Has Fallen Franchise is all set to Release TV Series?

Started his movie career way back in 1997, Gerard butler has a collection of hits & flops in his baggage. Some of the hit movies include 300, ‘has fallen’ series & many more. However, as far as this post is concerned, I’m providing the latest update on the possible future of ‘Has Fallen’ franchise & how would it be if there is a possible tv series with Gerard Butler. Don’t you wanna know about this? So, let’s proceed:

Angel Has Fallen

Hold on! I know you’re curious to find out about the possible rumor related to the Fallen’. However, before proceeding, I have to share the latest update related to the last movie.

Well, finally, the third part in the ‘Has Fallen’ franchise has finally released on the Digital Platform. So, buy it or rent it.

Do whatever you want but I’ll recommend you to do watch this movie at least once. As of now, the movie is available for streaming in digital platforms such as iTunes, Vudu, & Amazon.

Don’t forget to check them out if you’re looking to experience an action movie with one of the best action sequences possible.

Upcoming Movies in ‘Has Fallen’ franchise.

Good News for all the Gerard Butler fans, kicked off in 2013 & based on the White House event is all set to have 3 more movies in the franchise.

In fact, as per a report by Deadline, the filmmakers are looking for the development of 4th, 5th & 6th installment in the series.

Isn’t it great, if it’s true? In fact, series producer, Alan Siegel told that the makers are looking to consider franchise rights to international production companies. If all these rumors become true then we might see 3 more parts in the near future.

In his interview, Siegel said,” If we do it in India, the star of that could come into…Has Fallen 4. It could be a symbiotic relationship.”

Has Fallen Franchise Success

Who am I to tell you about the popularity & success of Has Fallen series? Box office collection never lies. So, as far as earning is concerned, the first part Olympus has fallen made $170.3 Million on the box office after getting released on a budget of $70 Million.

Now, coming to the second part, London has fallen, it was made on a budget of $60 Million & with the rising popularity of the movie, it went on to earn $205 Million. Although the second part had less IMDB score because of the star power of Gerard Butler, London has fallen became the highest grosser in the series.

Now, it’s time to assess the lifetime earning of Angel has fallen. Well, It was made on a tight budget of $40 Million. However, as far as earning is concerned, it made $133 Million worldwide which was way lower than the previous two movies in the series.

All in all, this franchise has made around $500 Million to date. Isn’t it great? Made on a comparatively low budget, it has preceded all the expectations.

There’s no doubt, Has Fallen franchise has grown out to become one of the most loved series. This was bound to happen because of the convincing role of Mike Banning played by Gerard Butler.

Final Words

That’s all for now. If you haven’t seen Angel has fallen in theatres than now is the time for you to stream it on the digital platform. Now, before concluding your post, I’ll ask your opinion on the possible tv series of ‘Has Fallen.’ Would you watch it? Do let me know your views on it in the comments section given below.

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