAM for Fortnite

TEAMGROUP T-Create  Classics

TEAMGROUP T-Create Classics is one of the Best DDR4 RAM for Fortnite and professional users. With its high-performance design, you can get more done in less time with games like Fortnite or other demanding tasks that require quick processing speeds such as video editing!

This 32GB DDR4 Ram has a maximum capacity of up to 3200 MHz which ensures efficient multitasking across multiple programs on your computer while running at full speed without any lags or pauses during gameplay because it’s designed using 10 layers circuit board layout so no matter what task you’re working towards completion.

whether game-related work VS Professional coding & programming-, there should be no issue when executing them all seamlessly thanks again.

Best of all, it’s got a really cool design that will look amazing in any Best RAM for Fortnite build because the heat can be spread out evenly to ensure low temperatures even after hours of gaming.

In a world where RAM prices are skyrocketing, it’s nice to know there is still some good stuff.

This 32GB Kit from TEAMGROUP will set you back around $140 but that includes shipping! Plus they offer lifetime warranties and amazing performance without any compromises on quality or speed – not even Voltage stability!?

Not only does this product have an affordable price compared with others in its class (and by comparison), but also comes equipped with features such as temperature tolerance which ensures your system stays stable at higher overclocks while running faster than ever before; so if gaming needs more power than what most DDR4 kits provide then look no further because here we come storming in with a Best RAM for Fortnite that will keep up without fail.

  • It has an efficient and sturdy design so you won’t have to worry about overheating during long sessions
  • The Best RAM for Fortnite is really affordable
  • It’s very bulky


6. TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta – Best 16 GB RAM


The TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta is literally the Best 16 GB RAM for Fortnite. It features a sharp design, excellent heat spreader, and compatibility which makes this kit an appealing option to play within Fortnamte – let’s first talk about how minimalist yet uniquely attractive its geometric line is!

The 120-degree luminous area transitions smoothly from one color into another offering impeccable aesthetics as well as emitting beautiful colors that light up brightly at night time or inside your computer case without any problem whatsoever

The JEDEC RC 2.0 PCB offers a 35% improvement in signal speed and stability, as well as the ability to work at maximum capacity with 1-2 volts when required by low voltage circuits like DDR4 modules, produced today’s motherboards on QVL lists for compatibility purposes only ̶ all within very tight tolerances that are crucial if you want your system performance peak early during operation!

Benefits from being tuned specifically for each individual motherboard’s processor specifications so it will run smoothly without any hesitation or delay when running at full speed.

This makes Best RAM for Fortnite even more appealing because it will be able to run high-speed memory settings on Best RAM for Fortnite!

TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta makes it easy to optimize your computer for Fortnite. With XMP2.0 technology, you can spend less time tuning the memory and more playing games like never before! It is compatible with all major motherboard brands such as ASUS or Gigabyte so there’s no need for cases harder to fit.

It is the Best RAM for Fortworry about compatibility issues when purchasing this great product at its competitive price point of $109-$120 on Amazon right now (with a 3-year warranty).

  • It’s got excellent overclocking capabilities
  • The Best RAM for Fortnite is affordable and comes with a three-year warranty
  • It’s got an extremely tall heat spreader


7. G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series – Best Flagship RAM

G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series

The G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series is for people who want to make their system shine like the stars in space! This Best Flagship RAM for Fortnite has an eye-catching design that will catch anyone’s attention.

The style of this memory, inspired by sports cars and supercars alike features sharp beveled edges with uneven slant lines which give off a sporty yet clean look perfect for gamers on any platform – PS4 or Xbox One (or both!).

Best RAM for Fortnite is compatible with both of those platforms as well as Best RAM for Microsoft Windows PCs.

G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series is the most optimal RAM for playing Fortnite because it provides bright RGB lighting and stable overclocking output with 10 layers of PCB protection against signal loss, power conductivity error prevention algorithms to prevent bouncing between banks during games or applications that require more than one task at once (great for streaming!), as well as 8 zones customizable color illumination via software called “Trident Light Control.”

If you want the Best RAM for Fortnite that’s going to be a showstopper then you can’t go past the G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series because it’s going to be the Best RAM for Fortnite that won’t go unnoticed!

G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series is equipped with a Dual-Tone design heat spreader that’s made from aluminum and silver to offer maximum system stability, dissipating the heat efficiently so you can enjoy your performance all day long!

In addition, G Skill memory kits sync seamlessly across major motherboard brands available in today’s marketplace for unbeatable price points starting at just $128-$135 dollars on Amazon right now–a little pricey perhaps but perfect if gaming comes first before anything else because they’ll love the edgy style or RGB aesthetics as much as we do here at PC World™

  • It has a unique and eye-catching design
  • It is compatible with PC, Xbox One, and PS consoles
  • Pricy


8. TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Za – Best SpeedTEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Za

If you have a Ryzen processor, then this memory had been tailor-made for AMD processors and X570 motherboards. It also has armor that protects the RAM kit from harm and bending.

