The Biggest Dota 2 Events You Can Bet On – 2024 Guide

Esports Dota 2 is one of the most popular disciplines. The history of Dota 2 esports betting begins with the release of the game, which took place at GamesCom 2011 in Cologne. Dota 2 esports teams played from August 17 to 21, 2011. Bookmaker company Pinnacle Sports from the beginning noticed the great potential of this game. And by a live score, Dota 2 gave a line on the first tournament on it – The International 1.

It is worth noting that before that, the line at Pinnacle Sports could find bets on other games. Interest in esports Dota 2 has been steadily growing. It was interested in ordinary spectators and investors. The number of tournaments increased significantly in the past couple of years. Dota 2 matches online began to attract new players. There was an increase in the volume of betting.

In December 2014, Pinnacle Sports announced that the total number of bets on esports ever exceeded one million. Currently, those who bet on Dota 2 esports have a rich selection of events and there is a wide line to choose from.

Today’s games attract a large number of bookmaker companies. They give a certain line of bets on esports Dota 2.


Classic Betting Options at Bookmaker Companies

  • Win betting: bet on one team out of two
  • Round betting: bet on one of the rounds
  • Handicap

In Esports Bookmakers You Can Also Bet On

  • Betting on FirstBlood: which team will kill the opponent’s player first
  • Betting on Willtakefirst 10 kills: which team will do ten kills first
  • Betting on FirstRoshan: which team will kill Roshan first (Roshan is the strongest neutral monster in esports Dota 2. When Roshan dies, the Aegis of the Immortal always drops, which gives the owner an extra life for five minutes)
  • Round duration bet: a bet to determine the duration of the round, total over/under in minutes

Looking for the best Dota 2 esports betting sites on game tournaments? On this site, you can find news about Dota 2 upcoming matches, see the match schedule, and find out where you can watch  live matches.

The International


The International is an annual esports tournament for Dota 2 pro games today. The matches tournament is organized by the game’s developer, Valve. The tournament first took place in 2011 at Gamescom. That time a new Dota 2 game was presented. In 2011 the event prize fund was 1 million 600 thousand U.S. dollars. Everyone who was waiting for Dota 2 received a pleasant surprise. Many people didn’t believe that 1 million 600 thousand U.S. dollars could be a prize. Everyone who was waiting for the upcoming esports could draw such huge prizes. But it was only the beginning.

The International 2024 is the premier Dota 2 esports tournament of 2024. Upcoming matches are the final event of the next DPC season.

Each year Dota 2 esports developer and publisher Valve hosts The International tournament. Upcoming matches that invite the strongest teams from around the world. The prize fund for the last The International is about $ 10,931,000. This amount is many times greater than the prize money of small competitions in real sports.

This year Dota 2 ongoing matches The International 2024 are taking place in Seattle. The starting prize pool for the championship is $1.6 million. Valve has once again released a battle pass before the event.

ONE Esports Major


ONE Esports Major – It’s a tournament where all the teams from all around the world will compete for the biggest prize pool of them all – $1 million, and a trophy.

The ONE Esports Major Dota 2 match is different in that it is a best-3 format. Spectators in these matches must experience an emotional roller coaster of a match.

After watching the matches it is impossible to say what will happen next. You should always depend on the flow of the game to see how events will unfold. The same teams can behave differently. One game can quickly change the entire course of a game.

One placement match can change the entire tournament. Unlike big sports, spectators can tune into individual games and feel like they can predict who will win based on what they have seen in the past.



ESL One Berlin Major 2024 is the second Major of the Dota Pro Circuit 2024 season. It will take place in the German capital, Berlin. Dota 2 upcoming matches will be held from April 26 to May 7. In the Major esports, Dota 2 will play 18 teams from six regions: Western and Eastern Europe, China, North and South America, and Southeast Asia. The prize fund of the Major in Berlin is $ 500 thousand.

In the Group Stage of Dota 2 Matches Will Be

  • Two groups of nine teams in one round
  • All matches are best-of-2b
  • The top four teams from each group advance to the top playoffs grid
  • Fifth through sixth place teams qualify for the lower playoffs

The remaining teams leave the tournament.

In the Dota 2 Matches Playoffs Will Be

  • Double-elimination grid
  • All matches except for the grand final – best-of-3
  • Grand final – best-of-5

In order not to miss the Dotta 2 matches schedule.



WePlay AniMajor is an esports tournament, the final Major of the Dota Pro Circuit season. This Dota 2 match evaluates prospects and strengths, primarily the audience. WePlay Esports has come quite a long way from dreamers to the main tournament operator in Europe and one of the brightest representatives of the sphere in general.

Games Dota 2 today is a project with a unique skill-based interface, where general knowledge of teams’ skill levels is very helpful in predicting who will win. In addition, the scoreboard is updated throughout the game, showing the outcome of the game. Dota 2 is taking over and pushing new boundaries in esports.

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