6 Reasons Why Your TV Aerial is Not Working & How To Fix it – 2024 Guide

The almighty TV. Besides books and board games, at the time, it was one of the few sources of indoor entertainment and activity. You couldn’t wait for those after shift hours, where you would rush to your couch with your favourite snacks to watch that TV show that aired just a few weeks ago. It doesn’t matter that it might be raining and that you’ve gotten soaking wet on your way home – your square friend is patiently waiting at home. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Now imagine turning your magic box on and there’s no signal. ‘What in the world’s going on’, you ask yourself while grabbing your head after you angrily threw a remote? Back in the days, when there was no Google, you would call your good neighbour who wasn’t tech savvy but he knew a few things – and this was the only help you’ve had. You wouldn’t even want to think about what you’d do if they weren’t there to help you fix it. Staring at the wall would probably sound like a good option.

Nowadays, and luckily for all of us, the internet has provided us with a great knowledge database and made everything available just a few clicks away. You don’t know how to make that brownie? Here’s a recipe. You don’t remember where that quote is from? Just google it. You want to know why there’s no signal? Just check on the web.

Today we’re here to help you with that using our little guide and list of reasons why your TV Aerial isn’t working and to give you some tips and tricks on how to fix it. Let’s get started.

1. Connection

Source: homeadviceguide.com

We know it might sound silly, but to be on the safe side and to make sure you’ve got that out of the way, check if your aerial cable is plugged in. You wouldn’t believe how many people forget to see if everything’s okay with that, and if by any chance, the cable hasn’t fallen out. Especially if you have kids or pets, you never know if they found that wire interesting and just found it was about right to pull it. Always make sure everything is intact.

2. Broken cord

Broken cord or faulty cable, call it however you like it. Since we’ve started with it, let’s just follow up the previous paragraph. Maybe you’ve had this aerial for a while and you’ve tossed it and bent it over the counter or table, causing it to crack. This could make your connection poor or unstable and cause your aerial to stop collaborating. Go to the nearest shop and change it as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

3. Wrong position

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If it’s not placed in your room, it’s probably on your roof. And we don’t mean it’s your fault that the aerial is wrongly positioned. Usually, bad weather can cause it to turn around, especially if strong wind is involved. If you can access the rooftop where it’s at, and the weather calms down, try moving it around. You can have someone on the line with you to make sure you’re doing it the right way. Luckily we don’t have to shout for the one downstairs to hear us. Ah, the good old times. Or maybe you might be the one to check if the signal came back, in case you hire a professional service and let them take care of it.  The best option is to choose an experienced service provider who will be eager to give you an honest assessment. For all the people who want to learn more about companies like these in Hull – here’s a real deal.

4. Tuning in and re-tuning

Let’s say that, for example, you’ve moved somewhere else, and would like to watch television, but it just wouldn’t work. Your TV might need some tuning in or re-tuning. What does that mean, you’ll ask? Your device needs to be adjusted to the transmitter your aerial is aligned to, as the frequencies are different from the region you’ve previously lived at. It’s also significant to do this from time to time, even if your antenna is intact, as there’s constant updating, new channels and program removal – so let that be your habit.

Now, how to fix this issue – detect the tuning menu, and set it to autotune. It’ll do some scanning through the services and accumulate those in the right ones.

5. Input

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This is also worth mentioning – feels nice lying down in your bed, watching that sweet rom-com, all sleepy and wrapped up in your blankets. Quick stretch and roll over, and there it goes – you see that horrible ‘no signal’ sign.

On a real note, there’s this button called ‘Input’, which, when you click on it, shows a list of the sources on your TV – there should be a few options, such as HDMI1, HDMI2, TV and MEDIA, it truly differs from device to device. Don’t be worried, as this is one of the easiest things to fix. All you have to do is get your remote and click on the same button and choose the right input. Easy peasy, right?

6. Faulty TV

We know this could be costly, and would probably be one of the last things you’d think about, but it can be one of the reasons. So, in order not to condemn it so easily, you can check if the rest of the equipment is working properly. Try switching your aerial if you have a spare one, or with another TV, just to make sure. If nothing’s running, then we’re afraid you would need to purchase a new one or to get it repaired. Look on the brighter side – you can get your hands on the more advanced gadget and not feel sorry about it!


We hope that at the end you’ve learned something today, and that often it’s the easy fix that your TV needs. Keep this list of ours in mind – we do recommend you to save it, screenshot it, or even bookmark it,  so that it can be your go-to when you’re facing issues with your entertainment tool. Of course, there can always exist something much bigger than problems listed above. In that case you’d have to turn to a true expert and professional (not saying that we aren’t!) and hope for the best!

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