How to Implement Email Cleansing Software in Terms of Email Deliverability

Starting a marketing campaign is seen as a challenge which demands optimal and deliberate solutions. One of these decisions is to opt for email cleansing software as it has an impact on email deliverability and success of the business. Using a spam tester convinces you that the mailing will be efficient and will enable the prospect to advance to another stage of the sales funnel. There is a wide variety of email cleansing services, so it isn’t simple to make up your mind. If you want to look into various email deliverability services, Folderly can come in handy. It’s important to consider the software’s key features and benefits to take advantage of them when you generate bulk mailing.

The Purpose of Cleansing Tools in the Sales Funnel


Running a business involves several steps you require to do in order to turn your prospect into your regular customer. The complex of these steps is defined as a sales funnel. A well-designed sales funnel offers the actions you need to take to get a loyal client.

As a lot of businesses lead online marketing campaigns, it’s essential to pay attention to the content of the emails and to your email deliverability. In other words, be sure that your emails are sufficiently personalized and they get into your potential customers’ inboxes which you can do by using different email deliverability testing tools and email validation software.

From time to time the majority of users change their email address for whatever reason, create another one to meet their personal and professional needs and forget the previous one. If you send them an email, it will bounce. An email cleansing tool gets rid of addresses which are of no effect. Its aim is to secure your email list from hazardous data:

  • Invalid addresses which damage any email list. These contacts influence your credibility as a sender and bring your messages to land in the spam folder. You are likely to be marked as a suspicious sender and even be blocked. It’s essential to check your domain for spam score not to be blacklisted.
  • Disposable emails which are known as temporary ones. These addresses don’t possess any marketing capability as people create them not to give you their genuine data. After a certain time, they will be deactivated and will bounce.
  • Role-based emails which belong to a group of people or a company. Their distinctive feature is elements like info@, office@ or mail@. You can’t be sure who the recipient is, so your message is likely to be identified as spam. Such types of addresses aren’t effective in the sales funnel.
  • Catch-all emails which capture all the messages sent to a specific domain and forward them to one inbox. If a person makes a typing error or writes to somebody who has stopped being a member of the company, everything gets into the same place. This type of address is vulnerable to spam and there is a chance of your emails bouncing.
  • Spam traps which are aimed at enticing spammers to forward messages to them. The mailers are finally blocked. You can’t identify these traps by yourself, but a reliable email verification can.

Investigate the Capacity of Your Email Cleansing Software


The choice of email cleansing service is as important as selecting an email service provider. That’s why it’s required to consider the quality of the service you need. The best way to estimate the productivity of your email verification is to confirm that you have removed unnecessary data in your sending list. You should realize that it’s impossible to delete all the bad data, but it’s fine to get 97% accuracy. If your email validation result is lower, you had better doubt its use as it won’t respond to your requirements.

Some email verification services offer additional tools such as blacklist monitoring, email deliverability check and email scoring. Their aims are to check the domain for spam score, to test the messages before sending them out and to detect catch-all emails. These features are not obligatory but are provided by top-quality software.

And bear in mind, any email marketing campaign involves adding new data about your possible customers, so it’s important to test the possibility of proper email delivery. To have a successful campaign with cold emails, you need to deal with current data and make use of a spam tester. One of the possible ways to run an email spam check is the one offered by Folderly. Its spam checker tool tests messages for spam and provides detailed reports on email deliverability and estimates the capacity of the sending lists you possess.

B2B lead generation company Belkins knows that the decision-making process is not always linear. In fact, most of the time, it’s quite chaotic. That’s why they’ve developed a unique strategy that takes into account the different stages of the buyer’s journey. This strategy starts with creating awareness among potential customers about your product or service. Once they are aware of your offering, you need to generate interest and build a relationship of trust. Only then will they be ready to make a purchase decision. Belkins‘ team of experienced lead generation specialists will work with you to create a customized plan that takes into account your unique business needs. They will also provide you with the tools and resources you need to execute your plan and achieve your desired results. For this company lead generation is not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process that requires constant effort and attention. But the rewards are well worth the investment, as you will be able to build a sustainable pipeline of high-quality leads that will help you grow your business.

How to Opt for an Email Cleansing Software


When you are searching for an email cleansing software, you should take into account several things:

  • chance to get your money back;
  •  functioning of a customer service;
  • security of your data;
  • credibility of email cleaning API.

Let’s look into these points as your choice and preference may depend on them. The feature you should focus on is the possibility of receiving a refund. If the verification service is reliable and guarantees you the best possible result, they try to persuade their customers by offering the money-back. If they are sure that you will be satisfied with proper validation of your sending list, you are ensured to have your money back otherwise.

The other point is the access to customer service. A lot of people don’t comprehend all technical aspects of email cleaning, that’s why it’s important to get 24/7 support. The email verification services differ in their reachability as some of them can’t be accessed by phone and the others’ live chats operate within a limited period of time. You don’t know when you will have problems with your mailing, so it’s better to select the service which is available at any time.

The third characteristic you need to take into consideration is the safety of your data. Cybersecurity is especially significant nowadays. You are entrusted with the private data of your clients, so you need to select a trustworthy message validation. Make certain that the service you use is General Data Protection Regulation compliant. Security actions must be taken to prevent the breach of your privacy.

The last but not the least element is the credibility of email cleaning API. A message verification API is something you are able to connect wherever you possess an email sign-up form. You will be immediately aware of a typo, if you are working in real time and trying to sign up. The API requests a valid email address. It’s also useful in case your opponents are trying to spoil your list with malicious addresses. That is why it’s important to choose an email verification to keep your email list in order.


There is no doubt that you need to take particular actions to encourage your potential customers to turn into loyal ones within the sales funnel. These actions include: using email cleaning software, running an email deliverability check, generating personalized content and more. Applying email verification, you are assured to remove invalid, low-quality and unverified addresses, have good email deliverability, and thereby, an efficient emailing marketing campaign.

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