Ethereum Trading Indicators: How to Analyze Price Movements and Make Better Trades

The evolution of digital currencies has progressed to the point where it is no longer just a topic of conversation and is actually ready for widespread commercial use. This evolution is another aspect of the great trend away from centralized finance. For the past few decades, the monopoly of money creation has benefited those at the top of the pyramid of wealth and power, which has started to create ideas of an independent currency without the influence of governing bodies. Although earlier attempts to create an independent digital currency were unsuccessful, the revolution was brought by a programmer, who in 2009 presented a globally known cryptocurrency called Bitcoin, based on blockchain technology. The simple idea of a decentralized independent currency ten years later led to a huge market trend of buying crypto and developing various blockchain-based platforms and networks.

Thus everyone started investing. But, since the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, one needs to have a strategy to be successful. Some crypto traders turn to the to make trading simpler, while others turn to technical analysis to help them strategize. This type of analysis can give insight into the past movements of coins in price, helping one predict where they will go in the future.

What Factors Affect the Price of Ethereum?


The market mechanism of supply and demand, fear of regulation, and other factors influence our Ethereum price forecasts. Although this particular coin is not as important to the attention of the authorities as stablecoins or Bitcoin, the fear of regulation could still affect its price.

Investors are also showing market caution due to the ban on digital currency payments in certain parts of the world. So, in order to analyze price movements one needs to be able to handle a lot of different information.

Here Are Some Positive Price Effects for This Coin, Divided by Different Factors


• Reputation: It is one of the oldest and most trusted blockchains. Since 2017, the company has held its continuous second place in terms of market capitalization.

• Stability: Like all cryptocurrencies, it is subject to price fluctuations and can be affected by bull or bear markets. But compared to other coins its volatility is significantly lower.

• Potential for growth: Its blockchain has been proven to be a lot more useful than others, as there are tons of apps being developed on it. According to some sources, more than 1000 apps have been built on Ethereum. It’s definitely something to brag about.

• Functionality: It can also be can be used in so many ways. Its smart contracts have been adopted by many industries. This can result in a healthy market, which can affect Ethereum’s forecast.

The Canadian government supports the Ethereum Blockchain for government transactions. This says more than anything about how safe and useful it is.

So, How Do You Analyze Price Movements in Digital Coins?


Well, by using two types of analysis. The first one is called the technical.

To really understand how to use it in cryptocurrency trading, you need to be aware of what it means.

This analysis involves using real-world data to try to predict the future of the market. It includes looking at the past statistics of the respective crypto, including factors such as volume and movement.

Another common method, fundamental analysis, would be to estimate the consequential value of a coin. In contrast, technical looks at patterns and analytical charting tools to look at the strengths and weaknesses of a coin, keeping that in mind for future patterns. Traders in more traditional assets, including stocks, commodities, currencies, futures, and forex, also use technical analysis. The process of using this analysis on any of those assets will be incredibly similar to that used with crypto.

Basic Ideas Based on Technical Analysis


For cryptocurrencies, “everything” includes current, future, and past demand, regulations, merchant expectations, merchant knowledge of the cryptocurrency, and more. With technical analysis, traders analyze price to see what it suggests about market sentiment.

It works on the principle that history repeats itself when it comes to crypto prices or trends. Based on this fact, its aim is to predict movements related to market psychology and crypto.

It also relies on the idea that price movements are not random. Instead, these movements follow short-term or long-term trends. In most cases, when crypto follows one trend, it will eventually follow the opposite trend. With this logic, traders will try to isolate these trends in order to make a profit.

Overall, it cares more about what is happening than why it is happening. The focus is on supply and demand instead of worrying about the dozens of other things that affect price movements.

As today cryptocurrencies are viewed more as investments, speculative instruments, and not as digital currencies that are mainly used for payment, then it is necessary to equip yourself with applications that enable reliable monitoring of the state of the cryptocurrency market at any time. These will definitely save the time and energy one needs to invest in to keep up with all the factors that influence price movements. After all, we are talking about a rather young type of market that has managed to create so much drama around it in just a bit more than a decade of its existence.

Finally, when it comes to predicting the price of a coin like Ethereum, one should also consider relying on their sentiment. When most market participants are euphoric and buying at high prices, it is wise to do the opposite. When most market participants are scared, it is wise to be brave and think about buying.



The sentiment is a very useful tool precisely because most market participants lose money, and going against the majority can be a very smart decision.

Therefore, not a single coin grows because of some news directly, but because of the subjective belief of people participating in the market – buyers and sellers. News can only affect the subjective opinion of traders, thereby increasing or decreasing their buying or selling pressure.

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