6 Creative Ways You Can Reuse Your Glow Sticks – 2024 Guide

We can all witness that today, even small things can gather enormous popularity pretty rapidly and, for a while, become a global trend. The same happened with glow sticks, but with one huge difference – their practical usage and popularity spread across the world so fast, and they left such a mark on our lives that they still have an important role in them. Even though they were invented way back in the 70s, it’s not until the mid-80s that they start being a must-have thing, especially when it comes to parties, concerts, and more. But it doesn’t end there, and today, a lot of people still use them, and it seems like they bring joy to every generation. Some people use them as a piece of jewelry, but they could also be pretty useful – as a lamp when camping, for example. Of course, the kids like them the most since they seem like some kind of magic, and who would think that behind all that joy is not some complicated technology – on the contrary, everything is quite simple. For those who still don’t know how they work, the short explanation is that it is a simple chemical reaction.

Since we can all agree that we love glow sticks, and when that’s the case, it’s normal to have them in our apartment, but after a while, it seems like we only use them when we clean up or when we accidentally stumble upon them. That is why we will now look at the creative and practical ways to reuse them and still have a lot of fun and joy, just like in those many parties before.

1. Games

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It doesn’t matter if it’s charades or some other game, we all have at least one that we enjoy, and what better way to improve those games than to add glow sticks and make everything even more interesting. Playing soccer or some other sport with a glow stick will make it more exciting, and it will add a little more joy for sure. Just tape it firmly around the ball, divide members into two (or more) teams, with every side having their own color. Go outside in the dark field or park, and have the best fun you had in a while. It is an outdoor activity, and you can use this simple hack in many ways, not just soccer, of course. When have you last played hide-and-seek, or scavenger hunt, a game of Tag? Okay, the last one may gather more popularity after the movie, but combine glow sticks and these traditional games, and the fun is guaranteed.

2. Make a memorable photo

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This one is quite obvious, but as the name says – you can make the best out of glow sticks by joining them in some shape, pose with your friends, and make a photo that will last forever. It’s great for the kids too, as you can make it a tradition, where every year they will spell their name, or make a shape of a heart from these lights, and the whole family will take a photo. The only important thing is to remember to set the camera on the lowest shutter speed, and to make the most out of the photo, take it in the dark. You can take some great photos even with the light on, but it’s always better to do it in the darkness.

3. Preserve them

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For those who would like to expand their lifespan, a good thing to know is that you can actually do that, and it doesn’t take much time nor money. To make glow sticks shine like before, crack them (carefully) and place them in a plastic or zip lock bag. To get the best results, place the bag in the freezer, preferably under something that is not that heavy, and the cold will prevent any chemical reaction, meaning that you can use them whenever you want and need them, even if that is several months from now.

4. Make a bracelet or necklace

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As mentioned above, making jewelry out of glow sticks is nothing new, but it will always bring a smile to children’s faces. In addition, it can also be pretty practical, as when you take kids to the show, movie, or concert, you will be able to keep track of them and always know where they are.

5. Save it in case of electricity shortage

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In case when there is no power, one can use these lights to lighten the room. It will also be interesting for the children, as they will get lights with interesting colors. To get the most light from each stick, put them in a microwave for a couple of seconds. That will speed up the chemical reaction and make them shine brighter, but if you decide to do so, be careful, and if you put them for more than ten seconds, they could explode. It’s always good to be cautious.

6. Make a party

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Every day could be a party day, and if you find glow sticks and do not know what to do with them, the solution is quite simple – make a party. Bring the friends over, turn up the music, and turn down the lights. Of course, decorate the rooms with glow sticks first, and there are numerous ways to do so. You can place them in balloons, make a light show by taping them at the ceiling, make cups or place them below jars with liquor. You can do almost anything that comes to your mind, and one thing is guaranteed, it will be fun, and perhaps you will relive some moments from before.

Wrapping up

There are many things that you can do with glow sticks, and these are just six simple ways to make the most out of them, but if you want more creative ideas on how to reuse them or learn how to dispose of glow sticks properly, for that, you can find out more here.

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