How Far in Advance Should You Buy a Ticket for Upcoming Concerts?

Buying tickets for concerts, or any event for that matter, is often a stressful process. When you are buying your entries into a show, you need to ensure that you book as quickly as possible before the event even starts. You’d be surprised to know that many entries to these events get sold out within a few hours and that is why it is crucial that you book as early as possible.

However, many fans get confused over a single question – how far in advance exactly should they buy an entry for their concerts? It is crucial that you know the answer to this question before you decide on going to an event as it can have a crucial impact on determining whether you get your favourite seats or even get the tickets themselves in time or not.

According to, one of the leading providers for tickets to all kinds of events in the world, it is always beneficial for the buyer to know when exactly is the most ideal time to buy an entry for themselves to their favourite concert. If you too plan to go to a concert soon and are looking for a good time to buy the tickets but don’t know when that time actually is, then don’t worry because we have you covered.

In this article, we will be listing answers to several crucial questions such as if buying tickets in advance is worth it, what happens when you don’t buy tickets in advance, and what is the precise time for a concert fan to book an entry in advance for their upcoming concerts. Read the article till the end so that we don’t miss out on crucial details.

Is buying tickets in advance worth it?


Many buyers often wonder whether it truly is a good idea to get their entries early and why should they do it. Their prime question is why they shouldn’t buy the tickets on the spot at the concert or after a few days when they go on sale after all their plans have been fully made. The reason behind the fact why buying entries in advance is worth it is because you get a really good chance at actually obtaining an entry.

Many times, if a popular band or musician is going to host a concert at some place, chances are the concert is going to get sold out in a matter of a few hours, if not sooner. This often happens with one of the most popular bands out there – BTS. Their entries sell in the first few hours as they are released and they get fully booked to the brim.

To ensure the same doesn’t happen with you, it is necessary that you buy in advance as soon as it is possible for you. The quicker you buy these tickets the more you improve your chances of actually getting entries into the concerts. Missing out on the early moments of booking in advance can have extremely dire effects for you which we will explain in the next point.

What happens when you don’t buy tickets in advance?


If you don’t buy entries in advance and buy them later at your own convenience, this often leads to a number of major problems that you may want to avoid at all costs. The first and one of the most major problems is not getting any entries into your favourite show. If you don’t buy in advance and the show you are trying to get into happens to be a popular one, there is a very big chance that the concert’s entries might get sold out before you can even lay hands on them.

The second major problem with buying late or on the day of the concert is that you don’t get your favorite seats and often have zero choice in the choice of your seats. This means that you might get the worst entries out there – the last row entries and that too at an extremely unreasonable price. So not only are you paying extra when you don’t buy entries in advance, but you are paying extra for seats that aren’t even worth their price.

The third and another prominent problem about not buying entries in advance is that you need to rely on other sources and means to get an entry for yourself. This means looking for people that plan to not go to a concert at the last moment and wish to sell their concert entries or websites that can get you the show’s second hand entries if you pay a higher price. This ultimately leads to wasting more time that you could have easily saved if you just booked tickets in advance.

So, how far in advance exactly should you buy a ticket for an upcoming concert?


You’d be surprised to know this but the best time to buy entries is before they even go on sale. These entry sales are called ‘presales’ and they are reserved only for special members, VIPs and those that personally know the host or the band. You can often join a band’s special fan club by paying their membership price and this can allow you to get access to these presales while everyone waits for the normal sales to get published.

If for some reason you can’t justify investing so much time, money and effort into getting the presale option, you can simply wait for the actual concert ticket sale and buy as soon as they go online. Doing this allows you to buy the concert tickets in time and gives you an extremely good chance of getting the best seats in the show – even the front row tickets.

If you can’t manage to get the tickets as soon as they start selling, you can either try after a few hours or wait for the concert day to get tickets from those that cancelled their plans and don’t want their tickets anymore.


Purchasing the entries into your favourite show is not an easy task and requires a lot of patience and effort. We hope this article helped you with that and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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