10 Best Steering Wheel Toys for Toddlers 2024 – Reviews

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Toys are the main source of entertainment for kids, but today we also focus on the beneficial and educational aspects of the toys that kids are actively using. The goal is to help them have fun, but at the same time, those toys should help kids learn and develop their skills.

Steering wheel toys are extremely amusing for kids for many reasons. Most of these toys have entertaining features, a plethora of colorful buttons, and sounds that will cheer up and energize anyone, including adults. The steering wheel toys promote imaginative and independent play. Kids are happy to go for a ride with mom, dad, or a sibling, and while having fun, they improve their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Top Picks for 2024

1. Playkidz My First Steering Wheel

Playkidz My First Steering Wheel

Playkidz My First Steering Wheel is a toy that will put a smile on your child’s face while being a tool that helps with eye-hand coordination. Watch your baby practice visual awareness and eye-tracking by watching the colorful balls move through the translucent rattle. Playkidz ensures imaginative play with realistic sounds: play emergency vehicles sound, honk the horn, and the musical driving dashboard is bound to provide plenty of car noises when your baby decides to go “around town”. Happy, cheerful colors and a variety of eye-catching patterns adorn the soft steering wheel to keep tiny hands and fingers safe and sound. Playkidz My First Steering Wheel is suitable for babies 6 months and up.

2. Yinuoday Steering Wheel Toy, Pink and Blue Model

Yinuoday Steering Wheel Toy with Lights Music

This toy will make any ride fun! We have a bright and amusing steering wheel toy that will draw your toddler in with its entertaining features. There is a suction cup at the bottom, which can be easily installed and rotated. You can entertain your child in front seats and let them imitate the driver, but you will also help your little one develop rich motor skills, senses, imagination, and teach them what is cause and effect. What we see is an educational toy that will bring your child more fun in imitation.

3. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

VTech Turn and Learn Driver

‘’Drive around town’’ will never be the same with VTech Turn and Learn Driver. This is an excellent gift for a 6 month to 3-year-old boy or girl. Your baby will enjoy the imaginative play with a traffic light and a signal lever that triggers fun sounds and music. The steering wheel toy has a cute dog character that moves back and forth. This interesting baby driving toy includes 3 play modes so your little driver can learn in animal, music, and driving mode. There are more than 60 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases. This is a wonderful early education toy.

4. Happytime Musical Car Wheel Baby Toy Play Center

Happytime Musical Car Wheel Baby Toys in-Car Wheel

Steering Wheel Toys can be super fun, and some of them are excellent travel companions. An awesome example is Happytime Musical Car Wheel Baby Toy in-Car Wheel Musical Activity Play Center. There is no reason for you to worry about your baby being alone in the rear seat when you drive. The in-car play center can and will entertain your baby while you’re driving. It is an adjustable car seat toy and it is suitable for toddlers from 18 months. The in-car play center is multifunctional. It has a steering wheel and a ratcheting gear lever, a baby-safe mirror, 3 buttons of sounds and light, horn and music, and an engine ignition sound.

5. My Spin & Learn Steering Wheel

BEST LEARNING My Spin & Learn Steering Wheel

My Spin & Learn Steering Wheel is an ideal interactive educational toy for 6 to 36 months old infants. We see a durable and fun toy with 3 modes to play. A simple touch or spin helps your toddler learn about the shapes, colors, and feelings. My Spin & Learn Steering Wheel is specially designed to help your baby develop fine emotions, creativity and imagination, music, logical thinking, motor functions, and dexterity skills. Stimulate your child’s speech development and hand and eye coordination with this fun, lovely, interactive, and educational light-up toy.

6. TOMY John Deere Busy Driver Car Simulator & Tractor Toy

TOMY John Deere Busy Driver Car Simulator & Tractor Toy with Steering Wheel

Toddlers will be thrilled with the realistic sights and sounds of this amazing toy. Buttons and levers activate realistic sounds that include a horn, turn signal, engine, music, and much more! Layered sound allows the child to enjoy a realistic driving experience. This durable and cheerful-looking interactive toy will entertain your little ones and help them develop fine motor skills. TOMY John Deere Busy Driver Car Simulator & Tractor Toy is recommended for the age range 18 months to 5 years.

7. Battat – Geared to Steer Interactive Driving Wheel 

Battat – Geared to Steer Interactive Driving Wheel

This presentable portable pretend play toy steering wheel will entice your toddler with its alluring features. Battat – Geared to Steer Interactive Driving Wheel is an interactive steering wheel with lights and sounds that will promote hours of imaginative pretend play. Its realistic sounds will make the pretend road trips super fun. Turn the key to rev the engine or honk the horn. Shift the gears and see the odometer move as you hear speed sounds. Signal the imaginary cars around you with the signal lights! Sensory and pretend play improves your child’s concentration, attention span, and memory, while your little one develops social and fine motor skills.

