Simple Digital Marketing Strategies for Becoming a Top Photographer in 2024

Now that things are becoming more normal, businesses are trying to be stable. They’re trying many marketing strategies that may help them to get back on their feet. As a photographer, I can tell you about my experience when several assignments were canceled because weddings and other events were postponed.

However, now when almost everything is normal, I have to start fresh. However, this time I have realized that references and word of mouth business are of no help. You need to have strong marketing and promotion for your business to survive during tough days.

The Internet has made life easier. During COVID-19, when the whole world was inside their houses, the internet, social media was the only source of connecting people. Nobody was bothered about banners, billboards, etc. Hence, digital marketing was the only source to keep people updated with various brands.

This is one thing I learned recently that digital marketing leaves a strong impact on customers and therefore, I tried my best to show my photography skills to people via some of my exclusive shots.

Gregg Jaden is a man that fulfilled his passion for photography by starting an Ad Agency in Manhattan Beach CA. it wasn’t easy initially for him, but gradually with his effort, and proper usage of digital marketing, he was able to create an award-winning agency.

Source: Gregg Jaden Los Angeles, CA

His campaigns for Brands include social media campaigns, travel videos, and exquisite photography have given him client success and publicity. He is an adventurous man who loves taking risks physically and creatively. He also had 2 near-death experiences, not related to his risks, but a result of an unsafe driver who caused a car crash in 2009.

Subsequently, he had emergency neck surgery in 2015 from the aftermath of the car crash injuries. If you read his story you will get an idea on how to grow your photography business.

Talent does help a lot in attracting customers, but it doesn’t guarantee a successful career. The ongoing pandemic situation has taught us one thing in life. Nothing is stable therefore never staying dependent on one thing forever.

During complete lockdown, all offices were closed except essential government services, shops were closed and new business proposals were turned down.

Small businesses have seen tough days during the lockdown. Big corporations were still able to survive because of e-commerce, but small businesses had to struggle to make a place for themselves.

You will need more than just good pictures to survive and gain income. Here are a few marketing strategies that may help you in the future –

Digital Marketing Through Social media


Social media is an important tool in sending messages and connecting to people with just one click. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram are sources of potential customers. Create an account in all forums to let people know about your style with some good photographs. You can target a particular demographic by focusing on one subject matter and style, or you can show your versatile talent.

The main purpose to open an account is to connect with strangers through a chain of networks. The best way to gain customers is through interaction. Responding to all comments and asking questions helps in communicating with them.

It should always be a two-way interaction where you can ask your followers to upload some of their photographs, likes, and dislikes or share their opinions to improve.

Register with Google


Registering with Google allows people to have a peep in your business. Google is a world-famous search engine that is used millions of times, a day, in one city. People are completely dependent on this search engine for all sorts of answers. When you register your business with Google, it helps to promote it whenever people look for a photographer in the same city or near a location.

People judge a business by its reviews mentioned on their website. However, some companies can mention fake comments to attract customers, but in search engines all kinds of reviews are true and they’re not manipulated. This is the best way to let your potential customers know a lot about your styles, customer service, and profession.

Create Email List of Recipients


Create an email list of all the clients and potential customers you know about. When you create an account on social media, you can only post the latest photographs and updates and wait for your clients to respond. However, after creating an email list you wouldn’t have to wait for so long. Simply, update clients and all fans with the latest photo-shoots offers at one go. Emails will reach your clients on time.

Your email list will always have updated client records. You don’t need to shortlist people. Moreover, on social media, people decide whom to follow or add in their contact list which leaves us helpless. However, when an email list is created, you’re the decision-maker. Don’t be picky with clients, the more the clients, the bigger is the opportunity.

Host Events Create Partners in Community


Initially, start with small businesses that are making their website. You can help them by clicking some photographs for their web page. This is also a way to promote your business. On the other hand, ask the local vendor to mention your business name and contact number on their web page for references.

Enter all events where you get a chance to take photographs and display them on your website. You can also hold a contest where ask your clients to create a caption for your images or request them to send their photo-shoots on your website.

Many businesses too want to publicize their occupation. Collaborate with them and host an event where each business contributes some items and together you all make it a success. Always stay updated with current events related to blogging and photography. This helps you update your style every time and people don’t forget you easily.

Few non-profit companies also need help in promoting their business and good deeds. Not all the worksare about money and income, but some can also be done as an act of kindness. When you’re helping them for free, you can also take favors from them by uploading those photographs on your website and social media accounts.

Don’t just stick to one style. Always explore other photographers to know what’s trending. Technology keeps upgrading and so does fashion. Try a Sony mirrorless camera which is more State of the Art camera. DSLR is a thing of the past. Still takes great photos but usually double the size and triple the weight. Inspire people with your work, but also learn from people and show a positive attitude towards negative feedback as well.

Photos used with permission from Gregg Jaden.

Instagram @greggjaden_

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