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Jeep JK is based on a very popular model of vehicles from the Second World War, which could easily overcome even the most difficult terrain. Over forty years later, Jeep decided to start production of the Wrangler. They wanted to offer people a vehicle in the increasingly popular SUV class. And they made a huge success. Not only with the JK, but also with other models like the Grand Cherokee.

JK has remained the main choice of everyone who wants an SUV oriented primarily towards off-road driving. As exceptional as this car may be, car lovers always like to further improve their “toy”. Chip tuning is certainly the most popular and best option because with it you can improve the overall performance of the car and reduce fuel consumption.

With a few more improvements, you get a vehicle that is even better than already excellent original. Today we will present you the best tuners for Jeep JK.

How does chip tuning affect the engine?

Before we move on to the best tuners and their features, let’s first explain to you what all this will have to do with the engine. Most of today’s models no longer even have a chip, but the advanced firmware is installed directly in the electronic control unit, also known by the abbreviation ECU. If you have a chip, then the mechanic will physically remove it, insert the new firmware through the binary code, and put it back.

Today, it is enough to connect to the ECU via a cable and install new, improved firmware. In this way, significant improvements are achieved by improving fuel injection timing, removing the factory-installed speed limit, and refining many other things that the ECU manages. In addition to improved performance, this usually leads to a reduction in fuel consumption.

However, everything must be done in accordance with engine power. Improvements of about ten percent over factory features are safe. And all over twenty percent is considered unsafe and it should not be done, because the car is not designed for driving with so much improved performance.

Top Picks for 201

1. Bully Dog – 40417 – GT Platinum Gas Diagnostic and Performance Tuner

Bully Dog - 40417 - GT Platinum Gas Diagnostic and Performance Tuner

Immediately prepare that this is a very expensive tuner, but other than that it has the best possible features. It has a display on which you will monitor over ten parameters that indicate performance. All this will be clearly displayed on your dashboard. What has the biggest impact on is fuel consumption, which is the most important thing for most people. You will see a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption immediately.

It is very high quality and errors do not happen. If you really want to improve your JK, and money is not a problem for you, this is a great choice. Although the installation is not too complicated, we recommend that you contact professionals, such as, who will do the work for you. You don’t want to risk making a mistake with such an expensive tuner.

2. Superchips Flashcal F5 3571 Tuner

Superchips Flashcal F5 3571 Tuner

Suitable for all JK models produced in the last fifteen years. It is also very good in diagnostics, so it alleviates problems for the owner if they happen. It is very easy to update, and it will bring many improvements, especially when changing gears.

3. HP Tuners MPVI2 M02-000-00

HP Tuners MPVI2 M02-000-00

This new model brings additional improvements over the previous MPVI Pro model. It may also be the best device on market for the calibration. It also affects fuel consumption as well as top speed. Via the OBDII port, have access to diagnostics and troubleshooting errors.

Just be careful to buy credits from authorized sellers, because if you do buy credits from unauthorized sellers, you will lose the right to a warranty.

4. Edge Products 85450 CTS2 Gas Evolution Programmer

Edge Products 85450 CTS2 Gas Evolution Programmer

It is very easy to install because you only need a cable. You will then be able to improve the performance of your engine in many ways. It is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines, so whatever you have, you can use it. It will upgrade your engine by at least fifteen horsepower, but most likely for more than that. Upgrading is just as easy as installing, because you only need to download it online and install it. Just follow the instructions you get when you buy it and you will easily solve everything yourself.

5. Superchips 42050 Dash Tuner

Superchips 42050 Dash Tuner

Suitable even for Jeep JK models produced in the late nineties. It comes with an ODB2 cable as well as a USB cable so you can connect it to your computer. It has a touchscreen that will show you a lot of information and details.

You will be able to constantly monitor the oil temperature, coolant temperature, speed, voltage, fuel and many other things. With constant insight into all of this, you will be able to easily notice the improvements it brings. It improves performance, above all acceleration, and also reduces fuel consumption and battery consumption.

Due to the fact that the tuner also monitors various indicators for engine oil, you can easily understand if you are using the right oil for your car. You can also find additional information on the oil on the website.

6. Superchips Jeep TrailDash2

Superchips Jeep TrailDash2

Although it is a bit more expensive than the average, the difference in price is not that big, and it is very high quality. It has a very high quality screen. Your JK will be unbeatably better when you install it and it won’t be hard for you to notice.

All engine performance will be improved. Power, speed and all other parameters. When you press the accelerator for the first time after installation, you will be amazed at how much more horsepower you feel in the engine.

7. DiabloSport 9345 Trinity T2 EX Performance Programmer

DiabloSport 9345 Trinity T2 EX Performance Programmer

As its name suggests, this is intended for all sports fans. The high quality screen will give you all the performance you need while enjoying your upgraded Jeep JK. It has built-in Wi Fi, so you can download all new updates. Imagine being able to upgrade your engine by as much as a hundred horsepower. Unbelievable. You also cover more kilometers with less fuel and at a higher speed. Just perfect. The only drawback is that it is not CMR compatible, but it is expected that the manufacturer will soon fix this shortcoming.


If you want to bring your Jeep JK to incredible performance, choose one of these tuners, whose quality is proven.

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