Unnecessary Things You Should not Buy

It is believed that having a child is an expensive pleasure. But not all parents agree with this. The main buyers of the pile of baby clothes, kids’ mobiles, and changing tables are inexperienced parents. They are inexperienced, a little shy, and easily amenable to advertising.

Not to overspend money on unnecessary stuff, getting ready for the newborn child, and buying clothes for your baby when he/she grows, make sure you have found a reliable supplier of outfits. You can order cute toddler clothes and outfits for newborns at The Trendy Toddlers boutique and enjoy the level of prices and top-notch servicing.

You should also adhere to two simple rules:

  1. Take only what you need;
  2. Take, buy, or borrow from other parents if they suggest or sell.

Many families give or sell cribs, strollers, baby bassinets in excellent condition. In a stroller for newborns, for example, a child travels for an average of seven months. During this time, there is no chance that it will spoil it.

Breast pumps, including electric ones, can be found at modest prices or even for free and in a wide range. Because everyone buys them now, and they breastfeed for a short time. Many do not even have time to unpack them. Clothes and diapers are given in abundance. If you don’t have relatives or friends with children, search through groups on social media. There is nothing embarrassing about buying used things for a baby. Re-using is not about poverty, it is about conscious consumption. Besides, this will allow you to save a considerable amount of money,

Clothes and Diapers – Yes, But Not Too Many

Source: frost.com

In the first six months of life, the child does not spoil one’s clothes. The most dangerous thing for clothes is spitting up. The child does not get dirty, because it does not eat and drink on one’s own (if breastfed), does not walk alone, and does not dig in the sandbox.

But, at the same time, an infant grows very quickly, so there is simply not enough time to put on many things. It is during these six months that most untouched clothes accumulate in closets – parents buy dozens of undershirts, dresses, and jeans for babies. Relatives are sure to present beautiful suits and cute bodysuits.

For a newborn baby, you can buy several bodysuits and onesies, a warm set to go outside, a winter overall, a cap, and a couple of hats. Buy such a set of clothes in the sizes 0-3 and 3-6. Most likely, these outfits will suffice until 6-7 months of age.

Stroller, Car Seat, Crib – Yes

Source: ergobaby.com

Of the really important things, you need a stroller. You need to make sure it is lightweight so that it can be quickly disassembled and placed in the car. You shouldn’t buy three-in-one strollers. Once your child is seated, you will want to swap out the bulky convertible stroller for a walking stroller. It is better to buy a carrycot stroller without replaceable blocks. The weight of the cradle is on average 4-7 kilograms. A woman can hardly carry it with a child inside.

Better to buy a portable car seat. But there is a problem here. Solid chairs are still made non-portable, and a bassinet chair is suitable only for the first months of life. However, these are the purchases you need to make since the safety and protection of your baby even on the first trip home from the hospital are of great importance.

Another important item is the crib. It is even better to buy a bed, bypassing the stage of the cradle. They are, of course, beautiful, but by six months, or even earlier, the child grows out of it, sometimes without even having time to lie down in the cradle. The fact is that often young children sleep with their parents. If there is no money for a crib or space for it, postpone the purchase.

What is not needed

  1. Creeping pen. Here is the secret revealed – children do not crawl in it. Keeping a child in the pen for a long time is harmful. There is even such a concept as “container children”. Those who spend their first years of life in wheelchairs, high chairs, playpens, deprived of freedom of movement.
  2. Playing mat. Unfortunately, it is a waste of money and space in the apartment. The period between when the child can already roll over and turn one’s head, and when they begin to crawl, is very short. It’s good if during this time they agree to lie down on the mat once or twice.
  3. Electric mobile in the crib. There are controversies here, too. But we can definitely say that the mobile will not distract your child for several hours every day. As soon as they see it, the huge thing above the crib will become annoying. Just imagine that you would have a structure hanging a meter above your head, which would constantly rotate, blink and sing.
  4. Changing table. Within a couple of days after giving birth, you will change your baby’s clothes at lightning speed. Faster than setting up a board or getting to a special location. In addition, the child is growing rapidly. By three months, babies reach 60 centimeters in length, it will be difficult to lay them down normally, across the table. Besides, it is a huge danger because you never know when your baby learns how to turn on one’s own.
  5. Walkers. Remember, if you load the child’s spine ahead of time, it will lead to negative consequences in the future. If an infant does not crawl until eight months and does not walk until a year and a half, then the muscular system of a baby has not matured. To play it safe, it is better to be examined by a neurologist. Walkers and jumpers free up a little time for parents but can be costly for the child’s health.

As you can see, some of the purchases are not only unnecessary but even dangerous for little babies. So, think carefully before buying some of the above items. Why waste your money if you can find a better designation for it? Shop for a newborn wisely and try to reuse the things from the parents who sell or give them away.

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