7 Best WoW Professions to Master

World of Warcraft has tons of skills and game content to learn and master. And all that depends on from the very start when you choose your race and class. Now these usual game mechanics are special in themselves, but what gives World of Warcraft some good light are the professions it gives the players to further progress into their adventures.

If you are looking forward to adventuring and completing some dungeons, like the Torghast Layers from Shadowlands, you can visit website for some help and improve yourself on your character professions. That is why here we will take a look at the best WoW professions you can master for better gameplay!

1. Herbalism

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Herbalism is one of the best gathering professions in WoW. This helps you out not only make good amounts of gold but also create and improve gear with other professions which we will cover below. Herbalism can be utilized all the time since it is a gathering profession where you obtain herbs from plant resources. And one important fact is that if you are a Druid, you will be able to make the most use of this profession because Druids can gather herbs even in Travel form.

What makes herbalism special is how fast you can sell your items on the market. Alchemy and Inscriptions use mostly herbs, meaning if they are in need of some bulk orders of herbs for their creations, you can make good gold as a herbalist!

2. Mining

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Much like herbalism, Mining is a gathering profession that is needed by many other players. Because of this need, mining can be utilized to its full potential when looking forwards to making some quick gold. The mining profession is focused on gathering precious ore, stones, and resources which are then used to create powerful armor pieces and weapons for adventuring. Since weapons and armor are one of the most important aspects of WoW, mining will always be a trending profession among players. Though it requires a bit of research to see where you can find the most precious resources to take the most advantage out of this profession.

With mining, you will be looking forwards to targeting other professions, such as blacksmiths, jewelcrafters, and engineers. They are in constant need of the ore a miner can produce, meaning you can target those players on the market, sell in bulk, and become rich!

3. Inscription

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A lot of players may ignore the Inscription, but it is very well one of the best professions you can pick up in the game. With this, you will be able to make scrolls, glyphs, and enchantments, along with off-hand tomes and Darkmoon Cards. The inscription also includes a skill called Milling which will allow you to make base materials from herbs, meaning you will be in very close touch with the herbalism profession!

Players who work with the inscription profession will always be sought after, especially by higher leveled players. Imagine how much would tomes, that allow the character to change their talents, help out high-leveled players who constantly change their talents for each boss fight!

4. Enchanting

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When it comes to high-level gear, the Enchanting is always used to make said gear much better. This allows the player to add permanent augmentation to weapons, armor, and many other items. Your potential as an enchanter will lie in using enchanting recipes from enchanting ingredients by disenchanting items. Now, the enchanting also has gold gathering potential, not only in getting gear, making it better, and selling it off in the market but selling the enchanting ingredients to other enchanters! If you combine this profession with Leatherworking, you can get some cloth, make gear, disenchant, and voilà: enchanting ingredients!

Not only will you have the potential of making good amounts of gold, but you could also help yourself out with some better gear. And, if you want to put your focus fully towards enchantments, do know that the Blood Elf has a +10 on the Enchanting skill.

5. Leatherworking

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Leatherworking is much needed in the community. It is especially very useful once a new expansion or patch is dropped, like the Shadowlands expansion as of the moment. This is because players tend to change up and upgrade their armor sets and items, especially Legendaries, to follow the current game meta. If you are looking to make gold, you will target the Hunters, Druids, Monks, Shamans, and Rogues, since the items you create are out of leather, and the tank stronger classes tend to use heavy armor. When combined with the skinning profession, the leatherworking will be of utmost use to the character.

Though if you plan on using leatherworking for rags and riches, you will be in constant search of new trends and what sells on the market with this profession, because not every single item will be sought after and bought from you!

6. Alchemy

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Let’s be honest here, Alchemy is the most popular profession in WoW. It has so much potential in every scenario you may find yourself, be it getting quick gold from the market or supporting yourself and your teammates in raids and adventures. With alchemy, you will be in close touch with the herbalism, since alchemy is used to create potions, cauldrons, oils, elixirs, and flasks with herbs. And most importantly, it isn’t limited to specific classes, meaning if you are a healer you can make healing potions, if you are a warrior you can make buff potions, and so on!

If your goal is to make gold with alchemy, you should always follow when new raids are released and when there is a raid night. Potions and flasks were in high demand in those times, so you can make the most use of them by selling them as an alchemist!

7. Engineering

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As we’ve seen from other professions, the Engineering requires the player to work closely with the gathering mining. You will be working with recipes that are called schematics, with which you will create items that can find their use in PVP and PvE. The benefits that come with being an engineer are ginormous: you have access to a special auction house in Oribos, you can make wormholes which you can utilize for faster travel, special enchantments for gloves, belts, cloaks, and much more!

If you are looking towards making gold though, engineering won’t suit you because you will be only of use for some special items for Hunters, and the items you will create will be mostly only usable by other engineers. But this doesn’t have to let you down, because if you aren’t after gold, this profession will prove the most useful in your adventures around Azeroth!

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