How do You Fix a Fallen Fence – 2024 Guide

Generally speaking, the fence around your residential property is the very first thing which attracts notice to your home. So, it is always important your fence is in pristine condition at all times. Ideally, this is not an easy proposition for many homeowners who lack the time and motive to do so. With the passage of time, constant exposure to the forces of the elements will have a heavy toll on the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of your fencing. When unchecked, your fence will gradually fall into disrepair and the only practical solution will be to tear it down and install a new one in its stead. In essence, this might prove to be both time-consuming and costly project. This definitely means as a responsible property owner, you will need to be proactively on the lookout for any telltale signs of disrepair at all times.

Whenever you remark any such sign, it will be wise to enlist the services of an experienced contractor. Such a fencing professional will be a position of making the necessary repairs or in the extreme, install for you a new fence. However, there are still certain circumstances where you can perform some DIY repairs if you possess the prerequisite dexterity. Yet, if you feel you aren’t up to the task, you should only have recourse to help of a professional fence builder. This will go a long way in enabling you to avoid making serious mistakes that will be time-intensive and dear to fix. When it comes to how to fix a fallen fencing, there is a number of DIY solutions you may like to look into. Nevertheless, before we delve into that, let us first take a closer look at some of the most prominent benefits of having a fence which is always in good condition.

Why should you ensure your fence is in pristine state at all times?


In the first place, a sturdy and robust fencing will make your property much more secure. Residential properties that are devoid of perimeter fences are totally open to the whole wide world. As such, with very little effort, anybody with malicious intent can find their way into your property. Once inside, they may then proceed to carry out their nefarious activities with the greatest of ease. On the other hand, a strong and imposing fencing will definitely make it a little bit much harder for characters with bad intent to gain entrance into your home.

Alternatively, should you have young kids or pets, a good sturdy fence will be just what the doctor ordered to keep them safe and secure all the time. This is particularly the case if they love to play around your yard. An imposing fencing will serve as a determent to their wandering off outside the limits of your home. Also, an excellent fence will potentially prevent your young children from wandering towards the street or road, where they risk being hit or run over by vehicles. A solid fencing will as well keep out stray and wild animals from finding entrance into your property.

This will potentially save you and your loved ones from being attacked or harmed by wild alet us first take a closer look at some of the most prominent benefits of having a fence which is always in good condition.nimals. On the flipside, a good ornate fence can prove to what you stand in need of to greatly improve the curb appeal of your residential property. In turn, this may be a huge factor in substantially boosting the overall value of your home. In event you later on in the future you decide to cash in on your property, you can obtain a splendid return on investment. With that fully understood, let us now take in a look at just how you can fix a fallen fencing.

How to fix a fallen section of your fence (wooden)


Typically, fencing can only be good as its posts are. When fencing falls down completely, the only realistic remedy will be a full reinstallation of all its posts. First of all, posts along with other fence materials that aren’t broken or decayed may be easily reused. However, old concrete that has experienced shifting might prove to be difficult to reuse since it cannot be reset firmly. Additionally, when you detach the fencing panels from the posts, it will be more convenient to reset the posts. To begin with, resetting a fallen fence, put the fallen section down with panel side facing upwards. Once you have done so, do away with any screws from the panel face using a drill driver.

Next, stack the broken panels to reuse later. Lastly, break all the old concrete from the bases of the posts using a hammer and chisel. The next step to fix a fallen fencing will be to remove the old or broken off posts from the post holes. The moment you have done that, dig the hole to its original depth and size. Ideally, in the most cases than not, 10” to 12” across and 24” deep is the standard size of a post hole. Also, you can figure out the original depth of such a hole by measuring the lower part of the old posts to the surface of the ground.


The next step will be to substitute all broken, decayed or severely damaged posts. Then, set one post in each hole and pour ½ a bag of concrete in them. Next, proceed to the one end of the fallen fencing section and add water and mix the concrete with a piece of wood. Make use of a level to determine whether the posts stand upright from the front to back and side to side. Finally, pack the reminder of the holes with dirt to ensure the posts will stand upright until the concrete cures.

Now you are all setup to reattach the panels by lining up one edge of the panel with the outside of the posts. Next, drill 2, 3” deck screws through the faces of the panels and horizontal rails into the post face using a drill. Then, position the 2nd post in an upright position and line up the unattached edge of the 1st panel with the middle of the 2nd post. Next, attach the panel with screws like you di with the first edge. You should then pour in water and concrete into hole and mix it and finally place dirt into it. Then, position the 2nd panel butted up to the 1st panel at the middle of the 2nd post. Next, attach the panel with screws like you did for the 1st panel. Proceed to attach the remaining posts and panels making use of the same method until the fallen fencing panels are reattached, and also reattach the pickets if applicable.

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