Save Reddit Video: How to Wisely Reuse Content Across Socials in 2024

If you run your own business and promote it through social networks, you constantly need to update your content. But is it necessary to come up with new topics every time, looking for or inventing absolutely new content for every social network? In 2024, there will be tonnes of information on the Internet, so it’s more essential to learn how to repurpose it. Adapting the same content for various networks, your website will help you to expand the reach of your business.

Have you ever thought you can save a Reddit video and post it to your Instagram or Facebook group? Twitter, Facebook or Reddit video download is simple if you know the right online services for this, like Bigbangram. They are a must for content managers.

Further in this article, I will tell you how you can recycle content that you have already posted or use someone else’s content and rework it. Redesigned content will allow you to share news frequently and effortlessly with your target audience.

Why repurposing content is a core strategy in 2024?

Increased reach and brand awareness. By converting content from one form to another and publishing on different resources, you can reach target audiences who have various preferences. For example, some potential clients might prefer infographics over texts – you can reach them on Twitter. Some adore watching funny videos, some listen to podcasts. You can create catchy materials around your topic for each such group of your potential customers.

  • Content gets a second chance to be seen. It often happens that audiences might miss your blog post while you may have spent hours researching, writing, and improving it. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? So the solution is to transform this long-read into a more engaging and compelling social media post. Alternatively, you could record the article to convert it into an audio format to make it accessible on your blog or as a podcast. In this case, people who do not have time to read news staring at a phone screen can listen to records while driving, cleaning up. So, you should think over different solutions to make your content accessible for different audiences.
  • You boost the effectiveness of your content. Preparing expert and unique materials requires time and money. When you research a topic deeply, prepare graphic materials it’s more lucrative to create various ways of presenting them. Repurposing content leads to ROI growth so your efforts pay off.
  • Let’s move on to examples. Explore these activities and pick up ideas for your content plan. You will make the most from the expert information you prepare, which will lead to brand loyalty, leadership, and a strong community.

Save Reddit video & 3 more creative ways to reuse content

1. Repost Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook videos and images on IG


If your business is growing on multiple social platforms, you may develop a single content plan and adapt the information for each. Adjusting the same information for each social network is vital yet simpler than creating new content from scratch.

For example, you can find a funny meme on Twitter and remake it according to your brand identity on Instagram. What is more, you can download reviews that clients leave about your company on Instagram and repost them in a Facebook community or on your website.

Keep in mind that Reddit and other forums are great resources to discover trends and buzz topics. You need to monitor threads related to the niche you work in. When business owners discover pain points and questions people want to learn about, the content they produce will be in demand. So, when you find something eye-popping that your target audience is likely to respond to, save Reddit video or other visuals for reuse.

2. Use Quora and Answer The Public for blog posts


In content creation, being relevant is extremely important. In order to increase traffic on your site or grab attention on socials, you need to regularly monitor the trending inquiries that your audience is concerned about.

Quora is a platform where people ask questions on any topic every day, so this will help amass ideas for blog posts. Moreover, as these issues are frequent, this strategy will improve the SEO traffic to your website. It’s straightforward to create articles around Qoura questions because you will see expert replies there as well. Help the people who read your blog and follow you on social media to stay in the loop without the need to visit third-party platforms.

Expert content means trust and sales growth for any business, so repurpose the materials aligned to the niche you work in.

3. Create ebooks from articles, analytics, interviews


You may sell eBooks as a standalone product or present them as lead magnets in your marketing funnels.

An e-book is helpful in expanding on any topic and sharing more detailed information that potential customers might be watching through a blog. For example, if you are doing some in-house research or interviewing persons in your industry, you can display this information as a video, infographics, and text that can be converted into a book.

For instance, Amazon is a top marketplace for selling books if you aim to capitalize on it. When you publish a Kindle mentioning your products, for example, more people will be able to learn about your company. By the way, for some audiences, it is more convenient to download a whole book rather than scrolling numerous articles.

Therefore, repurpose text and graphic information you have for an ebook that you can launch under your brand. Consider creating a book especially if you are producing educational blog content.

4. User-generated content and reviews


Sometimes content creation requires less effort than you might think. Likely your customers are sharing insights on how they use your product on their social media accounts, in comments, or on platforms for sharing reviews. When you use real testimonials, you attract new customers organically.

It’s vital to repurpose reviews and distribute them across different networks.

For example, when you get feedback in Instagram posts or stories, you can download them. Further, you need to publish them on a website, in a Facebook group, or in a private chat with clients.

It’s also very popular in 2024 to apply screenshots of reviews for ad creatives. There’s nothing better for attracting new customers than showcasing positive reviews and experiences of people who have already tried your product.

5. Remake video and podcast transcripts for articles and books


Transforming one form of content into another is something that content managers often overlook. For example, any video consists of text, audio and visual. Why not use each component independently in order to reach a larger audience? For example, if you have a script for a video training video or a transcript of a video, and you can repurpose this information into a blog article.

You don’t need to listen to a video and type a text manually, use dedicated tools that convert video into text automatically.

A text that is based on a video or on audio is more lively, but you will have to edit to remove unnecessary words from it to make it easy to read.


It’s not necessary to have millions of ideas in order to constantly generate exciting content on 10 social networks where your company is present. Firstly, study the painful points that are interesting to your potential audience and then connect your content plan to these topics.

Keep in mind that visuals, texts, and videos can be downloaded online in an original quality, which means it’s smart to reuse them. Do you usually recycle content? Share your ideas and insights in the comments below.

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