This high-speed ram comes with incredible overclocking abilities as well as a sturdy build to support stable FPS in Fortnite gameplay – all without sacrificing quality!

TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Za is the best choice for Fortnite players. The aluminum alloy heatsink and superconductive thermal adhesives ensure that it provides fast, smooth gameplay even during intense hours of play with little power consumption – making this memory perfect for those who want to save their energy while playing video games!

The T-Force Dark Za is a great memory kit for the money, with some drawbacks.

The ICs and modules of this product have been engineered from premium materials that ensure stability during overclocking as well as an OC profile which makes one-click overclock possible without having to endlessly adjust profiles yourself!

You can find 16GB on Amazon right now at prices ranging anywhere between $84-$98 (depending upon where you look), making them reasonable compared to other similar products out there today considering its lackluster RGB lighting or benchmarking results showing some loose timing flaws here and there; but still pretty good overall since most people don’t need both features anyways that is a Best Speed RAM for Fortnite.

  • They are compatible with Ryzen processors
  • The heat-sink is made of an aluminum alloy, which makes it perfect for AMD processors
  • It has a unique and eye-catching design
  • No RGB Support


Things to Consider Before Buying

Kingston FURY Impact

As Fortnite continues to grow in popularity, so does the need for more RAM.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your gaming computer memory, there are a few things to consider before making the purchase.


If you’re looking to upgrade your computer’s RAM for Fortnite gaming, it’s important to consider compatibility with your PC.

Many modern PCs are compatible with up to 64GB of RAM, but some older models may not be able to handle such a large amount.

Additionally, some gaming laptops may only have 4GB or 8GB of RAM, so make sure to check the specs before making your purchase.


If you don’t have a warranty, be sure to buy extra insurance in case something goes wrong.

Buying over-the-counter (OTC) RAM can be cheaper, but if there are any problems with it, your warranty might not help. Many reputable manufacturers offer warranties on their products.

Always check the warranty information before buying any hardware


Different types of RAM require different types of sockets. For example, DDR4 memory can only be used in LGA1151 computers.

If you’re using a laptop with an LGA1151 socket and want to upgrade to DDR4 memory, you’ll need to purchase a new motherboard and processor as well.

DDR3 memory is still compatible with many modern processors, but it will run at lower speeds on an LGA1151 motherboard than on a LGA2066 motherboard.

If you’re planning on upgrading your computer in the near future, it’s important to decide what type of RAM you’ll need before making any purchases.

By choosing the right type of RAM for your computer, you can ensure that your system will function properly and meet your expectations for gaming performance.

Clock Speed

When it comes to buying RAM for your gaming rig, you need to consider the clock speed of the RAM.

Clock speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz), and the higher the clock speed, the faster the RAM will work.

For example, 8GB DDR4-2667MHz memory runs at 3200MHz while 16GB DDR4-2667MHz memory runs at 3700MHz.

So, always make sure to check the clock speed when shopping for RAM because it can make a big difference in performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

How much RAM is recommended for Fortnite?

You should have 8GB of RAM for Fortnite. But 16 is the ideal amount, so two sticks are recommended to get started with your gaming setup and play smoothly from day one!

Is 32GB RAM overkill 2024?

RAM has been widely considered to be the most important component in a gaming system.

32GB of RAM is overkill for games that do not require such an amount, but it’s more than enough if you want higher graphic settings or plenty of storage space on your computer.

Which RAM is best for gaming?

The Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO memory is perfect for gamers looking to maximize their gaming experience.

It has great RGB support, screened ICs, and a heat spreader that can provide an amazing clock speed with high-end requirements – all essential in today’s games!

Does RAM speed matter Fortnite?

For Fortnite, the RAM speed does matter but it won’t make much of a difference if your processor and other components are outdated.


Memory is the most important component in any gaming PC. It’s what allows you to play games, but choosing wisely can make all of the difference between success and failure when faced with intense competition online or at tournaments where rank matters more than anything else.

The Best RAM for Fortnite might not be one single option because everyone has different preferences depending upon factors such as budget limitations, the desired quality level they want out gameplay experience, etc.

But there are two types that I would recommend based on our discussion so far: TeamGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z.

This well-rounded set offers decent performance while being affordable enough that gamers could buy it without feeling guilty about spending too much money; Corsai Memory – A little pricey perhaps but perfect if gaming comes first before anything else because they’ll love the edgy style or RGB aesthetics as much as we do here at PC World™!

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