Watch the following video for a quick overview:

8. Temi Baby Toys, Steering Wheel Car Seat Toys

Temi Baby Toys,Steering Wheel Car Seat Toy

Your child’s fine motor skills will easily develop with Temi Baby Toys. Ignite their imagination and teach them what is cause and effect. It is a perfect gift idea that promotes fun and entertainment while being a helping tool in your child’s development. It is made of high-quality ABS material, with a 360-degree rotating toy steering wheel that simulates the real car steering wheel. The traffic light button and the siren button teach your child how to respond to different traffic lights and recognize the different sounds of police cars, ambulances, and firetrucks. This removable and portable pretend play toy is very suitable to bring into the car as a car seat toy. With the music button, your kids will enjoy more fun while “driving”. Your little one will enjoy this interactive toy and its cool design.

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9. Steering Wheel Toy “My Little Driver”

Steering Wheel Toy “My Little Driver”

Take a look at this bright, colorful, and fun steering wheel toy. In a couple of seconds, a strong velcro strap attaches the “My Little Driver” steering wheel to your car, stroller, playpen, or high chair. Designed for use in the car, this is a great choice for families on the go. As well as attaching firmly to a post or strap, it offers a mix of fabrics, lights, sounds, a mirror, and interactive switches which will fascinate all babies. The perfect gift for any new parent is one that keeps your baby safely occupied while you drive or make dinner. Like the best baby toys for the 6 to 12 months set, this toy wheel lets babies explore and learn as they grow.

10. Electronic Backseat Driver 

Electronic Backseat Driver

Your little drivers want to imitate the big drivers in the car and this electronic toy is amazing for that! Your child can pretend to drive by changing gear, braking, sounding the horn, steering, and revving the engine. The realistic driving sounds are there to make the ride more enjoyable, and flashing indicators and illuminated speedo all make this a fun role-play toy with lasting appeal. It can be attached to the car window with the supplied suction pad pole, or freestanding – for play wherever little ones want to pretend to drive! Requires 3 x AA batteries and it is suitable for ages 3+.

Buyer’s Guide

steering wheel buying guide

In the sea of toys with all kinds of special features and flashy designs, we need to prioritize the functionality of the toy itself. There are certain features these interesting toys should come with to turn the act of play into an educational and developmental activity.

When it comes to the steering wheel toys, there are some aspects that we need to focus on. These toys are there to help kids develop five important skills: social skills, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and sensory skills.


If your kids can spin, touch, and move the elements of a toy that means that they are fully engaged. They will be more focused on the toy and they will actively play with it. After all, toys are there to be fun and interesting.


The toys should be made of durable materials that are less likely to break. Kids easily drop and throw things around. Also, the toy should not contain any toxic or harmful components that could jeopardize your kids’ health.


The steering wheel toys are there to help kids learn the concept of cause and effect. Your little one learns that there is a reaction to every action. It encourages focusing on the visual (pay attention to the imaginary road), auditory (horn, ambulance, police car), and actionable (the act of turning the wheel and activating the buttons.) elements of the game.

These toys are useful for toddlers so we need to pay attention to the age range. If the toy is a gift, nobody wants to witness the child looking at it once and just throwing it on the pile of other toys that are mere decoration. So, we need to choose the proper toy for the proper age.


steering wheel toys faq

Do the steering wheels turn?

Most steering wheels turn, and they can turn like a real wheel. (360 degrees)

Can these toys be attached to a toddler car seat?

Most of these toys are made to be easily installed and secured with tapes.

What’s the usual size of the steering wheel? Is it convenient to take outside?

The size of the average steering wheel is appropriate for the size of the toddler’s hands, so they are easy to move around and they are convenient for use inside and outside of a home.

Are these toys friendly for a baby? Is the edge smooth or not? Will it hurt the toddlers’ fingers while playing?

These toys are durable and smooth. The edges are delicately formed to protect the kid’s hands and fingers.

Are these steer-driving wheel baby toys easy to install?

Most of them can be easily installed and fixed to a flat surface for the child’s convenience.

Would they be easy to use for long drives?

The steering wheels will keep your little ones preoccupied while you can focus on the road.

Can the sound be turned off? Can the sound level be adjusted?

