10 Reasons You Should Bet on Esports in 2024

Betting is nothing new. For years, many people have been earning an additional source of income in this way, combining the pleasant with the useful. Others do it for fun. Whether it’s sports bets or casinos, this can be profitable, of course, if invested wisely.

If you are into traditional sports betting, there is a good chance that you have come across new markets in Unikrn throughout the last couple of years. Esports or pro gaming is a professional video game competition. The only way to describe esports at the moment is “booming” – the esports industry generated over $1bn in revenue in 2024! The biggest tournaments are massively popular among gamers from all around the world and attract audiences of literally millions.

The progression of the esports betting market recently is a natural progression. Any competitive event that is watched by so many will inevitably attract people who are keen to put money on the outcomes.

In this article, we will go through a few of the reasons why esports provide such interesting opportunities when it comes to online betting.

1. Ease of Access

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One of the biggest draws of esports is the sheer abundance events that take place all year round, come rain or shine. The vast majority of these events air aired via websites such as Twitch for free. The huge numbers of viewers often make for some deep markets on betting exchanges, making it easy to find competitive odds. All you have to do is choose a reliable betting site and let the game begin! Of course, before logging in, make sure the site is trusted by people.

2. Growing Market

Even though we are seeing some incredible viewing figures worldwide, esports as an industry is still very much in its infancy. As a result, the betting markets that surround it are constantly trying to attract more players through attractive introductory offers. You can easily find some first-rate promotions that can help you get ahead when it comes to getting started with esports betting.

3. Similar to Normal Betting

If you are used to the way that odds function in sports betting, you will immediately find yourself at home on esports betting platforms. There is very little difference in betting platforms, and everything is simple and easy to use, just like a conventional sportsbook or sports betting exchange.

4. Bet with Crypto

Source: esportsbets.com

There are now several betting sites that allow you to deposit crypto to bet with. Many sites offer the chance to bet with a range of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as specialist crypto coins for betting like SkinCoin. This has got to be a good thing since you now have more ways to bet.

5. Novelty

Unlike traditional sports which tend to stay the same from year to year, the world of esports is constantly evolving. While there are hardly any new sports that come along, the evolution of computing power and GUI possibilities means that there is always a new and better form of esports on which to wager. This means that you stay constantly engaged instead of betting on the same old events over and over again.

6. Esports gambling is still expanding

These days gambling on Esports is becoming more and more popular by the day — so much that it’s now said betting on Esports is one of the most rapidly growing avenues for gamblers worldwide. With an incredible diversity of games to bet on, simple betting interfaces, and a wide range of ways that you can pay, the sky is the limit as far as esports is concerned going forward.

7. Bonuses

Some sites, as a sign of welcome, offer bonuses to their new members. This is a benefit offered only by online betting.

8. Bet from the comfort of your home

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The great advantage of online betting is that you can do it from the comfort of your home, while you are dressed in your favorite pajamas.

Another thing that goes in favour of esports betting is the current situation in the world, namely the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic in March this year. Due to the pandemic, many sporting events were cancelled, so many were left without their opportunity to bet and make money. But the coronavirus did not affect esports, because everything is played online.

9. Officials cannot influence the outcome

It is a common occurrence that matches are arranged at sporting events and that the referee is in favor of one team, for example in football. With esports betting, you don’t have to think about it, because no individual judges or determines the rules of the game.

10. Fun and entertaining

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If you have decided to bet, you will probably watch the tournament live. This can be great fun, and along the way, watching the professionals in action, you will be able to “catch” some tricks that you will use while playing your favourite game.


If you are someone who is not yet familiar with this way of betting, and you love games, we advise you to inform yourself and connect comfortably with useful – you will watch your favorite game and learn some tricks from professional players, and you will earn along the way. However, be careful when choosing bookmakers and choose a reliable and proven one.

Although esports is very simple, you still need to do a few things to increase your chances of winning, and that is to learn as much as possible about the games you are betting on, as well as to follow the forums where you can find a lot of useful information.

Another important thing is to invest only as much as you are willing to lose and to be aware that your chances of losing and winning are equal. But know that it can be a very profitable investment. After all – who does not take risks, does not profit!

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