Everything You Missed in Spiderman Far from Home!!!

Have you watched Spiderman Far from Home? No…. Well then here some spoilers for you….. Lol kidding. You can continue to read this post as it is completely spoiler free. I recently watched Spiderman Far from Home & oh boy! I really loved it.

However, after watching the movie 2-3 times more, I realized that there are some things about the movie that I didn’t really liked. I tried…. But I was not able to control myself to share the reasons with you. If you are curious then continue reading the post….

4 Things I liked in Spiderman Far from Home

After Effects of Bruce Banner’s Snap

Before watching the movie, I had only one question in mind…., How the world will be after the snap by Bruce Banner. Luckily all these questions were answered in the earlier part of the movie. In fact, all this was done without adding any unnecessary drama in the movie.

Deleted Scene

Have you watched the final trailer of the movie? If not, then go now watch it ASAP. Otherwise, you will be confused, what I am saying. Watched it…., Yet. Well, in the final trailer of the movie, there is a scene where Spiderman fights with some bad guys. Later when the police arrive, Peter says that he has been doing their job for them. In the movie, the director decided to delete that part. So, all I can say that I am happy that they deleted an unnecessary scene.

Self-Contained Story

It is the one thing that I really like the most in the movie. If you have not seen any of the Marvel movies from the past then too you can easily watch & understand spider man far from home. You can say the movie works like a charm even if is a standalone movie. Overall, it connected well with the ending of Avengers Endgame.

Amazing Action Scenes

A Marvel movie can have several good & bad things but one you can’t ignore that every marvel movies has some incredible action scenes. In fact, one of the scenes in the movie almost blew my mind. So, if you are going to watch Spiderman Far from Home then I highly recommend you to watch all the action scenes carefully. The action scenes will definitively amaze you.

2 Things I didn’t like in Spiderman Far from Home

Unnecessary Romance

There is no movie review that can be completed without any flaws. So, how can I complete my review without mentioning any of them? I must say Spiderman Far from Home is a great movie but I noticed there were some romantic scenes in the movie that were unnecessary….. In fact, …. The scenes between Happy & Aunt May were a bit forced. I know the director tried their best to tie happy with Peter, but I think all these scenes were not needed.

Lack of Diversity

When Spider-Man homecoming was released, everyone praised the movie for properly showing how a magnet school in Brooklyn looks like. All that felt like a diverse atmosphere, but all this was missing in Spiderman Far from Home movie.

Final Words

To sum up I would say although Spiderman Far from Home is a great movie but still it had some fair-share of issue. However, when it comes to entertainment Spiderman Far from Home gets full marks. I really enjoyed almost all the action scenes. That’s it for now, if you liked the review provided by me then do let us know via the comment section. I will try my best to answer each & every question of yours as soon as possible.

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