Boost Your Content With The Right Video Maker

We live and breath visuals, when we see images or videos we simply are far more likely to grasp them. In fact, studies indicate that our brains can process images up to 60,000 times faster than text. So even if you are a dedicated blogger or columnist you should consider adding some motion to your content.

A small summary video can immediately hook any visitor to continue to read the article. And also provide alternate venues for users to click on. And the best part is that video editing doesn’t have to be unaccessible anymore. allows you to use templates to build an effective video in a matter of minutes. An online video maker is a reliable tool to boost your content with next to no effort.

Redirect attention with an online video maker

As we mentioned above we are visual animals, and this means that images will always jump at attention before the text. This is why advertisements are always eye catching banners and why they are so effective in blogs. If a blog only has traditional text content then any advertisement will immediately jump to attention above the content.

Embedding a video on your content is a great way to focus the attention on whatever you want. Visitors are more likely to go for any visual media first and this is a great advantage. You can make a hook to interest them on the answer the article holds; sum up the text or illustrate key points. The most important takeaway here is that you control their attention.

We all have a clear idea of what the main goal of our content is. But that doesn’t mean that all visitors will arrive due to it. Sometimes Google may focus on a paragraph you didn’t expect, or readers will simply lose attention.

By relying on visual media like a short video you place a large target for any readers. The video will be the main attraction and this is great. Having the certainty of where the focus will open countless doors. Master short videos and you will be able to convey your intentions every time.

Using an online video maker you can make a short clip that will redirect reader attention to anything you choose. It’s a low investment in time and effort. But the perks are undeniable. Just tinker with the maker in your free time and soon you’ll be a master.

People prefer to share videos


Great content needs great reach, and sometimes text on its own can’t pull that off. Statistics confirm that we share videos up to 1200% more times than links and text combined. The appeal is undeniable and the numbers are quite simply massive.

Even if you aren’t 100% sure of how you want to use videos, there’s no harm in trying. An online video maker ensures that creating new content won’t take long, and you are bound to see results sooner than later.

There’s a lot of alternatives to consider when it comes to adding video content to a blog. Is your article a list? Can the content be converted to one if it isn’t? If this is the case then your video is as good as made. You can take the key headers and make a summary of the key content you want to transmit. It sells both your ideas and your article in a single go

If your content is shorter than that you can simply treat it as a script. Many news sites use this simple technique to double their content output. Just record your article and use relevant pictures in a simple template. This won’t take very long and provides many benefits. You can use this to get a completely new audience and to link to your main page too.

Just like with any other content, you should feel free to experiment with videos. Try different angles to see what works the best for your audience, once you find that you are sure to see a spike in visits

Your content will appear on more searches


When it comes to SEO, videos are more or less in their own world. Video SEO works almost independently from traditional google results, and this is something you can take advantage of.

Nowadays all search engines count with an option to search for video. In fact, some engines are designed to search only for videos. This means that text-only content is missing out on a lot of potential venues. On the other hand, if you add a short video your site will have the chance to appear in these results. Once started using the right video maker their social presence and customer experience has increased to lead to more sales.

Feel free to start small if you still have doubts. Not everybody has to be an amazing director, and we understand that time is a commodity. But take a look at your content that could be easily modified into a video format. Make short and concise videos that support your points, and upload them on popular videos like YouTube. It’s more quality for your followers and more opportunities to find new ones.

Parting Words

Don’t be intimidated by this new category, rather start looking at it as another way to generate traffic. More venues from which to generate clicks is always a good thing. And even if you don’t optimize your video content from day one, adding videos will mean that your content can appear in more search results. More exposure is never a bad thing, and as we’ve seen it can be very easy with the right online video maker.

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