Can you Change your IQ Over Time

We are aware of the fact that humans are constantly evolving, and no, we are not talking about growing as persons as we mature because we learn from previous experiences, as we are talking about a much wider perspective. If we focus only on the brain, it’s an organ that has for centuries intrigued scientists and doctors from all parts of the world, and even though some may think that we are at a technological maximum (Moore’s Law), we are still not fully aware of all of its functions. Yes, we understand how the heart, brain, muscles, and other organs work, like a top-notch machine, but from a psychological point of view, we are yet to learn what our brains are fully capable of, and that’s amazing. Many believe that people are using only 10 percent of the brain, and although it is a myth, scientists agree that people are not using all the brain capacities.

Let’s start from the basics


Each person on this planet is unique, as we all have different opinions, beliefs and we even understand emotions differently, but when it comes to how smart you are, there are plenty of tests to take to determine that. Now, knowledge is also not strictly connected to solely being good at math, for example, as there are many other types of knowledge, and that’s only one. The same is with IQ, and the vast majority already took one to determine their IQ, but doing so online even though has its perk, it also has its disadvantages and being intelligent means finding a perfect solution in new situations based on previous experience. Another definition implies that being intelligent means that people are fast learners. It’s good to know whether you can apply to become a member of Mensa, but in order to do so, you will still have to take the test they will provide. Besides that, many scientists now agree that humans have many different forms of intelligence and that one test cannot measure them all. Another question that many often ask is whether IQ can change over time, as we grow and mature, and that’s a fair question as the more time we spend on this planet, the more we learn, even if we are not aware of it or even if we don’t want it, but does that affects our IQ as well? Well, let’s start with an answer that you will not necessarily like and say that science still cannot confirm nor dismiss this statement and start from there.

Test are standardized


Many tests that measure general IQ are standardized, and because of that, our score is pretty much the same every time we check it. These tests are not easy, and it is almost impossible to prepare for them because the questions are often changed, so everyone has the same chance. Besides that, these tests are using standardized scores that literally hide our true score because they take into account the amount of improvement expected over time, and reduce it, so the average score is always about 100.

People have a biological limit regarding the level of intelligence

Although it is logical that people are learning through their whole life, and because of that, they are getting new skills and becoming more intelligent, there are still many people who are convinced that there is a limit on what we actually can learn. Luckily more people believe that people can improve throughout our whole life, and all we need is better teaching and living conditions.

Ways for boosting your IQ


First of all, although many tests are often changing and we never get the same one, it is not difficult to learn the type of questions and get a better score every next time. Besides that, if you do not visit a professional, you can get poor instructions and bad results because of that. That is crucial to know when we talk about tests and testing. In both situations, we are not getting our real results. Besides that, there are many ways to boost your IQ properly, and if you are persistent, the results will not be missed. Most of these ways are fun and interesting, and people are improving their abilities without too much effort, so let’s mention some of them. One of the best ways to keep your brain sharp and busy is learning a new language. It is true that learning a new language at an early age has the biggest impact on cognitive functions later, but it is never too late to start. Another great way is to play memory games like a jigsaw and crossword puzzles or to solve sudoku because it can also help us with reasoning and language abilities. Learning to play a new instrument is also helpful because you can not only become the star of every party, but you can also improve your IQ. There are many other ways to improve our overall IQ, and all we need is to find something that will keep our brains busy and sharp, and the results will be there.

The bottom line

If some person is smart, that doesn’t mean that they will exceed in every possible field, and if someone has a high IQ, that doesn’t mean that their understanding of social life and their behavior overall, for example, will be widely accepted. On the other hand, saying that one can change its IQ over time can be both true and false, depending on how you look at the facts mentioned above. But, as we wait for science to come to some conclusion and provide a real answer, we can enjoy and have fun taking an IQ test. Of course, like mentioned above, the only thing is to find a reliable one as the internet is full of various engaging tests, but we know that even though something may seem interesting or even confusing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good or trustworthy. So, if you want to take the trustworthy and verified test, and find out your real IQ, just check



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