Duke Nukem 3D : no more swallows

Duke Nukem 3D offers World Tour of the twentieth century Duke Nukem 3D, as well as the fifth episode of 8 levels of designers of the original episode, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Frag like 1996 – this time with more swallows! Become the world’s biggest hero of action during the 20th Duke Nukem 3D World Tour, because he rescues the Earth again, kicking alien donkeys and saving children around the world along the way.

The baseline of Duke Nukem 3D

As a first-person shooter whose gameplay like Doom, game Duke Nukem 3D game to go through levels from the perspective of the hero, shooting enemies on the way. Duke Nukem’s 3D environments are extremely destructive and interactive; the player can delete the most props.

These levels are designed to many non-linear, so players can use air ducts, rear doors and ways to avoid enemies or find hidden caches.

These places are stuffed with objects that the player can interact with, which goes for the benefit of the player in some way, helps light switches appear, and fountains of water and broken hydrants provide health points or disarray and offers strikes Luke Duke and provocative performance of the dancer.

The Arsenal of the Duke consists of “Mighty Foot”- basic attack kicker, pistol, shotgun, three-chain chain gun, grenade launchers, rocket-powered bombs, lightning freezing and contraction, laser land mines and rocket launcher quickly “Devastator”. There is also an additional weapon called “Expander”, otherwise the trap gun, which is available only in the Atomic edition of the game.


The Duke multiplier contains the 3D Nukem. At launch time, only one web game started. Duke Nukem 3D did not support the TCP / IP client/server model, and instead configured a network game in an IPX network, modem, or serial number.

Duke Nukem players often played a 3D modem to the modem using the Kali IPX network tool [3] or the Total Entertainment Network (TEN) online payment service. [4] Kali allowed users to connect to the chat room to host and participate in games. Duke Nukem 3D was one of the most popular games in TEN before the network was closed in 1999. DWANGO also supported the game.


There are few stories in the game, just a short prelude of text entered in the “Guide” in the main menu and some scenes after the episode.

The game begins shortly after the events of Duke Nukem II, and Duke returns to Earth with his space cruiser. When the Duke descends to Los Angeles in the hope of a vacation, his ship is knocked down by unknown enemies.

By sending a distress signal, Duke discovers that the aliens are attacking Los Angeles and turning into LAPD. Thanks to his ruined vacation plans, Duke hits the “push” button and promises to do everything to stop the invasion of strangers.

Final words

Critically appreciated after 1996 for the hit Duke Nukem II, Duke Nukem 3D elevated the level of interactivity of the first person with interactivity to new levels. Run, jump, crawl, swim, jetpack and shoot the moon in Los Angeles and return to over 40 levels over 60 Megaton version, movie theaters, skyscrapers, space stations, strangers and more!


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