6 Benefits of Becoming an Australian Citizen – 2024 Guide

The continent and country of Australia is one of the most popular places on the globe, both for those looking to find a new place to call home and for tourists looking for an exciting new adventure. With the vast open areas in the middle of the continent and the popular metropolitan areas like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra, the “Land Down Under” has something to offer no matter what you enjoy. Exotic animals and fun water sports all around, all members of the family are sure to enjoy a short and a long trip to Aussieland.

In this article right here, however, we are going to explore all the interesting benefits that becoming an official Australian citizen brings. In order to do that, a certain set of things have to be fulfilled on your end, one of which is a citizenship test with tons of different questions and areas to learn and practice. The best way to do that is to check out citizenshiptestaustralia.com.au and educate yourself further on this important step in obtaining citizenship.

Who is Eligible for a Citizenship?

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Before mentioning the benefits that the citizenship status gives you, we must determine what makes a candidate eligible to receive one in the first place. First of all, anyone who has been living in Australia for at least four years with a valid visa can apply for citizenship, provided that they spent the last 12 months as a permanent resident. Other criteria are also in the game, and there are three major ones worth mentioning.

For example, people born on Australian soil automatically receive citizenship, no matter if the parents still do not have theirs. Furthermore, if one parent is a citizen already and the child is born overseas, it can be registered for citizenship “by descent” and get their own. A child in this situation has the same rights as Australian-born children. Lastly, partners and/or spouses of Australian citizens can easily obtain citizenship.

To actually obtain the citizenship, the test has to be passed, the “good character” requirement needs to be fulfilled, the candidate should not have been absent for more than 12 months in the total 4-year period, and a permanent residency has to exist. Let us now move to the benefits of having an Aussie citizenship!

1. Free Travel and Re-entry

As a permanent citizen, you can stay in the country for however long you want or need. Once you decide to travel abroad, you can do it without any hassle. For your way back though, you must apply for the Resident Return Visa once every five years. After this, re-entering and leaving the country is a piece of cake. No long ques at the immigration counter are needed, and leaving the airport once you touch down is quick and efficient. Self-processing through passport control is available at all eight airports in the country.

2. Overseas Consular Support

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The DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) is great at providing assistance and help to all Australian citizens while they are away from the country. If you happen to experience some trouble, accidents, or injuries, full consular assistance is at the ready with the Australian diplomatic mission in the country of your trip. This kind of assistance is available 24/7 throughout the year, and Canadian posts could also help in some countries. Legal and health troubles, natural and manmade crises, lost passports and emergency loans, and information are all possible and valid reasons why you may need to get in touch with the DFAT.

3. No Visas for Most of the World

Once you become a citizen of Australia, you can use your new passport to travel to 183 countries without the need for any kind of visa. Aussie passport is the tenth strongest passport in the world when travel freedom is concerned. Different countries allow different amounts of days spent inside their borders, which range from indefinite in New Zealand to 14 days in Bahrain.

4. Federal Government and Defense Jobs

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If you ever wanted to work in one of these two fields inside the country of Australia, you can once you obtain citizenship. While permanent residency and working visas allow employment in most scenarios, several jobs can only be performed once you are an official citizen of the country. Once you are an Australian citizen, you will be able to work in defense or in the federal government. Jobs include federal police, border force, defense jobs, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade jobs.

5. Do you want to become the PM? You Can!

As a full-fledged Aussie, you are a legitimate option in becoming the Prime Minister of Australia. Only the citizens of the country have the right to run for any kind of office and have a career in politics and democracy. Although pretty far-fetched, it is something you can do! In addition, while we are on the topic of politics, voting is mandatory for every citizen so you will have to vote in elections and referendums whenever once is being held.

6. No Deportation

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Like any other citizenship, you will no longer have to live in fear of sudden deportation from the country of Australia once you get the citizenship. Any resident, even the one who has a permanent residency, is subject to deportation within a specific period if they break certain laws. These include being sentenced and imprisoned for over 12 months, being considered a threat to the country and its security, or failing the good character test. Australian citizens are protected from all of these, and regardless of their crimes, they will be allowed to serve their punishment inside the borders.

Conclusion and Takeaways

From what you were able to read above, there are some truly beneficial things that Australian citizenship brings along. If you were thinking of moving there sometime down the line, now you know everything you need to know about it. Just remember that passing the citizenship test is a big step you must overcome and that the officials pay close attention to the good character requirement!

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