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What is “Big Little Lies” all about

If you can also feel sorry for the most famous actress of our time, the second season of “Big Little Lies” made me feel a little sick for Meryl Streep.

It seems that in the first episodes of the season, the actress intended to continue what began with “The Post” by Steven Spielberg in 2017 – still working with the director who wants to push it and create a real character, whose actions have the power to surprise, but they are consistent.

In many of the works of 2010, Streep tends to think of “doing Meryl”, discovering a comfortable and familiar whole of the big ticket on projects that dominate a person’s strength. Here, however, like Mary Louise Wright, a character whose dark passive aggression is not known in her latest creation, Streep began the process of showing us, in some way, her part, which we have never seen before, cleverly implementing moderation and strangeness heard on the human scale.

Determined and fiercely fought with the show, whose first season was made so accurately that it seemed he could come back.

Some of the popular comments made on “Big Little Lies”

“It’s about you, isn’t it?” Bonnie Carlson (Zoe Kravitz) says at the beginning of the last episode of Big Bad Lies “The Bad Mother”, the last one before the end of the second season. “Bonnie isn’t referring so subtly to the lie” – as Bonnie calls at the beginning of this season – that Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgard) fell down the stairs for the fundraising event at Otter Bay.

The lie that Bonnie didn’t push him upstairs to save the lives of four women, including Perry Celeste’s wife – Nicole Kidnam.

In the moments immediately following Perry’s death, Monterey Five-Bonnie, Celeste, Madeline Marta Mackenzie, Jane Chapman, and Renata Klein believed that lying about crime would be the best solution for the complicated situation.

Because the second season was boring, they were wrong.

big little lies season 2

Detective Adrienne Quinlan (Merrin Dungey) follows all her moves (isn’t there a single case?). Celeste is dragged to court in a battle of protection. Renata’s husband is arrested for several financial crimes.

More and more human lives are messed up. And the penultimate episode of “Bad Mother,” Season Two, reveals all the ways in which the “lie” really breaks the best women in Big Little Lies. This is what the aforementioned declaration of Bonnie said causes.

After six episodes of calm and cool Madeline, she seems finally upset by the secret that everyone is hiding. Only one episode this year, it seems inevitable that someone will tell the truth about Perry’s death at the end of 2019, “I want to know”. The only question is who.

Final words

The second season of “Big Little Lies” seems more like most of the second seasons of fast-burning experiences, as an example of the parable of a monkey paw – the view that we can get what we want, but it will probably be deformed by someone’s desire. The second season brought a surplus, providing Renata with an increase in the number of buildings, even if the greed and anger of his characters show us less and less.

We already know that Renata can shout at those she sees as employees, and each subsequent iteration shows us that Laura Dern is good at shouting (as we already knew) and that Renata may not have much idea.

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