Fortnite portals has came up real soon

Upside Down has reached the island of Fortnite. As part of the recent Fortnite crossover event, the Stranger Things portals started appearing in the game’s Mega Mall region. Cross the portal and the world will be dark for a second before being transported to another part of the map.

Fortnite Portal be Malice

There was no official word on the cooperation between Epic and Netflix, but such events always start with malice. For example, before the game of Marshmello, the promotional posters appeared in various game locations, and before John Wick entered Fortnite, his house appeared mysteriously.

At the moment, these are just portals for Stranger Things, but we’ll probably see deeper cooperation in the form of character covers or in a very short time. With luck, Demogorgon will fight and wrap Eggo. Now you can check the portals. Meanwhile, the third season of Stranger Things starts tomorrow.

Fortnite is no stranger to multi-budget entertainment cooperation

Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hawkeye have already been accepted as part of Endgame mode and allowed players to sneak their rivals through their recent collaboration with John Wick.

For a while, Epic Games has reinforced the introduction of something a little more paranormal in connection with Netflix Stranger Things. The third season of the smash TV series on a day abroad, the world of Fortnite has become a more dangerous accent, with dark portals appearing in the famous Mega Mall gaming area.

 fortnite portal

If you go to the Mega Mall, there you will find Gates, along with floating spores, stuck to the walls of various shops. Unlike a television show, they do not take you to Upside Down, at least at the moment, but they take you to another part of the mall itself.

Although Gates did not show today, Fortnite hosted the Scoops Ahoy shop for almost two months. Scoops Ahoy is the name of an ice cream parlor in Starcourt Mall, which is Robin Harrington and the new character Robin working in the third season of the television program. Starcourt shopping center will open in the summer of 1985, in the new season.

What would you expect in the next corner of the series?

A small consumer ice cream is scattered throughout the Mall Mega, providing +5 health for each spent.

Although Epic Games have not yet confirmed the crossing, the portals and the ice cream are probably not the only elements of Stranger things that you will see in the game. If you need the Avengers: Endgame and John Wick modes of time, you will probably see the world with upside-down motifs, and the various emoticons and skins in the game will go to the shop.

Final words

We know this comes from the beginning of season 9, but at the moment there is not much about season 10. The truth began with the Stranger Things Fortnite, which has been connected for several years after the suspected ice cream theme store in the new Mega Mall showed new POI. The Mega Mall is also a place where you can find these new temperatures: early portals are displayed on the shopping site, which is hard to ignore: every tent and rage. Fans will instantly recognize strange items as a transition to Upside Close:

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