18 Casino Slang Terms Every Gambler Should Know in 2024

Gambling is fun. But, like anything else regarding the Internet, it can get you in a pinch now and then. If you are a novice in gambling, many terms can confuse you. It can get tricky even for seasoned players. There isn’t a single person out there familiar with all gambling terms. It’s not like there is a vocabulary where you can learn them. This is why we took some time from our busy schedule to give you some of the casino slang terms every gambler should know.

Once you read this article, don’t forget to bookmark this page, so you can remind yourself from time to time of the words that can make you look cool when surrounded by gamblers. The gambling terminology is quite unique, so don’t be worried if you don’t remember everything in one go. Let’s check the terms and slang that are predominant in casino circles.

1. ABC Player

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This is a player with an already developed playing style, but with an easily predictable one. It is most usually used with poker players. ABC players usually stove away from the pot when they have weak hands. They love an aggressive approach when good cards are dealt their way.

2. Banker

Not a very popular person. It is a player that always bets against the table. It’s never the same player, but the role changes on every other turn, sometimes even on every turn.

3. Beginner’s Luck

Back in the day when you were a young player, someone certainly called you this. It refers to those players who are on a winning streak but are still a novice in the world of gambling. Their wins aren’t a testimony to their knowledge that they even do not possess, but to pure luck, hence the term.

4. Breaking the Bank

This is what happens when one player takes a massive sum of money from the casino. The amount won must be more significant than what the pot on the table is worth, or even bigger than what the casino currently has in the house for the payout.

5. Cold Table

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You don’t want to sit at the cold table, nor one of the players on a bad streak. The cold table is when players who are making all the right bets continue losing money.

6.  Even money

Sometimes when a winning steak ends with a losing one, you are lucky to get out of the casino with the same amount that you came in with. This is called even money. It can even refer to one bet when the amount you win is the same as the amount you wagered.

7. Flat Betting

Many players decide to use this approach. It is mostly used in poker. Players who love flat betting use the same process and bet the same amount of money regardless of the strength of their hand.

8. Gambler’s Conceit

If you say you didn’t have gambler’s conceit, you are probably lying, or you have never gambled. Gambling is a game of risks, and those who experience gambler’s conceit believe that they can stop gambling and encountering dangers at any moment despite the fact they’re still playing and running high on risks.

9. Hedge

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А hedge us someone who is betting on all sides of the table, and even against himself in order to reduce the losses or to at least win a little bit. Not something that a few people do, but relatively few individuals use this approach. It can hardly pay off, but who are we to judge.

10. High roller

Is a person who always puts high bets and doesn’t play if the stakes aren’t high. A risky approach, but one that can pay off. If you are up for it, you can try on NetBet. We dare you.

11. Lock

It’s good to be a lock. This is a player that has cards going his way. A player that has only one word for a win – easy. You can even say a piece of cake. We all want to be a lock, and we are not even fooling ourselves that this isn’t right.

12. Longshot

You don’t want to be a longshot. It is a player who has slim chances of winning. If someone calls you this at the table, better stand up straight away, or you’ll lose money on the spot.

13. N1

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You’ll be hearing this a lot if your game is pretty. It means ‘nice one.’ It’s good to hear it from the other players, as this is how they’ll show respect by saying N1.

14. Nosebleed

This one is similar to the high roller as it goes for the players who are pushing on only high bets. Bet high – win high, a simple logic.

15. On Tilt

Don’t do this, don’t be this. It is a player who lost a lot of cash and is now running straight ahead head through the wall to return it using a reckless and aggressive way of gambling. It can pay off, but it usually creates even more significant losses.

16. Pit

it’s not precisely a snake pit, but you want to stay away from it. It is a part of the casino where some of the players are dealers. They know all the insides of a game, thus making it harder for you to win. But, if you are a player, be free to enter the pit.

17. Pigeon

A rookie who doesn’t know much about gambling, and it is at the early stages of his gambling experience.

18. Railbird

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It is quite often to have railbirds in a casino. We’re talking about the people who love the game of poker – but only to watch, not to play.

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These are some of the most exciting gambling slang terms that all players should know. There are many more, and you’re free to look them up if you believe we missed some crucial ones. Anyway, we hope you’ll be sprouting some in a casino next time you come around.

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