Although the sound of the toy is one of the most entertaining features, melodies that go on repeat for too long can become a bit annoying for the parents. Most of these toys have volume control and/or the option to turn the sound off.

Wrap Up

Steering wheel toys are there to entertain your kids, but more importantly, their role is to help them grow and develop adequately. Physical activity at an early stage is crucial for the overall being and progress of a child. The goal is to keep them interested with the rich design and attractive colors. The sound options are enticing, as well, while the physical movement of the toy itself makes the child aware of the space and the adequate way to move around.

It is crucial to choose the toys that are adequate for our kids. We don’t just want to keep them busy. We want them to enjoy playing and to benefit from the game. When choosing our kids’ toys, we need to consider the listed specifications to make sure that they have them at the right age and to ensure their safety in playing with those toys.

The toys are there to entertain kids, but hopefully, you as an adult will enjoy seeing your child at play with a useful and beneficial toy. You can spend quality time with your little one and know that you spent your money wisely on an item that will benefit your child’s development. Choose the right toy from our list of the best steering wheel toys for toddlers. We are sure that your child will love it, no matter which model you select!

We also picked some other interesting steering wheel toys that you should take a look at:

COLOR TREE Kids Pretend Ride on Toy Steering Wheel Driving Car Simulate Toys for Toddlers
  • 🚗 Simulated driver: The mini car on the screen will drive according to the rotation of the steering wheel, very realistic. It will allow children...
  • 🚗 Pretend play: Innovative accelerator & brake pedal with interphone make children feel they are really driving a car on the moving screen.
  • 🚗 with Music and Lights: Toddlers pretend car toy features songs and lights, allowing your child to enjoy in the music and real world. Also three...
  • 🚗 Safe indoor activities: No need to drive outside, just turn on the car, Use the turn signals, check the review mirror and honk the horn to drive,...
  • 🚗 Great choice: Odorless material and smooth surface, specially designed for children. Good for prekindergarten boys or girls age 36+ months, best...
Melissa & Doug Vroom & Zoom Interactive Wooden Dashboard Steering Wheel Pretend Play Driving Toy -...
  • Realistic play steering wheel mounted on a sturdy wooden dashboard with lights, sound effects, and moving parts, including a scrolling GPS
  • Includes key start, gear shift, radio with 4 stations, horn, adjustable heat and A/C vents, signal, hazard, and headlight indicators, sport mode...
  • Turn the wheel to keep car on the GPS road; GPS automatically shuts off after 5 minutes
  • Terrific for hand-eye coordination, imaginative play, and to help teach cause and effect
  • Makes a great gift for preschoolers to school-aged kids, ages 3 to 7, for hands-on, screen-free play; product made with FSC-certified materials that...
VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn,Blue
  • Racing toy features 3 ways to play: car, jet and motorcycle
  • Features nine courses to explore
  • Gear Shifter plays real racing sounds
  • Teaches letters, spelling, numbers, shapes and more
  • Vibrating controller enhances pretend play with a simulated driving experience
AMOSTING Pretend and Play Ride On Toys for Toddler Boys Girls Learning & Educational Baby Driver Toy...
  • 【Pretend Play】 Pretending to drive using the steering wheel that causes the toy car on the screen to move left and right will bring your little...
  • 【Simulated Driver】 Innovative accelerator & brake pedal with interphone make children feel they are really driving a car on the moving screen. The...
  • 【Musical Toy】 Three button on the learning toys introduce fire fighting truck, ambulance and police car to your child. Also, baby car toy features...
  • 【Safe Indoor Activities】 No need to drive outside, just turn on the car, use the turn signals, check the review mirror and honk the horn to drive,...
  • 【Great Baby Gift】 For prekindergarten boy or girl age 18+ months, best electronic toy vehicles for 2 3 4+ year olds; operates on 6 AA batteries...
TOY Life Baby Toy Keys with Steering Wheel Toy - Toy Key for Toddler and Infant and Kids Steering...
  • 🚖 Car Driving Simulation -With realistic car sound effect and light effect, baby car keys and wheel set can make kids emerged themselves in car...
  • ⛑️ Feel the Joy of Role-Playing - Children can learn relevant knowledge about driving after they have the car keys and steering wheel. The...
  • 🚗 Safe & Durable - With primuim quality guarantee, the baby musical toy set is safe, which is made of 100% non-toxic high-quality ABS material. The...
  • 📱 Educational Toys Phones for Kids- Children can learn through role-playing, improve their cognition ability of mobile phones, electronic products,...
  • 📳 TOY LIFE GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence. If anything happens to your item within the first 12 months of owning it, we will replace it at no...

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