How to Pick the Good From the Bad Cryptocurrency Trading Apps – 2024 Guide

Bitcoin has yet again managed to shatter all previous records when its value is concerned and cement itself once again as the obvious future of finance and business in general. Considering how many potential new investors there are at the moment, the need for the right means for buying, selling, and trading digital currencies has never been higher. Since more and more people want to purchase their first amount of their favorite digital currency, they would like to know the crucial information about where exactly they can do that and how.

With this in mind, we decided to assemble a list of the best cryptocurrency trading apps and help you learn how to pick out the good ones from the bad ones. If you are interested in starting this chapter, there is hardly a more important step than this. To find out even more about this topic and digital currency business in general, make sure to check out Eng.Ambcrypto.

What is a Cryptocurrency App?


App that deals with cryptocurrency is a smartphone application like any other, a piece of specialized software used to do business in the digital currency market. In it you can do all you need, from following the latest news and spikes in value of all the currencies, to buying, selling, and trading. Since the market changes much quicker than some other markets, you have to be able to react quickly. Otherwise you will be too late and miss out on potentially life-changing business moves. The best way to make sure you are always a few clicks away is to equip your mobile device with a good crypto app. Mind that not all of them do a good job and it is pivotal that the one you choose has a certain combination of features.

Most Important Features to Consider

Make sure to look for the following things when browsing for your cryptocurrency application.


1. Electronic Wallet

It should have a proper e-wallet as a part of it. Otherwise you will not be able to access your balance and use it in actual real life scenarios. What is more, actual business is impossible if you lack an instant access to the actual funds you will be using. Each wallet comes with an address you will hand out to every single person you are dealing with, whether they are buying from you, selling from you, or trading with you.

2. Exchange

Next up, the app has to offer you access to one (or more) of the top cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. Exchanges are where all of the business happens and they usually have their own dedicated apps for mobile devices. Just like you cannot do anything without a wallet, you cannot do anything without the actual place where business is being done. Exchanges are where you will do literally everything, so an easy access to one is absolutely crucial.

3. News, Info, Data

Just like any other app, you will need an abundance of the latest news from the industry. Alerts and notifications should tell you exactly when something big goes down so that you can immediately act and make the most of it. Since you will be checking the app multiple times a day, a frequent stream of the latest in the industry right on the home page is truly necessary.

4. Payment Options

The best among the best in the field of cryptocurrency applications also allow the users to finance their cryptocurrency needs with traditional money like dollars, euros, and pounds. Through your bank accounts and internet payment services, you will really have an easy time transferring funds if your app supports it. In a few simple steps you should be able to buy a new batch of digital currencies whenever you need it right in the app.

The Best Apps on the Market

Now that you know what your application has to have in order to be useful on all fronts, let us see which tick all the boxes.

1. Best Overall – eToro


eToro is the best crypto app for global users as it lets you do everything you need. You can share your strategies, connect with others, and even practice your business moves with a balance of fake $100,000. Virtual portfolios you manage to make and upgrade will be all the training you need for the real thing. There are numerous tools and indicators to help you along the way and the amounts you deposit or withdraw are not limited. Their security is among the highest available. For more information about trading with this broker, you may click here and read some investing tips.

2. Simplest – Gemini


If simplicity is what you usually look for in your apps, Gemini is your guy. Besides staying fresh when it comes to the latest trends and news, you can also easily make and keep track of your portfolio and trade thanks to their useful and straightforward tools. It has an exchange, a wallet, and real-time trackers. Setting alerts is also easy and most users prefer to use them for price jumps and falls. Security is top notch and opening free accounts takes a few minutes.

3. Best for Beginners – Coinbase


Coinbase is the leading crypto exchange in the world, and their dedicated free app is the best solution for the newcomers. Most new investors started with this app and exchange precisely because they can use it no matter their platform, computer or mobile. Bank accounts and credit cards are easy to connect and use, while their education feature teaches you all you need to know to stay in the game. Best of all, it is available in over 30 countries, a number that is always increasing.

4. Best for iPhone Users – Voyager


iPhone users prefer Voyager because it is perfectly optimized for their devices. It comes with everything you need, form an exchange and a wallet to news, security, and useful tools.

5. Best for Increased Privacy – Crypto Pro


Last but not least, for those among you who want to remain as anonymous as possible, try Crypto Pro. It is compatible with wearable tech like Apple watches too. Free to download, it has free widgets, live notifications and alerts, and touch and face identification locks.

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